“Presidente” by Geolier reflects on the complexities of wealth and success. The artist juxtaposes the allure of material wealth with the importance of personal integrity and values. Geolier discusses the transient nature of approval and emphasizes the significance of memories over money. The song delves into themes of sacrifice, perseverance, and self-reflection, portraying a narrative of ambition and achievement. Geolier’s lyrics convey a message of staying true to oneself amidst societal pressures, ultimately suggesting that true wealth lies in one’s character and experiences rather than material possessions.


Yeah, yeah

[Strofa 1]
Sto c”o presidente, yeah, l’orario ‘ncopp’ô President (Uh)
Tutto cash (Ah) preferirei (Ahah)
Eventualmente, si nn’tenisse ‘o cash, fosse nu pezzente
So’ troppo intellettivo p’avé nu consenso
Sto sorseggiando Crystal ‘int’ê bicchiere ‘e cristallo
Simmo uommene ‘int’â vita, no su Instagram
Papà me dicette (Ah):

“Accorto a chi t’applaude, nn’applaude a te, applaude ô cash”
Senza rancore, sempe c”a memoria però
Nuje dammo ‘a vita, però costa sempe ‘e cchiù nu perdono
‘E sorde nn’te rendeno happy, baby, believe me
Fanno assaje cchiù cose che penze tipo a te rendere s*xy, really
‘Int’â vita hê fà duje cose (Ah), ‘e ssaje? (‘E ssaje?)
Una è ca faje ‘e sorde e po dicere ca nn”e faje (Ahahah)
Accumula ‘e momente cchiù felice
Pecché chillo malamente ‘int’â vita nun manca maje
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Yeah

Veco déjà vu da quanno so’ rich
*** ‘stu Tom Ford ‘ncuoll’a chesta
Prima dice no, po me dice sì
Però ‘o bello è ca nn’ce l’aggio chiesto
Veco déjà vu da quanno so’ rich
*** ‘stu Tom Ford ‘ncuoll’a chesta
Prima dice no, po me dice sì (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Però ‘o bello è ca nn’ce l’aggio chiesto, yeah

[Strofa 2]
Chiudo ‘a cappotta
Ca ce sta musica ‘int’â machina ***
Primma saglievo ‘ncopp’ê mezze ‘e trasporto

Però sott’ô cuscino nn’avevo bisogno ‘a Glock
Oro Dayton rosa brilla comme ‘o VV
B!tch fanno cin-cin, get rich or die trying comm 50 (Ah)
Me ‘ncanto ancora, yeah
Vicino ô finestrine ‘e l’aereo mentre guardo ‘a fore
Faccio ‘o check-in ‘n priority e no cchiù l’economy
Ma nn’cagna niente, è solo nu filtro pe ricche e povere
Bambine, sacrificio fortifica ‘o carattere
Da ‘ruosso pe mantené ‘e palle nn’te serve ‘a mutanda ma ‘a carambola
Yeah, me vide a me comme a nu Grammy
Parlo in dialetto ma vestuto comme ‘o dandy
Striscio ‘e fiammifere, m’appiccio n’atu sigaro
M’assetto co Lucifero, po sorseggiammo brandy

Veco déjà vu da quanno so’ rich
*** ‘stu Tom Ford ‘ncuoll’a chesta
Prima dice no, po me dice sì
Però ‘o bello è ca nn’ce l’aggio chiesto
Veco déjà vu da quanno so’ rich
*** ‘stu Tom Ford ‘ncuoll’a chesta
Prima dice no, po me dice sì
Però ‘o bello è ca nn’ce l’aggio chiesto

PRESIDENTE Lyrics Explained

The repeated “Yeah, yeah, yeah” at the beginning sets the tone for the song, adding emphasis and energy, almost like a chant or mantra.

[Strofa 1]
Geolier starts by addressing himself as the “president” of his life, indicating a sense of control and authority. He mentions preferring cash over other forms of payment, suggesting a desire for financial independence. Despite this, he reflects on the idea that if he didn’t have money, he’d be considered nothing. Geolier then emphasizes his intelligence and how it contributes to gaining consent or approval from others. He contrasts his real-life experiences with the superficiality of social media. The lyrics from his father advise him to be cautious of those who applaud him only for his money. Geolier acknowledges the importance of memories over money, highlighting that wealth doesn’t equate to happiness and that it often brings more complications than benefits.

The chorus reflects on the déjà vu Geolier experiences since becoming rich. He mentions the Tom Ford brand, indicating a shift from rejection to acceptance, but notes that he never asked for this recognition. This repetition underscores the surreal and perhaps unexpected nature of his newfound wealth and status.

[Strofa 2]
Geolier describes closing the car’s hood while music plays inside, depicting a scene of luxury and comfort. He reminisces about times when he didn’t have a need for a gun (Glock) under his pillow. References to expensive items like the Dayton watch contrast with the idea that material possessions don’t necessarily bring fulfillment. Geolier suggests that wealth is merely a filter that highlights societal divisions, emphasizing the importance of sacrifice in shaping one’s character. Despite his success, he maintains a sense of humility, acknowledging the superficiality of appearances.

Similar to the previous chorus, Geolier reflects on the déjà vu of his newfound wealth and acceptance, particularly in relation to luxury brands like Tom Ford. He reiterates the unexpected nature of his journey, emphasizing that he never actively sought this lifestyle.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Sto c”o presidente”
Geolier refers to himself as “the president,” symbolizing his control and authority over his life’s decisions and direction. This phrase captures his sense of self-determination and empowerment.

2. “Tutto cash preferirei”
Geolier expresses a preference for cash transactions, indicating a desire for financial independence and liquidity. He values tangible wealth over other forms of payment, highlighting a pragmatic mindset.

3. “Accorto a chi t’applaude, nn’applaude a te, applaude ô cash”
Geolier’s father advises him to be wary of those who applaud him, suggesting that they are applauding his wealth rather than his true self. This phrase underscores the importance of discerning genuine intentions.

4. “Fanno assaje cchiù cose che penze tipo a te rendere s*xy”
Geolier reflects on how money often influences people’s perceptions of attractiveness or desirability. He suggests that wealth can be used to manipulate others’ opinions and desires.

5. “Veco déjà vu da quanno so’ rich”
Geolier experiences a sense of déjà vu since becoming rich, indicating that his newfound wealth has brought unexpected experiences and encounters. This phrase reflects on the surreal nature of his journey towards success.


Who has sung “PRESIDENTE” song?
Geolier has sung “PRESIDENTE” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “PRESIDENTE” song?
Geolier has written the lyrics of “PRESIDENTE” song.

Who has given the music of “PRESIDENTE” song?
Geolier has given the music of “PRESIDENTE” song.

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