In “6 MILIONI DI EURO FA (SKIT)” by Geolier, the lyrics reflect on the artist’s journey from humble beginnings to newfound success. Geolier reminisces about past struggles and contrasts them with his current life of luxury and fame. He reflects on his rise in the music industry, comparing himself to iconic figures like Michael Jackson and referencing his newfound wealth, fame, and international recognition. The song captures the artist’s astonishment at his own success and the contrast between his past and present realities.


Na, na-ra-na-ra-na
Vutta n’attimo l’accendino pe favore

Aggio fatto primma ‘o stadio ca nu figlio
‘O deal è stato ggià riempito cu na cifra e cu na firma
Uà che film m’aggio visto ajere ‘e sera dint’â Curva A
Dat Boi Dee è Timbaland, i’ p”a city songo ‘o sindaco
Songo ‘e marmo ‘e mattunelle, i’ songo Varenne dint a pista
So’ carente chist’artiste, so’ D’Alessio, so’ Daniele, so’ Troisi, uà

Songo ‘int’â televisione, jesco e stongo ‘int’ô rione
Fuorionda, moribondo, ‘stu villone è troppo ‘ruosso
‘Sta parete è china ‘e placche
Chille oro nun ‘e ‘ppengo, songo ‘a best cut
Ogni disco mio è nu cult
M’aggio vennuto troppo ampresso, so’ fernuto troppo ampresso
‘Sti biglietti comme a quanno ascette Michael Jackson a Bucarest
Fummo ‘o fumo d”o Marocco e Cali ma d”a California, stop

Nun sapevo ch’er”a fà seje milion d’euro fa
Stevo sempe sulo jittato diecimila frate fa
Sulo quatto palazzette però doje stadie fa
So’ sulo cinch’anne fa però ggià na vita fa
Nun sapevo ch’er”a fà (Nun sapevo, nun sapevo)
Nun sapevo ch’er”a fà (Nun sapevo ch’er”a fà)
Si sapevo ch’er”a fà (Nun sapevo ***)
*** nisciuno steva ccà

[Strofa 2]
Yeah, yeah
‘Sta Nissan ‘a targa ‘a tene Japan
Songo nu Super Saiyan
Faccio canestro, Bryant
Kobe d’Australia, mafia, Asia

Jeva ‘a ‘mpazzì pe’mmé
Me st’arricchenno, pare Arabia
Cu Cristiano, Benzema
Emanuele Diego Armando Maradona
Lampadario ch”e cristalle

6 MILIONI DI EURO FA (SKIT) Lyrics Explained

The intro sets the mood with a catchy melody, expressing a sense of anticipation or excitement, as if something significant is about to happen.

In this verse, Geolier reflects on his journey to success. He mentions achieving milestones like performing at stadiums, signing deals, and witnessing the extravagant lifestyle from his perspective in the “Curva A” section of the stadium. He compares himself to prominent figures like Timbaland and references his own fame and recognition. Geolier also reflects on the struggles and sacrifices of artists, acknowledging the challenges they face. Despite the challenges, he asserts his determination to succeed and the value he brings to the music industry.

The chorus reflects on Geolier’s astonishment at his newfound wealth and success. He recalls a time when he didn’t know what to do with his life, contrasting it with his current status of having millions of euros, multiple properties, and a life of luxury. Despite his uncertainty in the past, he now realizes his potential and the impact of his success.

[Strofa 2]
In this brief section, Geolier mentions various references, including a Nissan with Japanese registration, comparing himself to a “Super Saiyan” from the popular anime series Dragon Ball, and making basketball references to Kobe Bryant and Cristiano Ronaldo. He also mentions figures like Diego Maradona, hinting at his international recognition and success. The mention of a crystal chandelier adds to the luxurious imagery associated with his newfound wealth.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Songo ‘e marmo ‘e mattunelle, i’ songo Varenne dint a pista”
Geolier compares himself to marble in the tunnels and Varenne on the track. This metaphor suggests his resilience and determination in the face of obstacles.

2. “M’aggio vennuto troppo ampresso, so’ fernuto troppo ampresso”
Geolier expresses feeling overwhelmed by his rapid rise to fame and success. He feels like he’s come too far, too fast, and it’s difficult to process.

3. “Cu Cristiano, Benzema”
By mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, Geolier associates himself with success and excellence in sports. It implies his aspiration to reach the same level of greatness in his own field.


Who has sung “6 MILIONI DI EURO FA (SKIT)” song?
Geolier has sung “6 MILIONI DI EURO FA (SKIT)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “6 MILIONI DI EURO FA (SKIT)” song?
Geolier has written the lyrics of “6 MILIONI DI EURO FA (SKIT)” song.

Who has given the music of “6 MILIONI DI EURO FA (SKIT)” song?
Geolier has given the music of “6 MILIONI DI EURO FA (SKIT)” song.

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