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“Presidente” by Geolier is a swaggering anthem reflecting on wealth and success. Geolier asserts his status as a president of sorts, emphasizing his preference for cash over applause. He discusses the trappings of wealth, from luxury cars to expensive brands like Tom Ford. The song delves into themes of ambition, sacrifice, and the allure of materialism, all set against a backdrop of confidence and bravado. Geolier’s lyrics, delivered in dialect, paint a vivid picture of a life of opulence and power.

PRESIDENTE (English Translation) Lyrics

Yeah yeah

[Verse 1]
I’m here, president, yeah, the time is ‘ncopp’ô President (Uh)
All cash (Ah) I would prefer (Ahah)
Possibly, if he didn’t keep the cash, he was a beggar
I’m too intellectual to have consensus
I’m sipping Crystal ‘int’ê glass ‘and crystal
We are men in life, not on Instagram
Dad told me (Ah):

“Be careful of those who applaud you, don’t applaud you, applaud ô cash”
Without rancor, it’s always there by heart though
We didn’t give up on life, but it always costs and there’s no forgiveness
‘And deaf people don’t make you happy, baby, believe me
They do a lot of things that you regret, like making you s*xy, really
‘Int’â vita hê do two things (Ah), ‘and ssaje? (‘E ssaje?)
One is ca faje ‘e deaf and you can say ca nn”e faje (Ahahah)
Accumulate happy moments
Because I chill badly inside life no maje is missing
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Yeah

Old déjà vu since I became rich
*** ‘Stu Tom Ford ‘ncuoll’a chesta
First he says no, then he says yes to me
But it’s nice and we can’t ask for the premium
Old déjà vu since I became rich
*** ‘Stu Tom Ford ‘ncuoll’a chesta
First he says no, then he says yes to me (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
But it’s nice, we can’t ask for the bonus, yeah

[Verse 2]
I close the hood
There’s music inside the car ***
First I used to get ‘ncopp’ê mezze’ and transport

But I didn’t need a Glock under my pillow
Dayton rose gold shines like VV
B!tch cheers, get rich or die trying comm 50 (Ah)
I’m still enchanted, yeah
Near ô windows ‘and the plane while I look ‘afore
I check in with priority and no economy
But no s*it, it’s just a filter for rich and poor
Little girls, sacrifice strengthens character
From ‘ruosso to maintain ‘and balls you don’t need ‘underpants but ‘carambola
Yeah, he saw me like a Grammy
I speak in dialect but dressed like a dandy
I smear ‘and matches, I stick a cigar
I settled down with Lucifer, then we sipped brandy

Old déjà vu since I became rich
*** ‘Stu Tom Ford ‘ncuoll’a chesta
First he says no, then he says yes to me
But it’s nice and we can’t ask for the premium
Old déjà vu since I became rich
*** ‘Stu Tom Ford ‘ncuoll’a chesta
First he says no, then he says yes to me
But it’s nice and we can’t ask for the premium

PRESIDENTE (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The introductory lines of “Yeah yeah, Yeah” set the tone for the song, brimming with energy and confidence. Geolier starts with these simple affirmations, perhaps to pump up the audience or to assert his presence and readiness to deliver his message with gusto.

[Verse 1]
Geolier begins by proclaiming himself as a figure of authority, referring to himself as a “president,” a term often associated with power and leadership. He emphasizes the importance of financial wealth, suggesting a preference for tangible riches over empty praise or admiration. His declaration that he’s “too intellectual to have consensus” implies that he prioritizes his own judgment over others’ opinions.

He reflects on advice from his father, cautioning against the dangers of seeking validation from those who only value wealth. Geolier acknowledges the harsh realities of life, noting that success often comes with sacrifices and challenges. He warns against being swayed by superficial allure, suggesting that material possessions alone cannot guarantee happiness or fulfillment.

The refrain revolves around the concept of déjà vu, a sensation of familiarity with something experienced before. Geolier reflects on how his newfound wealth has brought about situations where he’s initially denied something, only to later receive it. Mentioning the luxury brand Tom Ford symbolizes his ascension into a higher social and economic status. Despite the repetitive nature of these experiences, he expresses contentment and a lack of desire for more, indicating a sense of satisfaction with his current position.

[Verse 2]
Geolier provides a glimpse into his life of luxury, describing the comforts and extravagances he enjoys. From the music inside his car to the gleaming gold of his Dayton rims, he paints a picture of opulence. However, he juxtaposes this with references to his past struggles, indicating that his current success is the result of hard work and perseverance.

He emphasizes the importance of sacrifice and resilience, suggesting that maintaining his status requires dedication and determination. Despite his affluent lifestyle, he remains grounded, finding solace in simple pleasures like cigars and brandy. His mention of settling down with Lucifer may symbolize his acceptance of the darker aspects of his newfound wealth and fame.

The refrain repeats the theme of déjà vu, reinforcing the idea of Geolier’s cyclical experiences with wealth and success. He reiterates the pattern of initial rejection followed by acceptance, suggesting that this cycle is a common occurrence in his life. Despite any setbacks or challenges he may face, he maintains a sense of contentment and fulfillment, indicating that he’s found his place in the world.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “All cash (Ah) I would prefer (Ahah)”
This line reflects a preference for tangible wealth over intangible recognition or praise. Geolier asserts his desire for financial security and material possessions, indicating that money holds greater value to him than empty compliments.

2. “Dad told me (Ah): ‘Be careful of those who applaud you, don’t applaud you, applaud ô cash'”
Geolier recalls advice from his father, warning him to be wary of people who only value him for his wealth and success. The phrase “applaud ô cash” suggests that some individuals may be motivated by greed rather than genuine admiration or friendship.

3. “‘And deaf people don’t make you happy, baby, believe me'”
Here, Geolier suggests that surrounding oneself with people who turn a blind eye to one’s faults or wrongdoings won’t lead to true happiness. He implies that genuine connections and relationships are built on honesty and integrity rather than superficial admiration.

4. “I close the hood, there’s music inside the car”
This line symbolizes the luxurious lifestyle Geolier enjoys. Closing the hood of his car, he finds himself immersed in a world of music and extravagance, highlighting the abundance of comfort and pleasure that accompanies his wealth.


Who has sung “PRESIDENTE (English Translation)” song?
Geolier has sung “PRESIDENTE (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “PRESIDENTE (English Translation)” song?
Geolier has written the lyrics of “PRESIDENTE (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “PRESIDENTE (English Translation)” song?
Geolier has given the music of “PRESIDENTE (English Translation)” song.

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