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“Dio Lo Sa” (God Knows) by Geolier delves into themes of sin, redemption, and existential questioning. The song reflects on life’s complexities, acknowledging the role of God in understanding them. Geolier explores personal experiences, from feeling misunderstood to navigating life’s challenges. With introspective lyrics, he contemplates the consequences of actions and the transient nature of relationships. Despite the darkness, there’s a hint of resilience, suggesting a determination to persevere despite the uncertainties. Through vivid imagery and introspection, the song captures the essence of human existence and the search for meaning.

DIO LO SA (English Translation) Lyrics

These sins
I’m part of your plan
For your name’s sake
You want to free me
You want to free everyone but from what?
Promises are dreams but for whom?
Only God
Only God
Only God knows
Yeah yeah

[Verse 1]
It was a leap, the tailor made a jacket for me
No shot that pleases me, just kiss me
I can’t help but compliment you on life
She doesn’t even know, so she never heard from God
Yes, the smartest person in the room
Probably in the wrong room, applause when I speak
Don’t ask me my age because I don’t look that old
‘O sound cagnavo life was unrealistic
Don’t worry about what’s coming when it arrives
Deal with who’s better and you and dance and expenses first
It’s worth it, last time comes first
It’s worth it, the last vote is the second to last for life
Yeah, in this sound you know it’s all extraordinary
It all seems obvious to me
I don’t need VVS, I shine and my own light
Tell me about it, I’ll realize it myself
‘O the same I don’t have to leave you alone

When I crossed the street I stood hand and hand
And whoever supported me left me a blow on the ‘mmiez’ę squale
Why does he say “Sorry” to me if I’m right, if I deserve it?
I never heard anything, I never believed it, I never followed the rules

[Verse 2]
Dangerous songs and passes done in a hurry
Faveze songo ‘and vase dates quickly
‘And crimes done quickly are better.’
Because you accumulate experience
You understand, I don’t talk much and I don’t share anything
I love my brother very much
And if it’s disgusting, it’s the same disgusting as if you loved it
Equal, with the same intention, she can give
Cuddly always doesn’t enchant me
‘And I missed my son and he will know
Porsche Macanne, deaf there’s a shovel
And the menu is bad and I keep it
I don’t pose as much as a person or know what I care about
I’m ‘int’â suite cu na b!tch, baby, close me ‘and curtains
Even if it’s very dark outside, I keep it inside
We were born, then we grew up, we apologized
We got divorced, then we kicked out alimony
We didn’t hunt deaf people
But we took the attitude that we kept going
And no bond will last forever unless it’s fake

When I crossed the street I stood hand and hand
And whoever supported me left me a blow on the ‘mmiez’ę squale
Why does he say “Sorry” to me if I’m right, if I deserve it?
I never heard anything, I never believed it, I never followed the rules

DIO LO SA (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The introduction of the song sets a reflective tone, contemplating the nature of sin and redemption. It suggests a deep introspection into one’s own flaws and the inherent human struggle to reconcile these with the desire for salvation. The mention of being part of a divine plan speaks to a sense of purpose amidst the chaos of life, with the implication that even in our transgressions, there’s a greater design at play. The repetition of “Only God knows” underscores the mysterious and often unfathomable aspects of existence, acknowledging the limitations of human understanding in the face of divine wisdom.

[Verse 1]
This verse offers a glimpse into the speaker’s personal experiences and worldview. It begins with a metaphorical leap, perhaps symbolizing a bold move or decision in life. The tailor crafting a jacket can be interpreted as a metaphor for individuality or personal identity. The refusal of anything less than genuine affection (“No shot that pleases me, just kiss me”) reflects a desire for authenticity in relationships and experiences. The speaker’s refusal to conform to societal expectations, as indicated by the dismissal of age-related inquiries, suggests a rebellious spirit. Despite life’s uncertainties, there’s a sense of self-assurance and a willingness to embrace the unknown. The mention of shining with one’s own light and realizing truths independently underscores a strong sense of self-awareness and autonomy.

In the refrain, the speaker reflects on moments of betrayal and disappointment. The imagery of crossing the street hand in hand evokes a sense of trust and companionship, only to be met with abandonment or betrayal. The questioning of apologies and adherence to rules speaks to a deeper disillusionment with societal norms and expectations. There’s a poignant acknowledgment of feeling unheard and misunderstood, highlighting the emotional toll of broken trust and unfulfilled promises.

[Verse 2]
The second verse delves into the complexities of human relationships and experiences. The mention of “dangerous songs” and actions done hastily suggests a willingness to embrace risk and live in the moment. The speaker’s reluctance to share intimate details and the emphasis on self-reliance reflect a guarded nature, perhaps born from past betrayals or disappointments. Despite the challenges, there’s a deep-seated love for family and an acknowledgment of the messy, imperfect nature of human connections. The references to material possessions and life’s hardships serve as reminders of the fleeting nature of earthly concerns, juxtaposed with the enduring resilience of the human spirit. The verse concludes with a reflection on the transient nature of bonds, suggesting that only genuine connections withstand the test of time.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Only God knows”
This phrase reflects a sense of resignation and acknowledgment of life’s mysteries. It suggests that some things are beyond human understanding and can only be known by a higher power.

2. “I don’t need VVS, I shine and my own light”
Here, the speaker asserts their self-worth and confidence. They reject the need for external validation (“VVS” likely refers to very very slightly included diamonds) and affirm their ability to shine brightly on their own terms.

3. “Don’t worry about what’s coming when it arrives”
This line advises living in the present moment and not dwelling on future uncertainties. It emphasizes the importance of embracing life as it unfolds, rather than fretting over hypothetical outcomes.

4. “No bond will last forever unless it’s fake”
This statement highlights the impermanence of relationships and the importance of authenticity. It suggests that genuine connections endure, while superficial or insincere bonds are bound to fade away.


Who has sung “DIO LO SA (English Translation)” song?
Geolier has sung “DIO LO SA (English Translation)” song.

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Geolier has written the lyrics of “DIO LO SA (English Translation)” song.

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Geolier has given the music of “DIO LO SA (English Translation)” song.

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