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“Greg Heffley” by LAZER DIM 700 is a raw and intense portrayal of urban life, filled with explicit language and gritty imagery. The lyrics delve into themes of street life, struggle, and defiance against authority. The protagonist navigates a world filled with violence and danger, boasting about his experiences with drügs, weapons, and crime. The song reflects a harsh reality where survival instincts reign supreme, and loyalty to one’s crew is paramount. LAZER DIM 700’s delivery is aggressive and unapologetic, capturing the essence of a lifestyle where toughness and street smarts are essential for survival.

Greg Heffley Lyrics

Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k
Ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out

Brick wall, n!gga ain’t never been to the project
Look at my scram, my spread, my profit
Should’ve never signed, now I can’t even drop s*it
D.N.D my phone while I’m making my hot s*it
Whole hood strapped, we got blicks and they cocked back
Lil’ twin scared to drop his music, better drop that
I just get roof access, go through the stairs

I don’t give a fu*k ’bout no drip, I just wear it
I ain’t never broke down no bag, I just tear it
Put on that black, my drip transparent
Think you psyched out, you ain’t got no experience
I just pull racks out, that s*it in my pants
Everybody gon’ run ’cause we got contraband
N!gga can’t roll, they blunts be fu*ked up
Why you want smoke wit’ lil’ gang? You dumb fu*k
Keep it in the trench, I won’t argue through my music
Every time I choke the trigger, I abuse it
That wasn’t me, I ain’t there, I ain’t do it
When I stop, you smell that gas, pipe pump
This lil’ beat make me wig’, this lil’ beat jump
Smoked up the quety, my QP done shrunk
I know you cap, I just know how you come
Bands in the trunk, I just emptied out the trunk
I fu*k wit’ lil’ twin, my shows be piped up
Switch up my skin, I just put on a night look
N!ggas gon’ tell on theyselves, you right booked
Lil’ twin think he demonic, a night crook
Switch up the whip, I done had this b!tch too long
Blicky can’t fit in my pants, this bit’ too long
N!gga psyched out, he see things, he must do shrooms
Get on that za, don’t get me to wigging
I don’t give no fu*k ’cause my drip be specific

Rap if I don’t, n!gga, up with a flapjack
Scaling that Drac’, only time I got backpack
Lil’ twin send that drop, he like a lab rat
I just punch in the pin number, I jab that
I’ma be lit for some summers, I bet that
Hit up my fine s*it, see where her neck at
Really got whip for real, I wouldn’t even wreck that
Scat away from the play, take me a jetpack

Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k

Greg Heffley Lyrics Explained

The repeated expletives and urgent calls to “watch out” in the intro serve as a visceral primer, immediately plunging the listener into a world charged with intensity and urgency. The profanity underscores a sense of agitation and perhaps even danger, setting the stage for what follows.

The verse unfolds within the gritty confines of an urban landscape, where the speaker navigates a complex web of survival, power dynamics, and self-preservation. “Brick wall” serves not only as a metaphor for resilience but also as a stark reminder of the barriers, both literal and figurative, that characterize life in marginalized communities. The reference to “scram, spread, profit” hints at the speaker’s involvement in illicit activities, suggesting a life shaped by the pursuit of financial gain through questionable means.

The line “Should’ve never signed, now I can’t even drop s*it” alludes to the speaker’s sense of entrapment, likely by a record label or contractual obligations that limit their creative expression. Despite this frustration, they maintain a defiant attitude, symbolized by their indifference towards material possessions (“I don’t give a fu*k ’bout no drip, I just wear it”). This attitude extends to their disregard for conventional success markers, such as breaking down a bag (“I ain’t never broke down no bag, I just tear it”).

The mention of being “strapped” and having “blicks” at the ready speaks to a culture of violence and the need for self-defense in the speaker’s environment. This readiness to resort to arms is juxtaposed with the vulnerability of “Lil’ twin scared to drop his music,” suggesting a dichotomy between bravado and insecurity within their circle.

Throughout the verse, there’s a palpable tension between the speaker’s outward display of toughness and their internal conflicts. They assert their dominance (“Every time I choke the trigger, I abuse it”) while grappling with the repercussions of their actions (“That wasn’t me, I ain’t there, I ain’t do it”). This duality is further emphasized by references to drug use (“smoked up the quety, my QP done shrunk”) and paranoia (“he see things, he must do shrooms”).

Despite the bravado, there’s a sense of isolation and disconnect, hinted at by the speaker’s detachment from their surroundings (“I just pull racks out, that s*it in my pants”). The mention of “contraband” and the implication of criminal activity suggest a life lived on the fringes of society, where survival often trumps morality.

The outro mirrors the intensity of the intro, bookending the verse with a stark reminder of the raw emotion and urgency that permeate the song. The repeated expletives serve as a cathartic release, underscoring the visceral nature of the narrative and leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k”
This repeated expletive serves as a primal expression of frustration, anger, or intensity. It punctuates the narrative with a raw emotional charge, emphasizing the speaker’s agitation and urgency. In the context of the song, it signifies a disregard for societal norms and a rebellious attitude. It may also function as a cathartic release, allowing the speaker to vent their emotions and assert their defiance.

2. “Brick wall, n!gga ain’t never been to the project”
“Brick wall” metaphorically represents resilience and strength, suggesting that the speaker is tough and unyielding. The phrase “ain’t never been to the project” implies that the speaker has not experienced the challenges and hardships of life in marginalized urban areas. This juxtaposition highlights a sense of detachment or privilege, suggesting that the speaker may be removed from the harsh realities faced by others. It could also be interpreted as a boastful assertion of superiority or invincibility.

3. “Switch up my skin, I just put on a night look”
This phrase metaphorically suggests a change in appearance or demeanor to adapt to different situations or environments. “Switch up my skin” implies a transformation or camouflage, while “put on a night look” suggests adopting a darker, more mysterious persona. This could symbolize the speaker’s ability to navigate various social circles or engage in clandestine activities without detection. It reflects a sense of cunning and adaptability, hinting at the complexities of the speaker’s identity and motives.


Who has sung “Greg Heffley” song?
LAZER DIM 700 has sung “Greg Heffley” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Greg Heffley” song?
LAZER DIM 700 has written the lyrics of “Greg Heffley” song.

Who has given the music of “Greg Heffley” song?
LAZER DIM 700 has given the music of “Greg Heffley” song.

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