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Barnacles Lyrics by LAZER DIM 700 is a latest English song in the voice of LAZER DIM 700. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Barnacles song lyrics are also written by LAZER DIM 700. It portrays a gritty narrative of street life and personal struggle. The lyrics reflect on loyalty, betrayal, and the challenges of survival. The artist describes painting a vivid picture upon return, navigating distrust, and arming up for protection. Themes of resilience and defiance emerge amidst references to luxury and hardship. The song captures the intensity and complexity of life in tough urban environments, blending raw emotion with a hardened attitude towards adversity.

Barnacles Lyrics

Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k
Ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out
Ayy, I got—, I got lil’ Goxan—, I got lil’ Goxan on this motherfu*ker
Fu*k, fu*k, ayy, watch out

When I get back, I might paint me a picture
Act like they with you, but they ain’t with you
Put on my Glock, it stick on like a sticker
Every time I leave fine s*it, she get thicker
Stick got some push, when I shoot, it gon’ wiggle

You don’t even catch the play, man in the middle
Anybody talk down, know we gon’ flip ’em
Lil’ twin said he want something, help me get ’em
Shots tickle you, but you ain’t gon’ giggle
12 need to free the whole gang, dismiss ’em
You work with the system, but act like a victim
Disqualify gang, on the heist, it went in ’em
Black Gen5, s*it spit Venom
This a new spread, blue racks in my Denim
Young-n!gga s*it, I just hotbox in rentals
I just told the opps meet me front and center
Stacked the whole summer, pop s*it in the winter
You on them pills, your body get thinner
Trap closed down, nobody could enter
N!gga out of sight, he acting too federal
Don’t hand me s*it, I don’t know who sent ’em
Heavy artillery, I can’t be gentle
You ain’t no fine s*it, she think she Kris Jenner
I been out wigging, but then fu*ked up my image
Miami penthouse, I stepped out the trenches
Twenty-fifth, we ain’t have s*it but some Grinches
Woke up late, brought my fye to the kitchen
That ain’t what I said, was a misconception
Speaking of smoke, you ain’t learned your lesson
Shouldn’t let your fine s*it serving s*it, blessing

Three guns, Glock 30, Irving and Stephen
Fine s*it cough like she allergic to necklace
Stole her phone, check the group chat, she messing
You with the gang, we eliminate extras
Push up on you, I won’t send out no message
Beat too weird, got me missing my exit
Oldheads on the block, always lecturing
You know I’ma get up with you, that ain’t no question
I don’t get no Z’s, my body be restless
I sold you a button, these fu*k n!ggas pressed it
Work on my shot, I try to perfect it
Emptying the spot, we had to inspect it
I ain’t joining your gang, you just gotta respect it
Everybody know this s*it get hectic
No stop, when I shoot, won’t even affect it
Run a n!gga video, let me direct it
I wrote my point back, let me collect it
I know it was wrong, ain’t tryna correct it

Fu*k, fu*k

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Barnacles Lyrics Meaning

The intro sets an intense and alert tone, filled with expletives and warnings, suggesting a heightened state of readiness and urgency.

In this verse, the artist paints a vivid picture of their life and mindset, encapsulating themes of loyalty, street life, personal struggles, and a relentless attitude towards success and survival.

The verse opens with a metaphorical statement about returning and reflecting on life (“When I get back, I might paint me a picture”). It sets the tone for introspection and self-expression amidst a challenging environment.

The next line (“Act like they with you, but they ain’t with you”) highlights a recurring theme of betrayal and distrust. It reflects on the precarious nature of relationships in their circle, where appearances can be deceiving.

The mention of putting on a Glock that sticks like a sticker signifies readiness and protection in a dangerous setting. It suggests a constant need to be armed and vigilant for personal safety.

References to a woman (“fine s*it, she get thicker”) growing thicker metaphorically, juxtaposed with the Glock’s impact (“Stick got some push… when I shoot, it gon’ wiggle”), blend themes of personal relationships and violence.

The verse touches on loyalty to their crew (“help me get ’em”), emphasizing a strong bond within their circle and a readiness to defend against any threats (“Anybody talk down, know we gon’ flip ’em”).

There’s a critique of authority and the justice system (“12 need to free the whole gang”), suggesting a desire for freedom from legal troubles or incarceration.

References to luxury and material success (“Miami penthouse”) contrast sharply with earlier mentions of humble beginnings (“Twenty-fifth, we ain’t have s*it but some Grinches”). It paints a picture of aspiration and overcoming adversity.

Personal reflections and mistakes are hinted at (“I know it was wrong, ain’t tryna correct it”), showing a self-awareness amidst their lifestyle.

Overall, the verse navigates through a complex narrative of street life, loyalty, personal growth, and the pursuit of success, all while grappling with the challenges and contradictions of their environment. It blends toughness with vulnerability, showcasing a multifaceted persona shaped by their experiences and ambitions.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “When I get back, I might paint me a picture
This phrase suggests planning to reflect on experiences or possibly create a new narrative upon return, hinting at introspection and personal expression.

2. “Put on my Glock, it stick on like a sticker
Describes the act of arming oneself, emphasizing readiness and the weapon’s reliability akin to something that adheres firmly.

3. “Stacked the whole summer, pop s*it in the winter
Refers to accumulating wealth (“stacked”) during productive times (summer) and asserting dominance or showing off (“pop s*it”) during quieter, colder periods (winter).

4. “Trap closed down, nobody could enter
Indicates a period of inaccessibility to a place where business (possibly illegal) is conducted, enforcing security and secrecy.

5. “I ain’t joining your gang, you just gotta respect it
Asserts independence from affiliations while demanding recognition and respect for personal choices and boundaries.


Q. Who has sung Barnacles song?
A. Barnacles song is sung by LAZER DIM 700.

Q. Who wrote Barnacles lyrics?
A. Barnacles lyrics are penned by LAZER DIM 700.

Q. Who has given the music of Barnacles song?
A. Barnacles music is composed and produced by LAZER DIM 700.

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