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“Andy” by LAZER DIM 700 is a raw portrayal of urban life, marked by gritty lyrics and a pulsating beat. The song delves into themes of betrayal, change, and the struggle for authenticity amidst a backdrop of materialism and violence. The protagonist navigates through a world where trust is scarce, relationships are fleeting, and self-preservation is paramount. With references to drug use, street life, and inner turmoil, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a character grappling with their demons while striving to maintain their identity. The track’s intense energy is underscored by a sense of defiance and resilience, capturing the essence of modern-day urban angst.

Andy Lyrics

(Mm, Trill got that juice, n!gga)
Fu*k (***)
I’m, I’m on? Like, like, we on— I’m on here?
I’m on? They got me on? Alright
Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k, fu*k
Ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out
I’m on, like— I’m on?
Fu*k, fu*k
Ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out

See, I know what to—
See, haha, see I know what to do right here, I know what to do right here

You gon’ catch me outside, you gon’ fu*king see me
I know you done changed, I can fu*king peep it
I could’ve been spinned the other side, I just need a reason
My music play in Spain, I’m just fu*king speaking
N!gga see you in that range, n!gga leave you leaking
Lil’ twin ain’t insane, it’s for social media
I tried to stay up for that breakfast, my hotel room messy
I can’t get too happy for tonight, I just might burn my blessings
And I only put on black, s*it, I don’t even need accessories
Then I spent a five in Saks Fifth, I had to take a second
You can’t get revived when you get hit with this MAC-11
I thought your square was on your arm, why you pull out
I just smoked the spot, they detect with a smoke alarm
I just post a drop, told an opp come and spin a car
N!ggas pillow talk and cockblock, but they don’t make it far
Anything could be easy in your life, you just make it hard
I can’t even sleep, I got drügs in my fu*king heart
You can’t even sleep, you got pain your fu*king heart
She can’t even sleep, she got pain in her fu*king heart
I just put a spread with a spread, I just made it more

Told you, “Eighty-five for that seven,” you gave me eighty-four
Where the fu*k you reside? We gon’ mail it, put shots at your door
I just smoke that ‘za, I be geeked, I be fu*king cooking
I ain’t never gon’ get my regular life back, too many fu*king buckets
I just put on black, I attack when you ain’t even looking
Look inside the mirror, I jump back, I just seen a boogie
N!ggas ain’t even that, they just act, they be really Ruckus
Over here, your face card bad, your face card bad
Over here, my face card straight, my face card good
N!gga ain’t help me run up no pape’, but it’s all good
N!gga got a name on his foot, it’s his big homie
N!gga got a name on his foot, it’s his big homie

Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k, fu*k, fu*k
(Mm, Trill got that juice, n!gga)

Andy Lyrics Explained

The song’s intro sets the tone with an intense, almost manic energy. It’s a chaotic stream of consciousness, punctuated by expletives and fragmented thoughts. The repetition of “I’m on?” suggests a sense of disorientation or disbelief, perhaps reflecting a state of being overwhelmed or unsure of one’s surroundings. The laughter at the end could be interpreted as a coping mechanism, a nervous reaction to the uncertainty or pressure of the situation.

In the verse, the narrator addresses themes of confrontation and change. The line “You gon’ catch me outside, you gon’ fu*king see me” portrays a sense of defiance and readiness to face challenges head-on. They express a keen awareness of others’ transformations, indicating a sensitivity to shifts in relationships or dynamics. References to music playing in Spain and spending extravagantly juxtapose external success with internal struggles, hinting at a disconnect between appearance and reality.

The “chrome?” section dives deeper into the narrator’s inner turmoil and the harsh realities of their environment. Drug references and mentions of heartache suggest a pervasive sense of pain and disillusionment. The narrator reflects on their actions and choices, acknowledging the difficulty of their circumstances. Themes of betrayal and authenticity emerge as they navigate a world where trust is scarce and appearances can be deceiving.

The outro serves as a stark conclusion to the song, reinforcing its raw and unfiltered nature. The repetition of expletives amplifies the sense of frustration or anger, while the reference to “Trill” suggests a connection to a certain lifestyle or mindset. Overall, the outro encapsulates the intensity and emotional depth of the song, leaving a lingering impact on the listener.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “I just smoked the spot, they detect with a smoke alarm”
This line suggests that the speaker has used drügs in a particular location and that the act was so conspicuous that it triggered a smoke alarm. It conveys a sense of recklessness or disregard for consequences, as well as a potential awareness of being watched or monitored.

2. “I just put a spread with a spread, I just made it more”
Here, the speaker seems to be referring to enhancing a situation or amplifying something. “Spread” could imply both spreading something physically (like a table spread) and metaphorically (like spreading a rumor or escalating a situation). This line suggests the speaker’s tendency to intensify or expand upon existing circumstances, whether positive or negative.

3. “N!gga got a name on his foot, it’s his big homie”
This phrase indicates a deep loyalty or affiliation with a prominent figure, often within a gang or social group. Getting someone’s name tattooed on one’s foot symbolizes a permanent bond and allegiance. It reflects a strong sense of respect and honor for the “big homie,” highlighting the importance of loyalty and camaraderie within certain communities.


Who has sung “Andy” song?
LAZER DIM 700 has sung “Andy” song.

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LAZER DIM 700 has written the lyrics of “Andy” song.

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LAZER DIM 700 has given the music of “Andy” song.

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