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Winchester Lyrics by LAZER DIM 700 is a latest English song in the voice of LAZER DIM 700. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Winchester song lyrics are also written by LAZER DIM 700. It is a high-energy track packed with raw, unfiltered emotions and a gritty narrative. The song kicks off with a hard-hitting beat, setting the tone for the intense lyrics that follow. The artist starts by calling out those who “cap” or lie, saying they’ll get exposed. He’s on the move, carrying a weapon wrapped in clothes, indicating a readiness for any confrontation.

The lyrics reflect a no-nonsense attitude, with LAZER DIM 700 emphasizing action over words. He mentions not wasting time arguing, preferring to settle things decisively. The song touches on various street themes, like dodging the law, having multiple firearms, and dealing with adversaries. The reference to “za” (a slang term for high-quality mar!juana) suggests a lifestyle surrounded by drügs and the associated hustle.

There’s a sense of constant motion and preparedness, whether it’s evading the police on a jet ski or making sure his crew is always ready for whatever comes their way. The chorus is repetitive and punctuated with expletives, reinforcing the song’s aggressive and rebellious vibe.

In summary, “Winchester” is about survival, loyalty, and the hustle of street life, with LAZER DIM 700 portraying himself as someone who’s always ready for action and unafraid to confront challenges head-on. Its lyrics are written below.

Winchester Lyrics

(LazerMade’s got a beat, don’t get no—)
Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k
Ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out
Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k

You cap, you got—
You cap, you cap, you cap, get exposed
Your cap’ll get exposed

Brought my stick with me, I’m on the bus, this b!tch wrapped in some clothes
We ain’t with the arguing, we ain’t tryna’ fuss, we just clap at your clothes
The za must be wig ’cause he already passed it
Two mini’s in the whip, I’m already smashing
Make a pit stop, I forgot to put gas in
Too many fye’, they must thought I was lacking
N!gga get to shooting, they gon’ say, “What’s happening?”
You know I’m straight—got glizzy, I’m straight
Talk under yo’ breath, I ain’t hear what you say
Your vibe fu*ked up, you pushed up, throw the vibe off
It’s in a pile, guns in a pile, whatchu’ gon’ pick out the pile?
N!gga gon’ tell the opp what he doing, tell the opp what he got
Everybody touching some money, pull us a jugg’, everybody fu*king on thots
When I get Rolex, won’t look at my watch
Fu*k with lil’ gang, you’ll never run out
At the wrong door, he don’t know where to knock at
You buy a half more, we gon’ bring you a za pack
Switching yo’ plugs, you don’t know where to shop at
Sit in the corner, he think he throwed off
Young n!gga ready, I can tell him hold it off
What that is? What you having in your bag?
Clutching on me, that’s gon’ make me super mad
Yeen’ on s*it, why the fu*k you got a mask?
Gun and shiesty, that’s lil’ twin starter pack
Hang up on fine s*it, I tell her, “Holla’ back”

Drank up my line, b!tch where yo’ line at?
I wanna link, tell her “Nevermind that”
Open the Backwood pack, I thought I had Backwood, I ain’t even have s*it there
Left all the drip, I ain’t got s*it to wear
Never had s*it, I just slept in Marni slides
We got some room, tell lil’ buddy get inside
Fifty feet, b!tch you know I took a dive
Everybody bring a blunt, link at the beehive
Stolo whip in the hood, with three fye’s
I hit jet ski, twelve won’t catch me
Yeen’ did s*it, why you think you a veteran?
You think the blunt done, the smoke ain’t gon’ never end
Lil’ twin with me, why the fu*k they ain’t let him in?
I’ma see which opp gone push up to Neverland
Listen to yourself, I know you want a other one
I smell za, my stomach start bubbling
Too many guns, which one I’ma smuggle in?
Tryna look mad, you can’t hide your emotion
I ain’t have s*it, now my racks is poking

Fu*k, fu*k fu*k

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Winchester Lyrics Meaning

In the intro, the artist sets a chaotic and intense mood with repeated expletives and urgent warnings. The laughter and abruptness suggest a mix of aggression and unpredictability, setting the stage for the raw content of the song.

In this verse, LAZER DIM 700 delves into the harsh realities of street life, calling out those who lie and warning that their deceit will be exposed. He’s always prepared, carrying a weapon discreetly, and emphasizes action over words, resolving conflicts decisively.

He mentions high-quality mar!juana (“za”) being passed around and describes his life filled with constant movement and readiness. Despite mundane tasks like refueling, the presence of guns is constant, and people underestimate him at their own risk. When shots are fired, people will quickly realize what’s happening, and his “glizzy” (gun) ensures he feels secure.

Indirect gossip and disruptions in the group’s dynamic are dismissed. There’s a pile of guns, challenging others to choose their weapon, implying everyone is armed and ready for conflict. Sharing information with enemies is dangerous, but everyone is making money and engaging in casual relationships.

When he gets a Rolex, he won’t need to check it, indicating time and wealth are abundant. Loyalty to his crew means never running out of resources or support. A humorous moment arises when someone knocks on the wrong door, clueless about where they should be.

Delivering more mar!juana to someone shows their efficient operation. Critiquing someone for switching suppliers suggests instability and lack of knowledge. A young guy in the corner seems out of place, but he’s ready for action, waiting for instructions. LAZER DIM 700 gets angry when asked about the contents of his bag, showing suspicion and readiness to defend himself.

He questions why someone wears a mask if they aren’t involved in anything serious, hinting at unnecessary posturing. The “lil’ twin starter pack” includes a gun and a shiesty (face mask), and he casually dismisses a girl, indicating a nonchalant attitude towards relationships.

He mentions drinking, asking where the other person’s drink is, reflecting the social aspect of his lifestyle. Planning to meet and changing his mind shows a fickle nature. Opening an empty Backwood pack adds frustration, and despite having nice clothes (“drip”), he finds himself without anything to wear, highlighting instability.

Recalling a time of poverty contrasts with his current situation. There’s now space in their circle, inviting someone to join. Taking a risky move indicates a daring attitude. They plan a gathering where everyone brings weed to the “beehive,” a hangout spot.

Driving a stolen car with multiple guns shows disregard for the law. Escaping on a jet ski adds an adventurous element. Questioning someone’s credibility suggests they haven’t earned respect. The smoking session seems endless, reflecting their ongoing lifestyle.

He’s frustrated that his close associate wasn’t allowed entry somewhere. He’s curious about which enemy will challenge him, referring to “Neverland” as a place for settling conflicts. LAZER DIM 700 advises listeners to trust their instincts, hinting at constant vigilance.

Smelling mar!juana makes his stomach react, possibly from nerves or excitement. With too many guns, he decides which one to carry. Trying to look tough, emotions can’t be hidden. The verse ends reflecting on his journey from having nothing to now having money showing, painting a vivid picture of his life: a mix of danger, loyalty, hustle, and relentless drive to survive and thrive.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “You cap, you cap, you cap, get exposed
This means calling out someone for lying or pretending. When he says “get exposed,” he’s saying that their dishonesty will be revealed.

2. “Brought my stick with me, I’m on the bus, this b!tch wrapped in some clothes
Here, he’s talking about carrying a weapon (“stick”) discreetly by wrapping it in clothes while on the bus, ready for any trouble that might come his way.

3. “We ain’t with the arguing, we ain’t tryna’ fuss, we just clap at your clothes
This phrase means that instead of arguing or fighting verbally, they resolve conflicts with violence (“clap at your clothes” refers to shooting).

4. “Two mini’s in the whip, I’m already smashing
He’s talking about having two small firearms (“mini’s”) in the car (“whip”) and being ready for action (“smashing” suggests moving fast or being aggressive).

5. “Too many fye’, they must thought I was lacking
He’s saying there are many guns around, and people mistakenly think he’s not armed or prepared (“lacking”).

6. “When I get Rolex, won’t look at my watch
This means once he gets a luxurious Rolex watch, he won’t even need to check it, symbolizing that he has made it and doesn’t have to worry about time.

7. “Gun and shiesty, that’s lil’ twin starter pack
This refers to a basic set of items for someone starting in their lifestyle: a gun and a shiesty (face mask), often used for hiding identity during crimes.

8. “I ain’t have s*it, now my racks is poking
He’s reflecting on his past when he had nothing and comparing it to now, where he has a lot of money (“racks”) that’s clearly visible (“poking”).


Q. Who has sung Winchester song?
A. Winchester song is sung by LAZER DIM 700.

Q. Who wrote Winchester lyrics?
A. Winchester lyrics are penned by LAZER DIM 700.

Q. Who has given the music of Winchester song?
A. Winchester music is composed and produced by LAZER DIM 700.

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