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Icarly Lyrics by LAZER DIM 700 is a latest English song in the voice of LAZER DIM 700. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Icarly song lyrics are also written by LAZER DIM 700. The song It is a raw portrayal of street life and hustle. It reflects on drug deals, confrontations, and the fast-paced grind to make money. The lyrics describe moving drügs, evading trouble with the law, and the adrenaline of risky situations. The artist boasts about wealth and readiness to defend themselves, capturing a gritty and intense urban narrative.

Icarly Lyrics

Fu*k, fu*k
Ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out
I got lil’ Goxan— I got lil’ Goxan on this motherfu*ker
Fu*k, ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out, ayy, watch out

Grab my lil’ fire, get back to my land
Pull out my spread, put these racks in my hand
Go to my auntie house, package come in
Pull up with your gang, I’m whacking your twin
Drügs in the trap and the trap got gun in

Everybody wanna trap, plays keep coming
Break out that backend, we can’t keep fronting
Flexing can’t be real, that ain’t your money
Shooting the sky, n!gga gave me a warning
Missed all my plays, should’ve woke up this morning
N!gga work with 12, these n!ggas informants
Adventure, I ain’t missing s*it, I be on it
Come to the drop, get these pills if you want it
N!ggas ain’t on s*it, they just act like they on it
I won’t say s*it, I just stare at the opponent
In the ‘za coma, lil’ boy gotta shake back
In the ‘za coma, lil’ twin gotta shake back
Drunk all the Monsters, I drunk up that eight pack
Hurry up and link me, I can’t even wait there
Bring out my bag, I hold up my bag
Really wig out, I be splurging my cash
Couldn’t call a whip ’cause my service was bad
When I got there, they was gone, I’m glad
I really think I put this s*it on, it’s gas
Serve you off two different phones for that gas
Ain’t pass on fine s*it, you know I’ma smash
N!gga hear sirens, you know we do dash
Gave lil’ twin some of my clothes from the past
Know you capped out, boy, you know this b!tch bad
Blick hit your drip, put a hole in your swag

You a walking lick, you got zips in your bag
You come to my hood, we trade zips for some cash
Close my eyes on solar clips, let it pass
Pipe this b!tch up, lil’ twin step for that bag
Took out ProMag, I put Glock mags
Sound like a grenade, sound like a frag
Draw down the hood, whole hood be sad
Ain’t ’bout no munyun, you ain’t talking ’bout no cash
Step for yourself or they step on your ass
Get my lil’ Drac, I be quick to bookbag
Pull down my drip, I don’t even pull out blue tags
Blue s*it, I don’t pull s*it but blue racks

Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k

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Icarly Lyrics Meaning

The opening lines of the song set a provocative and alert tone, punctuated with expletives that serve to immediately grab attention. The repetition of phrases like “fu*k” and “watch out” suggests a heightened state of readiness and vigilance. It’s as though the speaker is bracing themselves or warning others about potential danger or imminent action. The mention of “lil’ Goxan” hints at a connection or alliance with someone, adding a layer of intrigue to the introductory lines. Overall, the intro creates a sense of urgency and anticipation, setting the stage for the intense narrative that follows.

The verse plunges into a vivid portrayal of street life, characterized by its rawness and unapologetic depiction of illicit activities. It begins with references to personal possessions and routines, such as retrieving something valuable (“lil’ fire”) and handling finances (“put these racks in my hand”). The mention of going to “auntie house” where packages arrive suggests a covert operation or a clandestine transaction related to drug distribution (“drügs in the trap”). The verse brims with themes of hustle and survival, navigating through challenges posed by adversaries (“whacking your twin”), law enforcement (“work with 12”), and the pressure to maintain a façade of success (“flexing can’t be real”). There’s an underlying sense of conflict and danger throughout, underscored by mentions of missed opportunities and the constant threat of betrayal (“these n!ggas informants”). The narrator’s determination to stay ahead (“I ain’t missing s*it, I be on it”) and willingness to engage in risky behavior (“come to the drop, get these pills if you want it”) reflect the harsh realities of their environment. Personal struggles and moments of indulgence (“drunk all the Monsters”) hint at the toll this lifestyle takes, juxtaposed with fleeting moments of satisfaction or success. The language is coarse and direct, mirroring the intensity and urgency of their circumstances. The verse concludes with references to violence (“took out ProMag, I put Glock mags”) and a defiant stance against adversaries and challenges (“step for yourself or they step on your ass”). Overall, the verse paints a gritty and detailed picture of life on the edge, where every decision carries weight and consequences, and survival often hinges on quick wits and street smarts.

The outro brings the song to a close with a visceral burst of emotion and intensity, echoing the provocative and unfiltered nature of the intro. The repeated use of expletives underscores a sense of frustration, defiance, or perhaps even relief after navigating through the tumultuous narrative of the verse. It’s a raw and unapologetic expression, encapsulating the raw energy and unfiltered emotions that permeate the entire song.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Fu*k:” Expresses frustration, intensity, or emphasis. Used to punctuate strong emotions or statements throughout the song, highlighting raw feelings and urgency.

2. “Watch out:” Serves as a warning or alert. Indicates vigilance or caution, often in response to potential threats or imminent actions.

3. “Lil’ Goxan:” Refers to a trusted companion or partner. Implies reliance on someone for support or collaboration in navigating challenging situations.

4. “Grab my lil’ fire:” Refers to acquiring something valuable or necessary, potentially related to drügs or personal possessions crucial for survival or success.

5. “Drügs in the trap:” Describes the presence of illegal substances in a controlled environment (trap house), where drügs are stored or sold discreetly.

6. “Flexing can’t be real:” Suggests skepticism towards someone flaunting wealth or status. Implies that displays of affluence or bravado are insincere or exaggerated.

7. “Step for yourself or they step on your ass:” Encourages self-reliance and assertiveness. Warns against passivity, advocating for standing up for oneself to avoid being taken advantage of.


Q. Who has sung Icarly song?
A. Icarly song is sung by LAZER DIM 700.

Q. Who wrote Icarly lyrics?
A. Icarly lyrics are penned by LAZER DIM 700.

Q. Who has given the music of Icarly song?
A. Icarly music is composed and produced by LAZER DIM 700.

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