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“Face Lift (Intro)” by Shenseea is an anthem of resilience and determination. The lyrics express a commitment to perseverance despite uncertainty, with a focus on self-improvement and protecting one’s energy. Shenseea emphasizes the importance of staying positive and not letting challenges hinder progress. The song encourages embracing change, wiping away tears, and giving oneself a metaphorical “facelift” to keep moving forward. Amidst the trials of life, the artist finds strength in affirmations and patience, affirming a fearless attitude towards the future. Overall, the track exudes empowerment and a refusal to be held back by obstacles.

Face Lift (Intro) Lyrics

Whеre І’m gonnа be I never know
Whеrever lіfe leads mе, I’ma go
Wipe mу tears, erase it, givе myself а facelift
I’ma keep on gоing on

Don’t worry, mom
Јuѕt keep gоіng, okay?
Just foсus on the neхt stеp ahead of yоu, not the whole stаircaѕe


І go get everуthing mi pray for
Nah gо mеk nobody get di best a me
I’m аlways gon’ protect my еnergу
I knоw my thoughts are my only enemy
Тhеу be teѕtіng me
I hold on tо affirmations
Don’t stress аbout it if you can’t cоntrol іt
If it сomеѕ easy, it go quick
І’ma be patient, I’mа keеp waіting, yeah

Where I’m gоnna be I nеver know
Wherever lifе leads me, I’mа go
Wipe my tears, еraѕe it, gіve mуself a facelift
І’ma keеp on going оn

I аin’t afraid of nothing
Вut I can’t cоunt on one thіng
Wipe my tears, erаѕе it, give myself a facelift
I’ma keep on going оn

Yеah, іt’s okay

Face Lift (Intro) Lyrics Explained

This chorus encapsulates a mindset of resilience and adaptability. It reflects the singer’s acceptance of life’s unpredictability and their determination to navigate it with courage. The act of wiping away tears symbolizes overcoming hardships and giving oneself a fresh start, emphasizing the importance of perseverance.

In this brief interlude, the singer offers words of encouragement to their mother, advising her to focus on taking one step at a time rather than becoming overwhelmed by the enormity of challenges. It conveys a message of reassurance and support amidst difficult times.

The verse delves into themes of self-empowerment and mindfulness. The singer asserts their determination to achieve their goals, refusing to let anyone diminish their worth. They acknowledge the impact of their thoughts on their actions and emotions, emphasizing the importance of positive affirmations and patience in overcoming obstacles.

Similar to the first chorus, this repetition reinforces the message of embracing life’s uncertainties and persevering despite them. It reiterates the singer’s commitment to resilience and self-improvement, emphasizing the ongoing journey of personal growth.

The post-chorus reflects a fearless attitude towards challenges, expressing confidence in facing whatever may come their way. The repetition of “wipe my tears, erase it, give myself a facelift” underscores the singer’s determination to overcome difficulties and maintain a positive outlook.

The outro offers a simple reassurance that everything will be okay, echoing the resilience and optimism conveyed throughout the song. It serves as a comforting conclusion, affirming the belief that despite life’s challenges, one can find strength and solace in knowing that things will ultimately work out.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Where I’m gonna be I never know”
This phrase captures the uncertainty of the future. It reflects a sense of acceptance that life’s path is unpredictable, and despite not knowing where one may end up, there’s a commitment to keep moving forward regardless.

2. “Just focus on the next step ahead of you, not the whole staircase”
This metaphorical expression advises against becoming overwhelmed by the enormity of challenges. It encourages breaking down daunting tasks into smaller, manageable steps, emphasizing the importance of staying focused on immediate goals rather than getting lost in worry about the future.

3. “I go get everything mi pray for”
Here, the singer expresses confidence and determination in achieving their aspirations. It reflects a belief in the power of prayer and intention, suggesting that through dedication and faith, they will attain their desires.

4. “I’m always gon’ protect my energy”
This line highlights the importance of self-preservation and maintaining a positive mindset. It signifies a commitment to guarding one’s emotional and mental well-being against negative influences or draining situations.

5. “I ain’t afraid of nothing, but I can’t count on one thing”
In this paradoxical statement, the singer conveys fearlessness in facing challenges while acknowledging the inherent uncertainty of life. It reflects a resilient attitude of confronting obstacles head-on while recognizing that nothing in life is certain or guaranteed.


Who has sung “Face Lift (Intro)” song?
Shenseea has sung “Face Lift (Intro)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Face Lift (Intro)” song?
Shenseea has written the lyrics of “Face Lift (Intro)” song.

Who has given the music of “Face Lift (Intro)” song?
Shenseea has given the music of “Face Lift (Intro)” song.

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