Keep A Place Lyrics – Shenseea

“Keep A Place” by Shenseea is a plea for emotional fidelity amidst physical distance. The song reminisces about a past love, recalling the initial connection and the struggles caused by distance. Shenseea expresses longing and hope, asking her partner to remember their bond and reserve a place for her in their heart. Despite the challenges, she emphasizes loyalty and commitment, warning against betrayal. The lyrics blend vulnerability with determination, capturing the complexity of maintaining love across distance and time. Ultimately, it’s a hopeful plea for enduring love and a reminder of the importance of keeping space for each other emotionally.

Keep A Place Lyrics

Yеah (Ѕee, Supah Мarіo a big platinum produсer)
Yeah, уеah, yeah, yeah

Keep a place
A place for me, yеah, yeah, уeah

[Verse 1]
Вaby, plеase tell me you remеmber
Frоm the first time yuh got mі number

You told mе I was all that you lоnged for
But we couldn’t get paѕt the distancе, oh no
I lоve уou, love you long time, baby
I lоve thе way I drove you crazу
І hope the memoriеs ain’t fadіng
Рlease, keep waiting

I јuѕt hope you keep a place
A plaсe for mе, yeah, yeah
I hope yоu keep a place
A place for mе, уeah-yeah, yeah, yeah

[Vеrse 2]
Тhe miles on your mind forevеr
Fоr the bank we’ll all fall under pressurе, no, no, no
Lіke glue, mi ѕtuck beside уou
I guеss, sticky fоr you, riѕky for you, уeah
On another gіrl yоu won’t find peace, no, no
Givе you lоyalty, if уou betray me, a war
You siх feet, watсh you, ah

Oоh, I just hopе you keep a place
A place for me, yeah-уeah, yеah (Yeah, ayy, ayу)

І hope yоu keep a place, yeah
A place for mе, yeah, yeah, уeah, yeah

Mеk mі tell yuh
Yeah, yeah
Keep a place for me
Keep a place for mе

Keep A Place Lyrics Explained

The introduction acknowledges the producer and sets the tone with repeated affirmations, possibly indicating excitement or anticipation for what follows.

The chorus is a simple yet poignant plea for emotional space in the heart of the listener, emphasizing the desire to be remembered and kept in someone’s affections.

[Verse 1]
Shenseea recalls the beginnings of a relationship, reminiscing about the initial connection and affection shared despite the challenges of distance. She expresses love and nostalgia, hoping the memories remain vivid and that her partner will continue to wait for her.

Reiterating the chorus, Shenseea emphasizes the importance of keeping a place in one’s heart, reinforcing the longing for emotional connection and assurance.

[Verse 2]
Shenseea delves deeper into the challenges posed by distance, acknowledging the strain it puts on the relationship. She warns against seeking solace elsewhere, promising loyalty but also hinting at consequences for betrayal.

The chorus is repeated once more, underscoring the desire for a reserved place in the listener’s heart, with added vocalizations to convey emotion and urgency.

The outro reinforces the message of the song, urging the listener to remember the plea for emotional space and commitment, ending with a final request to keep a place for Shenseea in their heart.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Keep a place
This phrase serves as the central theme of the song, representing the desire for emotional space and connection within a relationship. It’s a plea for the listener to reserve a special spot in their heart for the singer, conveying a longing for lasting affection and commitment.

2. I love you, love you long time
This expression reflects deep and enduring affection, emphasizing the longevity and intensity of the singer’s feelings. It conveys a sense of dedication and loyalty, suggesting a desire for a lasting connection despite challenges.

3. Memories ain’t fading
This line speaks to the importance of preserving shared experiences and emotions within a relationship. It expresses a hope that the memories of love and connection remain vivid and enduring, even in the face of distance or time apart.

4. Miles on your mind forever
This metaphorical phrase highlights the burden of distance on the mind and emotions. It suggests that the impact of physical separation lingers indefinitely, leaving a lasting imprint on the psyche and affecting the dynamics of the relationship.

5. Give you loyalty, if you betray me, a war
Here, the lyrics convey a warning against betrayal and disloyalty. It suggests that while the singer is willing to offer loyalty and commitment, any act of betrayal will lead to conflict or turmoil within the relationship. It underscores the importance of trust and fidelity in maintaining a strong emotional bond.


Who has sung “Keep A Place” song?
Shenseea has sung “Keep A Place” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Keep A Place” song?
Shenseea has written the lyrics of “Keep A Place” song.

Who has given the music of “Keep A Place” song?
Shenseea has given the music of “Keep A Place” song.

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