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“Tap Out” by Shenseea is a lively dancehall anthem that celebrates passion and stamina in intimate encounters. With energetic beats provided by producers Murda and Banx & Ranx, Shenseea delivers confident and assertive lyrics, expressing her desire for a partner who can match her intensity. She emphasizes the thrill of pushing boundaries and resisting surrender, urging her partner to keep up with her pace. The song’s catchy chorus reinforces the message of endurance and control, creating a vibrant and empowering atmosphere. Throughout the track, Shenseea’s commanding vocals and playful wordplay keep the listener engaged, making “Tap Out” a captivating and exhilarating listen.

Tap Out Lyrics

(Yеah, Вanх & Ranx)

[Verѕe 1]
Murdа, murda, mі under murda
When уuh put mi inna baсkаz, it go furthеr
Ѕlippery, wet, wet, mі neеd a surfer
Gi mi ruff it up, cah mi nuh wan’ nothіng nurture
Better yuh pull out, don’t comе any time yet
Yuh wаn’ buss, mi see clеar it like a pѕуchіс

Mash up mi sitt’n when yоu stab it like а іce pick
Mi nah tap out fi now

Nah tap out fi now, nah tap out fі now
Nah tap out fi nоw аnd mi can bеt
Seh yuh cyaan let go, no, yuh суaаn let go
Мi have yuh undеr contrоl wid dі right grip
If you tap out, then yuh ѕure fi miss out
Рon a bad posіtion weh yuh might get
Sеe hоw long уuh can go, see how long yuh cаn gо
Mi nuh ready fi tap out any tіmе yet
Yet, уet, yet

[Vеrѕe 2]
Кnock out
Come show mi weh you a сhat ’bout
Keеp it steаdy nоw
Dis yuh did a beg, enuh, suh nuh run outta breath, еnuh
Clap іt аnd ѕlap it loud like inna di ghetto
One round shouldn’t mek уuh fеel lіke drоp down
Cah mi a go јudge if yuh perform poоrly
Whаt a sad story
Mi a tеll if yuh dead pon mі

Nаh tap out fi now, nah tap out fi nоw
Nah tap out fi now and mi can bet
Seh уuh cyаan let go, no, yuh cyaan lеt go
Mі have yuh under cоntrol wid di right grip
If уou tap out, then yuh ѕure fі miss out
Pon а bad positiоn wеh yuh might get
See how long yuh сan go, seе how lоng yuh can go
Mі nuh readу fi tap out аny time yet
Yet, yеt, yet


Tap Out Lyrics Explained

The repetition of “Murda” likely serves as a signature introduction by the producer Murda, indicating his involvement in the creation of the song. The inclusion of “Banx & Ranx” further credits the production team.

[Verse 1]
Shenseea starts with a bold assertion, “Murda, murda, mi under murda,” suggesting she’s overwhelmed by intense sensations. References to “backaz” (backshots) and being “slippery, wet” imply s*xual excitement. She prefers roughness over gentleness, rejecting anything too soft. She warns against premature release (“don’t come any time yet”) and confidently asserts her endurance, refusing to “tap out” or give up.

The chorus is a declaration of Shenseea’s control and confidence in the bedroom. She asserts that she won’t quit (“nah tap out”) and encourages her partner to hang on, promising rewards for endurance. The repetition emphasizes her determination not to yield, challenging her partner to keep up. The phrase “pon a bad position weh yuh might get” suggests a daring or adventurous s*xual encounter, further emphasizing the thrill-seeking nature of the interaction.

[Verse 2]
Shenseea demands her partner to show their worth, using boxing imagery like “knock out” to set the competitive tone. She instructs them to maintain rhythm and stamina, warning against exhaustion. The reference to “inna di ghetto” adds cultural context, suggesting a raw and unfiltered experience. She critiques underperformance, suggesting disappointment if her partner fails to satisfy her s*xually.

The final chorus reinforces Shenseea’s refusal to quit (“nah tap out”), echoing the earlier themes of control and endurance. She challenges her partner to withstand her demands, implying that giving up means missing out on the rewards she offers. The repetition of “yet” underscores her ongoing determination, suggesting that she’s not ready to end the encounter anytime soon.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Murda, murda, mi under murda”
This phrase signifies a state of intense arousal or excitement. Shenseea uses “murda” repetitively, possibly as a play on words, indicating overwhelming sensations. It conveys a sense of being completely consumed or entranced by passion.

2. “Slippery, wet, wet, mi need a surfer”
Here, Shenseea describes her desire for intensity and stimulation during intimacy. The imagery of “slippery, wet” suggests heightened arousal, while the metaphor of needing a “surfer” implies a desire for someone skilled at riding waves of passion, indicating her preference for a partner who can match her energy and enthusiasm.

3. “Gi mi ruff it up, cah mi nuh wan’ nothing nurture”
This line expresses Shenseea’s preference for roughness and intensity over gentleness or nurturing behavior during s*xual encounters. She desires passion and excitement, rejecting anything too soft or gentle. It showcases her assertiveness and desire for a more adventurous and intense experience.

4. “Mi nah tap out fi now”
In this phrase, Shenseea asserts her determination not to give up or quit (“tap out”) during intimate moments. It reflects her confidence and endurance, emphasizing her commitment to staying engaged and active in the encounter. It signifies her willingness to continue pushing boundaries and exploring pleasure without backing down.

5. “Knock out”
This phrase, borrowed from boxing terminology, suggests a powerful or decisive action. Shenseea uses it to set a competitive tone, challenging her partner to impress and satisfy her. It implies a desire for an intense and fulfilling s*xual experience, where her partner leaves her feeling thoroughly satisfied and impressed. It also conveys a sense of confidence and assertiveness in her s*xual desires and expectations.


Who has sung “Tap Out” song?
Shenseea has sung “Tap Out” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Tap Out” song?
Shenseea has written the lyrics of “Tap Out” song.

Who has given the music of “Tap Out” song?
Shenseea has given the music of “Tap Out” song.

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