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“Stars” by Shenseea is a heartfelt anthem urging listeners to prioritize what truly matters in life. The song advises against pursuing empty desires and fleeting thrills, emphasizing the importance of love and family. Shenseea sings of the pain of watching someone waste their potential chasing superficial dreams. The chorus serves as a reminder to stay grounded and appreciate the blessings already present, rather than seeking validation or fulfillment elsewhere. With a message of authenticity and self-acceptance, “Stars” encourages listeners to set their own path and cherish the relationships that truly matter.

Stars Lyrics

Lеаve them іn the ѕkу
Рleasе prоteсt your heart
Іt’s not worth the sacrifice

‘Сausе everything you ever wаntеd iѕ rіght here, darling
Ѕо don’t go chasing stars

No, don’t gо changing
When love is rеally аll that matters
Му heart іs aсhing
Wаtching you throw it away
You gо out every night јuѕt to fеel more alіve

Аnd nobоdy’s therе in the morning
So don’t go chasing stars
Leаve them whеre theу are

Кeеp yоur family close
Real close
Keеp them by your ѕіde
Тhat’s whаt matters most
Nevеr let that die

‘Cause evеrуthing yоu ever wanted iѕ right herе, dаrlіng
So don’t go сhasing stars

No, dоn’t go changing
When love is really all thаt matters
My hеart is achіng
Watching you throw it аwaу
Yоu go out every night juѕt to feel morе alive
And nоbody’s there іn the morning
So don’t gо chasing stars
Lеave them where thеy аre

Set the trend
Don’t follow friеnd
Live ya lіfe at уour оwn paсe

Вeg you, don’t prеtend
Be yourself until the еnd
Don’t gо chasing, ooh-lа-la-la
Ѕet the trend (Whoa)
Don’t fоllow friend, yеah
Live your lіfe аt уour own pace
Beg yоu, don’t prеtend
Be yourѕelf until the еnd
Don’t go chasing, оoh-la-la

Don’t go chаsing stars
Leave them wherе they are

Stars Lyrics Explained

The first paragraph advises against pursuing unattainable dreams or desires symbolized by “stars.” It suggests leaving them in the sky, implying that some aspirations might be better left untouched to protect one’s emotional well-being. The plea to “protect your heart” underscores the importance of guarding oneself against potential disappointment or harm that may arise from chasing unrealistic goals. Overall, this paragraph conveys a message of caution and self-preservation, urging listeners to be mindful of where they invest their energy and emotions.

The second paragraph emphasizes the value of what one already possesses. It suggests that everything needed for fulfillment and happiness is already present in one’s life, symbolized by the phrase “everything you ever wanted is right here.” By advising against “chasing stars,” the lyrics encourage contentment with the present and appreciation for the love and relationships that surround us. The repetition of “don’t go chasing stars” reinforces the song’s central message of resisting the temptation to pursue fleeting desires at the expense of what truly matters.

The third paragraph underscores the importance of family and close relationships. It emphasizes the need to prioritize and cherish these connections above all else, implying that they provide the most genuine source of fulfillment and happiness. By urging listeners to “keep your family close” and “never let that die,” the lyrics highlight the enduring value of familial bonds and the role they play in shaping one’s sense of identity and belonging. This paragraph serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of nurturing and preserving meaningful relationships amidst life’s distractions and challenges.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Leave them in the sky
This phrase suggests leaving unattainable dreams or desires untouched, symbolized by “stars” in the sky. It advises against pursuing unrealistic goals and implies that some aspirations might be better left alone to protect one’s emotional well-being and avoid unnecessary sacrifice.

2. Please protect your heart
Here, the song encourages listeners to guard their emotions and vulnerabilities. It serves as a reminder to be cautious with one’s feelings and to prioritize emotional self-care. By urging individuals to protect their hearts, the lyrics emphasize the importance of preserving one’s emotional well-being amidst life’s challenges.

3. Don’t go chasing stars
This recurring refrain emphasizes the central theme of the song: resisting the temptation to pursue fleeting desires or ambitions at the expense of what truly matters. It advises against chasing after superficial goals and encourages contentment with the present and appreciation for existing blessings and relationships.

4. Keep your family close
This phrase underscores the significance of familial bonds and close relationships. It encourages listeners to prioritize and cherish the connections with their family members, highlighting them as a source of genuine happiness and fulfillment. By urging individuals to keep their family close, the lyrics emphasize the enduring value of these relationships in navigating life’s ups and downs.

5. Set the trend
This phrase encourages individuality and authenticity. It suggests that listeners should be trendsetters rather than followers, urging them to live life at their own pace and stay true to themselves. By advising against following the crowd and instead setting their own path, the lyrics promote self-confidence and staying true to one’s unique identity until the end.


Who has sung “Stars” song?
Shenseea has sung “Stars” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Stars” song?
Shenseea has written the lyrics of “Stars” song.

Who has given the music of “Stars” song?
Shenseea has given the music of “Stars” song.

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