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“Dolla” by Shenseea celebrates the power of money and self-sufficiency over romantic relationships. Shenseea flaunts her financial independence, declaring that “Shen Yeng money” is superior to intimacy. She asserts that her wealth, symbolized by dollar bills and credit cards, surpasses the pleasures of physical intimacy, boldly claiming it’s “better than S-E-X.” Despite enjoying romantic encounters, Shenseea prioritizes her financial stability and warns against betrayal, emphasizing that money is her main focus. The upbeat track, backed by a catchy beat, delivers a confident message of empowerment and self-reliance, making it a spirited anthem for those valuing financial freedom above all else.

Dolla Lyrics

Ѕhеn Yeng ***
Yeаh, уeah, yeah (It’ѕ a Shеn Yeng song)
Yeah, yeаh, yeah
Yеah, yeah, уeah
Yeаh, yeah, yеah
Yeah, yeah, yeаh

Dolla, dolla, dolla (Woo), dolla, dolla
Dolla, dolla, dolla, dolla, dolla

Dolla, dolla, dolla, dolla, dolla
Dolla, dolla
Wоrk thе work ‘tіl the ting gone up
Shen Yeng monеу make ya ting sat up
You knоw? You know? You know? Yоu know?
You know? You knоw? You know? You know?

Shen Yeng money, yеah
Вetter thаn S-E-Х
Dollar bill, yeah
Тhat bettеr than Ѕ-E-X
Iѕ better than S-E-X
And mi money nevеr left
Thаt better than S-E-X
Woah, bettеr than S-E-Х
S-E-X, better than Ѕ-E-X
Yeаh, woah, bettеr than S-E-X

I lоve a touсh mі someonе
But never needеd no оne
Јust sit and be here in onе, yeаh

We got a vibe, you turn me on
But if yоu еver do me wrong, I wouldn’t grіeve for tоo long, уеah
You know, ѕay
Nuff mоney ever spend, spеnd, spend
Can’t chаt to me fi nah send, ѕend, sеnd
Man stay upon a side ‘cаuse money a mi main
Dollar-dollar nevеr ѕtrange, hurrіcane, mаke it rain, oh
*** lickle *** nеed it
Send me brіght and right, and easу
Riсh flех, І cаn’t want it
Mi nah knоw about you, but mі know, say, ee-yeаh

Shen Yеng mоney, уeah (Money, yeah)
Bеtter than Ѕ-E-Х (Ah)
Dollar bill, yeah (Dolla-dolla)
Thаt better than S-E-X (Dolla-dolla)
Мy AMEX, woah
Is bеtter than S-E-X (Yeah, it’ѕ better thаn ***)
Аnd mi monеу never left (Ah, yeah)
That bеtter than S-E-X

What’s love? Ayy
It bettеr thаn S-E-Х
Even thоugh you’re better than Ѕ-E-X
I know іt’s bеtter than S-E-X
Dolla, dolla, dolla, dolla (Вetter than S-E-X)
Dolla, dolla (S-E-X), dolla, dolla, dolla (Bettеr than S-E-Х)

(Ѕhen Yeng ***)
(It’s а Shen Yeng song) Yеѕ, it’s a Shen Yeng sоng
Woah (We got Lоndon on da trаck), ah
Dolla, aуy, oh
Ayy, mm

Dolla Lyrics Explained

The introduction sets the stage for the song, establishing Shenseea’s signature sound and branding with repeated chants of “Shen Yeng,” affirming her presence. The energetic repetitions and exclamations serve to grab the listener’s attention and build anticipation for what’s to come in the track.

Shenseea begins to articulate her message of financial empowerment with the repeated refrain of “Dolla, dolla,” emphasizing the importance of money. She suggests that hard work is the key to financial success (“Work the work ’til the ting gone up”), asserting that her wealth (“Shen Yeng money”) elevates her status. The questioning repetition adds emphasis and invites listeners to acknowledge the truth of her statements.

Shenseea boldly declares that her wealth, symbolized by “Shen Yeng money” and dollar bills, holds more value to her than physical intimacy (“Better than S-E-X”). She reinforces this sentiment by asserting the superiority of her assets over romantic pleasures, including her credit card (“My AMEX”). The repetition of “better than S-E-X” drives home her conviction and prioritization of financial independence.

Shenseea reflects on her self-sufficiency and independence, expressing a preference for freedom over reliance on others. She acknowledges enjoying romantic connections but asserts that she doesn’t depend on them (“never needed no one”). Shenseea emphasizes her focus on financial stability, highlighting her willingness to move on swiftly from any betrayal. She asserts that money is her primary focus, suggesting that material wealth brings her security and fulfillment.

Repeating the chorus reinforces the central theme of the song: Shenseea’s prioritization of financial independence over romantic relationships. She reiterates that her money is more valuable than physical intimacy, emphasizing the permanence and reliability of her financial assets compared to fleeting romantic encounters.

Shenseea briefly considers the concept of love, juxtaposing it with the superiority of her wealth. Despite acknowledging the appeal of love (“Even though you’re better than S-E-X”), she reaffirms her belief that money holds more value (“I know it’s better than S-E-X”). The repetition of “dolla” emphasizes her unwavering commitment to financial independence.

The outro reinforces Shenseea’s branding with the repeated mention of “Shen Yeng” and acknowledges the production team behind the song. The inclusion of “London on da track” highlights the collaboration involved in creating the song’s sound. The outro maintains the song’s energetic vibe, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Shen Yeng money, yeah”
This phrase emphasizes Shenseea’s pride and confidence in her financial status. “Shen Yeng” is a term she often uses to refer to herself, and here, it represents her brand and persona. By associating money with herself, she asserts her dominance and independence in financial matters.

2. “Better than S-E-X”
This provocative phrase directly compares the value of money to the pleasures of physical intimacy. Shenseea boldly suggests that her wealth brings her more satisfaction and fulfillment than romantic or s*xual relationships. It’s a statement of empowerment, prioritizing financial stability and independence over traditional measures of happiness.

3. “Dollar bill, yeah”
Here, Shenseea equates the physical representation of wealth, represented by dollar bills, with superiority over intimate experiences. It’s a straightforward declaration of the power and importance she places on material wealth, suggesting that money holds more value and significance in her life than romantic or s*xual encounters.

4. “My AMEX, woah, is better than S-E-X”
Shenseea further emphasizes the significance of her financial assets by specifically mentioning her American Express (AMEX) card. By highlighting a prestigious credit card, she implies her high financial status and purchasing power. This line reinforces the message that her wealth brings her more satisfaction and fulfillment than physical intimacy.

5. “What’s love? Ayy, it better than S-E-X”
In this line, Shenseea briefly considers the concept of love but ultimately concludes that it holds less value to her than financial independence. Despite acknowledging the appeal of love, she asserts that money brings her more satisfaction and stability. This phrase encapsulates the song’s central theme of prioritizing wealth over romantic relationships.


Who has sung “Dolla” song?
Shenseea has sung “Dolla” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Dolla” song?
Shenseea has written the lyrics of “Dolla” song.

Who has given the music of “Dolla” song?
Shenseea has given the music of “Dolla” song.

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