Survivor’s Remorse Lyrics – Roddy Ricch

“Survivor’s Remorse” by Roddy Ricch delves into the struggles and triumphs of his journey to success. Reflecting on his rise from local fame to international recognition, Roddy confronts personal challenges like financial obligations and fractured friendships. Despite criticism and doubters, he remains resilient, finding strength in self-reliance and determination. The song explores themes of loyalty, pride, and the pressure of public opinion, emphasizing Roddy’s resilience in the face of adversity. With its introspective lyrics and gritty beats, “Survivor’s Remorse” is a testament to Roddy Ricch’s perseverance and authenticity amidst the complexities of fame and fortune.

Survivor’s Remorse Lyrics

[Intro: Choir]
When I got me (When I got, when I got, when I got me)
When I got me, yeah, yeah (When I got, when I got, when I got me)
When I got me (When I got, when I got, when I got me)
When I got me (When I got, when I got, when I got me)
When I got me

[Verse 1]
Let’s talk about everything so I can give it some closure
Way before the Grammys, Billboard charts, when I was riding ’round a local
Let’s talk about how we done came up and they tried fold us
Roddy really anti, they took it personal, what the fu*k was I supposed to do?

I been going through child support
A good daddy, I vouch for it
She just want a new mile for her
Fu*k a ride, fell out with some of my homies, having too much pride
And they can’t even say I ain’t try, know why

[Bridge: Choir]
When I got me (When I got, when I got, when I got me)
When I got me, yeah, yeah (When I got, when I got, when I got me)

[Verse 2]
Imagine if I had a dollar for every time you say I fell off, I’d be a billionaire
I was blinded by survivor’s remorse, I was supposed to build, yeah
Still solid, still here
Still home, I done stepped on base
Pride myself off the progress of off being off codeine, I promise, it’s so hard to shake
Roddy, you wealthy, Roddy, you golden, Roddy, you built for this
Roddy be tired of everybody opinion, behind the closed doors, you could feel this s*it
Switch on this Glock and this Maybach extended
F8 the ‘Rari, the Lambo’, Avented it
B!tch, I’m the heart of the trenches, I still talk s*it with my dogs in the penitentiary
Pulled up the numbers we earn at the label
Hundred-some nights we put food on the table
You ain’t heard s*it from the club house ’cause the Crips probably violated ’em
F&N’ll stop the opps in they tracks, yeah, yeah

Doggy got the double murder, still got action, yeah

[Outro: Choir]
When I got me, yeah, yeah (When I got, when I got, when I got me)
When I got me (When I got, when I got, when I got me)
When I got me, yeah, yeah (When I got, when I got, when I got me)

Survivor’s Remorse Lyrics Explained

[Intro: Choir]
The repetition of “When I got me” in the intro establishes a theme of self-reliance and personal empowerment. It signifies a sense of ownership and resilience, suggesting that regardless of external circumstances, the speaker finds strength within themselves.

[Verse 1]
The first verse reflects on the journey from humble beginnings to fame and success. Roddy Ricch reminisces about his past struggles and challenges, emphasizing the importance of addressing unresolved issues for closure. He acknowledges the attempts to undermine his progress and asserts his resilience in the face of adversity. The mention of child support and strained relationships with friends highlights the personal sacrifices and conflicts he has encountered along the way.

[Bridge: Choir]
The bridge reinforces the theme of self-possession and resilience expressed in the intro. It serves as a reaffirmation of the speaker’s determination and self-reliance, echoing the sentiment of finding strength within oneself.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, Roddy Ricch confronts criticisms and doubts about his success. He imagines the wealth he could accumulate if he received a dollar for every time someone questioned his abilities. The mention of “survivor’s remorse” reflects on the guilt or regret that can accompany success, suggesting that he feels obligated to do more with his achievements. Despite challenges, he remains steadfast and proud of his progress, refusing to conform to negative influences.

[Outro: Choir]
The outro revisits the theme of self-empowerment and resilience, echoing the sentiments expressed in the intro and bridge. It serves as a concluding affirmation of the speaker’s unwavering self-reliance and determination to persevere despite obstacles.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. When I got me
This phrase is repeated throughout the song and serves as a declaration of self-reliance and empowerment. It signifies finding strength and resilience within oneself despite external challenges or circumstances.

2. Survivor’s remorse
The term “survivor’s remorse” refers to feelings of guilt or regret experienced by individuals who have survived a traumatic event or achieved success while others have not. In the context of the song, it reflects on Roddy Ricch’s internal struggle with the responsibilities and expectations that come with his success.

3. Roddy, you built for this
This phrase acknowledges Roddy Ricch’s suitability or preparedness for the challenges he faces. It suggests that he is well-equipped to handle the pressures and obstacles that come with fame and success, emphasizing his resilience and determination.

4. Still solid, still here
This line highlights Roddy Ricch’s unwavering resolve and perseverance despite the trials and tribulations he has faced. It reaffirms his resilience and strength in remaining steadfast and true to himself amidst adversity.

5. I was supposed to build
This phrase reflects on Roddy Ricch’s aspirations and responsibilities to use his success for positive growth and impact. It implies a sense of obligation or duty to elevate himself and others, suggesting that he feels a sense of purpose beyond mere achievement.


Who has sung “Survivor’s Remorse” song?
Roddy Ricch has sung “Survivor’s Remorse” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Survivor’s Remorse” song?
Roddy Ricch has written the lyrics of “Survivor’s Remorse” song.

Who has given the music of “Survivor’s Remorse” song?
Roddy Ricch has given the music of “Survivor’s Remorse” song.

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