Percos*x Lyrics by Yung Beef, Cris Mj is a latest Spanish song in the voices of Yung Beef, Cris Mj. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Percos*x song lyrics are also written by Yung Beef, Cris Mj. It and Cris Mj is a provocative anthem that dives into desires and indulgences. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of late-night escapades and carnal pleasures, with a mix of swagger and raw honesty. The artists boast about their lifestyle, flaunting designer clothes, expensive jewelry, and a penchant for hedonistic experiences. The song’s infectious beat and catchy hooks underscore its unapologetically explicit content, creating a mesmerizing yet controversial vibe that’s bound to leave an impression.


[Letra de PERCOSEX]

[Intro: Yung Beef]
Ayy, OldPurp
This is crazy
Mami, me pones bien bellaco
Chingamos to’ la noche y te destapo
Te veo ese culito otra ve’ y me pongo sato
Tengo par de prenda’, me visto bien caco
Y al Angelito en los pies le dejo lo’ aparato’

[Estribillo: Cris Mj & Yung Beef]
Echamo’ un polvo, tú encima de mí

Mueve el culo, mami
Te quiero ver calentándome (Mami, mami)
Traje codeína y Cali
Echamo’ un polvo, tú encima de mí
Mueve el culo, mami
Te quiero ver calentándome
(Traje codeína y mari)

[Verso 1: Yung Beef]
Yo sí soy tu diablo, un nene malo, vo’a hacértelo en la G-Wagon
Miro al cielo, un trago al suelo por los mío’ que ya se fueron
Estos cabrone’ nos tienen miedo
Es la verdad que verga valemo’
Y solo ando con Cris, te pagamos el gym (Ah)
Tú haces sentadilla’ y nosotro’ lean (Lean)
Solo sé hacer dinero y verme super clean
Quiero romperte ese totito, b!tch, te traje cream (Te lo—Te lo—)
Te lo juro, negra, tú va’ a ser pa’ mí (Tú va’ a ser pa’ mí)
No puedo olvida’, esa noche te lo di (-che te lo di)
Fumando Gorilla como Melody (Como Melody)
Gózatelo, negra, Cris en la melody (Cris en la melody)

[Estribillo: Cris Mj & Yung Beef]
Echamo’ un polvo, tú encima de mí
Mueve el culo, mami

Te quiero ver calentándome (Mami, mami)
Traje codeína y Cali
Echamo’ un polvo, tú encima de mí
Mueve el culo, mami
Te quiero ver calentándome
(Traje codeína y mari)

[Verso 2: Cris Mj]
Voy a culiarte con las Retro puesta’
Amiri, baby, es mi camiseta
El cadenón vale más de 90
Y más de 120 en el Cartier y la Roleta
Mente de rico aunque éramo’ pobre’
Somo’ los mismo’ aunque el dinero sobre
No quiero mala vibra que mi mente estorbe
Váyanse falso’, prefiero morirme entonce’
Andamo’ a lo Chief Keef
B!tche’ atrás de mí buscan el money
Porque soy un maldi, pasamo’ in the street
Mándame el PIN para ir por ti
Ella no baja al club, pero tiene actitud
Tiene un tremendo cu que me cambia el mood
Me gusta comerte, mami, a poca lu’
Conmigo janguea montá’ en la Urus (Ey)

[Estribillo: Yung Beef & Cris Mj]
Dame esa leche, mami, encima de mí
Mueve esas chapa’, mami
Te quiero ver calentándome (Mami, mami)
Traje codeína y Cali
Echamo’ un polvo, tú encima de mí
Mueve el culo, mami
Te quiero ver calentándome (Mami, mami)
(Traje codeína y mari)

[Outro: Cris Mj]
Yah, yah
Cris Mj, “El Más Que Suena”
Pa’ que sepa’
Dímelo, Yung Beef, matando
Brr, ah


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PERCOSEX Lyrics Meaning

The intro sets a wild tone with Yung Beef hyping up the energy. He mentions “OldPurp,” possibly referencing a strain of mar!juana, and “Roydee,” possibly a nickname or a shoutout. He expresses excitement and arousal, mentioning wanting to engage in intimate activities all night and admiring a woman’s physique.

[Estribillo (Chorus)]
The chorus is a direct invitation to engage in s*xual activity. Cris Mj and Yung Beef express desire for physical intimacy, encouraging their partner to be on top and move seductively. They mention bringing substances like codeine and cannabis to enhance the experience.

[Verso 1]
Yung Beef presents himself as a seductive figure, boasting about his bad-boy persona and willingness to indulge in luxurious experiences. He references past experiences and asserts his confidence in attracting women. He mentions his loyalty to his friend Cris, their fitness routines, and their pursuit of wealth. The verse is a blend of bravado, desire, and a glimpse into a lavish lifestyle.

[Estribillo (Chorus)]
Similar to the first chorus, Cris Mj and Yung Beef reiterate their desire for s*xual activity with their partner. They emphasize wanting to see their partner move sensually and mention bringing substances to enhance the experience.

[Verso 2]
Cris Mj describes his intentions to engage in s*xual activity while dressed in expensive clothing and accessories. He reflects on his upbringing and emphasizes his resilience despite financial challenges. He rejects negativity and expresses a preference for authenticity. Cris highlights his street credibility and his attraction to confident women with strong personalities.

[Estribillo (Chorus)]
The final chorus repeats the desire for s*xual activity, with Cris Mj and Yung Beef expressing excitement and anticipation. They mention bringing substances to heighten the experience, emphasizing their desire for physical pleasure.

The outro features ad-libs from Cris Mj, adding a final flourish to the song. He repeats “Yah, yah” and “Brr,” common ad-libs in hip-hop. Cris Mj shouts out his own name and declares himself as “El Más Que Suena” (The One Who Sounds the Most), asserting his prominence in the music scene. He ends with a shoutout to Yung Beef, signifying camaraderie and mutual respect.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “This is crazy
The phrase “This is crazy” is often used to express excitement or disbelief about a situation or experience. In the context of the song, it sets a tone of exhilaration and intensity.

2. “Te quiero ver calentándome
Translated as “I want to see you heating me up,” this phrase indicates a desire for physical intimacy and arousal. It’s a direct expression of the singer’s passionate yearning for their partner.

3. “Traje codeína y Cali
This line mentions bringing substances like codeine and Cali (potentially referring to cannabis or the city of Cali, Colombia) to enhance the experience. It suggests indulgence in recreational drügs to heighten pleasure.

4. “Voy a culiarte con las Retro puesta’
“I’m going to fk you with the Retro on” implies engaging in s*xual activity while wearing Retro clothing or accessories. It combines a sense of style with s*xual desire.

5. “Cris Mj, ‘El Más Que Suena’
This phrase translates to “Cris Mj, The One Who Sounds the Most.” It’s a boastful assertion of the artist’s prominence and influence in the music scene, adding to the bravado and confidence of the song.


Q. Who has sung PERCOSEX song?
A. PERCOSEX song is sung by Yung Beef, Cris Mj.

Q. Who wrote PERCOSEX lyrics?
A. PERCOSEX lyrics are penned by Yung Beef, Cris Mj.

Q. Who has given the music of PERCOSEX song?
A. PERCOSEX music is composed and produced by Yung Beef, Cris Mj.

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