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Percos*x Lyrics (English Translation) by Yung Beef, Cris Mj is a latest Spanish song in the voices of Yung Beef, Cris Mj. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Percos*x song lyrics are also written by Yung Beef, Cris Mj. It and Cris Mj is a steamy track filled with explicit lyrics celebrating hedonism and indulgence. The artists boast about their luxurious lifestyle, including expensive clothes and accessories, while also indulging in drügs like codeine and mar!juana. The song revolves around the theme of pleasure-seeking, with references to casual s*x and material wealth. Despite its explicit content, the song maintains a catchy beat and energetic delivery.

PERCOSEX (English Translation) Lyrics

[Intro: Yung Beef]
Ayy, OldPurp
This is crazy
M*mmy, you make me really stupid
We fu*k all night and I’ll uncover you
I see that little ass again and I get sato
I have a pair of clothes, I dress well, caco
And I leave the device at Angelito’s feet.

[Chorus: Cris Mj & Yung Beef]
Let’s get laid, you on top of me

Move your ass, m*mmy
I want to see you warming me up (M*mmy, m*mmy)
I brought codeine and Cali
Let’s get laid, you on top of me
Move your ass, m*mmy
I want to see you warming me up
(I brought codeine and mari)

[Verse 1: Yung Beef]
I am your devil, a bad boy, I’m going to do it to you in the G-Wagon
I look at the sky, a drink on the ground for my people who have already left
These ba*tards are afraid of us
It’s the truth that we’re worth a damn
And I’m only with Cris, we pay for the gym (Ah)
You do squats and we lean (Lean)
I only know how to make money and look super clean
I want to break that totito, b!tch, I brought you cream (I give it to you—I give it to you—)
I swear, black girl, you’re going to be for me (You’re going to be for me)
I can’t forget, that night I gave it to you (-that I gave it to you)
Smoking Gorilla like Melody (Like Melody)
Enjoy it, black, Cris in the melody (Cris in the melody)

[Chorus: Cris Mj & Yung Beef]
Let’s get laid, you on top of me
Move your ass, m*mmy

I want to see you warming me up (M*mmy, m*mmy)
I brought codeine and Cali
Let’s get laid, you on top of me
Move your ass, m*mmy
I want to see you warming me up
(I brought codeine and mari)

[Verse 2: Cris Mj]
I’m going to fu*k you with the Retro on
Amiri, baby, it’s my t-shirt
The chain is worth more than 90
And more than 120 at Cartier and Roleta
Rich mind although we were ‘poor’
We are the same although the money on
I don’t want bad vibes to get in the way of my mind
Go away fake, I’d rather die then
We walk like Chief Keef
B!tche’ behind me they look for the money
Because I’m a badass, we spend time in the street
Send me the PIN to pick you up
She doesn’t go down to the club, but she has attitude
She has a tremendous cu that changes my mood
I like to eat you, m*mmy, in the afternoon
With me he hangs out in the Urus (Hey)

[Chorus: Yung Beef & Cris Mj]
Give me that milk, m*mmy, on top of me
Move those plates, m*mmy
I want to see you warming me up (M*mmy, m*mmy)
I brought codeine and Cali
Let’s get laid, you on top of me
Move your ass, m*mmy
I want to see you warming me up (M*mmy, m*mmy)
(I brought codeine and mari)

[Outro: Cris Mj]
Yah, yah
Cris Mj, “El Más Que Sound”
So that he knows
Tell me, Yung Beef, killing
Brr, ah


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PERCOSEX (English Translation) Lyrics Meaning

[Intro: Yung Beef[

This intro kicks off the song with a burst of energy and excitement. “Ayy, OldPurp” and “R-R-R-Roydee” could be playful ad-libs or references to friends or places. Yung Beef’s mention of feeling “really stupid” suggests being intoxicated or infatuated, setting a carefree mood. He hints at intimacy and style, mentioning uncovering someone and dressing well, adding a touch of sensuality and swagger.

[Chorus: Cris Mj & Yung Beef[

The chorus is a bold declaration of desire, with Cris Mj and Yung Beef expressing a keen interest in physical intimacy. The repeated phrase “Let’s get laid” and the directive to “Move your ass” convey a sense of urgency and excitement. References to codeine and mar!juana add a hedonistic element to the lyrics, reinforcing the theme of pleasure-seeking.

[Verse 1: Yung Beef[

Yung Beef portrays himself as a rebellious figure, unapologetic about his wild lifestyle and material success. He embraces his “devil” persona and boasts about his and Cris’s physical fitness and financial status. The verse is filled with explicit imagery and references to drug use, reflecting a carefree attitude. Yung Beef also expresses admiration for a romantic partner, adding a layer of intimacy to the narrative.

[Chorus: Cris Mj & Yung Beef[

The repetition of the chorus underscores the central theme of pursuing pleasure and physical intimacy. Cris Mj and Yung Beef’s collaborative delivery enhances the song’s rhythm and energy, making the chorus a catchy and memorable hook.

[Verse 2: Cris Mj[

Cris Mj continues the theme of luxury and self-assuredness, boasting about his expensive clothing and accessories. He rejects negativity and asserts his authenticity, emphasizing his commitment to self-respect. The verse includes references to urban culture and s*xual desire, with Cris Mj expressing admiration for a romantic partner’s body and attitude.

[Chorus: Yung Beef & Cris Mj[

The chorus, repeated once again, reinforces the song’s themes of physical desire and hedonism. Yung Beef and Cris Mj’s alternating vocals add depth and texture to the chorus, making it a standout element of the song.

[Outro: Cris Mj[

In the outro, Cris Mj adds a final burst of energy and personality, punctuating the song with ad-libs and affirmations. His mention of “El Más Que Sound” could be a nod to his signature style, while acknowledging Yung Beef highlights the collaborative nature of the song. The outro leaves listeners with a lasting impression of the song’s infectious energy and attitude.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “This is crazy
This phrase reflects excitement or disbelief. It’s likely used in the song to convey the wild or intense nature of the situation or feelings being described.

2. “I want to see you warming me up
This suggests a desire for physical intimacy and closeness. It could imply wanting to feel the warmth and passion of a romantic partner during intimate moments.

3. “I am your devil, a bad boy
Here, the speaker embraces a rebellious or daring persona, perhaps indicating a willingness to engage in risky or unconventional behavior.

4. “We walk like Chief Keef
This phrase likely refers to adopting a confident or swaggering gait, drawing inspiration from Chief Keef, a rapper known for his bold and assertive style.

5. “Cris Mj, ‘El Más Que Sound’
This is a declaration of identity, with Cris Mj associating himself with a particular sound or style. “El Más Que Sound” could be a signature sound or a reference to his musical identity.


Q. Who has sung PERCOSEX (English Translation) song?
A. PERCOSEX (English Translation) song is sung by Yung Beef, Cris Mj.

Q. Who wrote PERCOSEX (English Translation) lyrics?
A. PERCOSEX (English Translation) lyrics are penned by Yung Beef, Cris Mj.

Q. Who has given the music of PERCOSEX (English Translation) song?
A. PERCOSEX (English Translation) music is composed and produced by Yung Beef, Cris Mj.

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