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“Justin” by Vince Staples tells the story of a chance encounter with a woman from Qatar. Despite their different backgrounds, they connect over deeper conversations and moments shared. As they discuss music and the future, an unexpected interruption occurs when the woman’s cousin, Justin, arrives unexpectedly. The song explores themes of trust, uncertainty, and the complexities of relationships, highlighting the idea that people may not always be who they seem. Through its narrative, “Justin” delves into the nuances of human interaction and the blurred lines between truth and deception.

Justin Lyrics

Мet thіs prettу wоmаn in the Ѕummеr from Qatar
Late night at Gјelinа, she was eating at thе bar
Sаіd she waѕ a teaсher, sevеn months left on her Visa
Вut she uѕed to bе а singer, she was meant tо be a star
Аѕkеd me how І feel аbout the music I donе dropped
Sоme of it was cool, some оf іt was hot
Deеper converѕations under surface lеvel thoughts
Asked if ѕhe саn get a ridе tо her spot, I said “I gotcha”
Рull up on La Breа, where thеm n!ggas shoоtіng chopperѕ
Сan barely hear the аmbulancеs over helicopters
She invitеd me up for a drink

I dоn’t іndulge, but the moments with hеr make me feel, so what’ѕ thе rush?
Stаrted talking ’bout the future and the еver-present past
Awkward silenсеѕ аnd laughs got me feeling lіke wе оn the path to something
Right before this woman stоlе my heart, І ѕee а shadow by the door and hеar a knock
Eyes blоodshot like she hаd ѕeеn a ghost or sоmethіng
I don’t know what’s what, reach in mу pocket, get to clutсhing
Ѕhе like “Ноld up, I’m coming”, іf it get tricky, then I’m busѕing
She sаid “Baby, mеet my lіttle cousing, Justin”

“Nice to meеt yоu”
“Niсe to meet уou”
Women liе a lot, put that оn the deаd homіes
Women liе a lot, on Gоd
Women lie a lot, put that on the dead homiеs
Wоmen lie а lot, on God

Justin Lyrics Explained

In the verse of “Justin” by Vince Staples, the narrative unfolds with the protagonist recounting a chance encounter with a woman from Qatar during a summer night at Gjelina, a late-night spot. Initially drawn to her beauty, he finds himself engaged in conversation as she reveals herself to be a teacher with limited time remaining on her visa. However, her past as a singer hints at unfulfilled aspirations, suggesting a deeper layer to her character. As their dialogue progresses, they delve into discussions about the protagonist’s music career, with the woman expressing genuine interest and curiosity. Their exchange transcends surface-level chatter, delving into more profound topics that resonate with both of them.

Amidst the backdrop of their conversation, the protagonist offers the woman a ride to her destination, a gesture of kindness that underscores their growing connection. Yet, as they navigate the streets of La Brea, the tranquility of the night is shattered by the cacophony of violence, with the distant sounds of gunshots and sirens piercing the air. Despite the unsettling atmosphere, the protagonist finds solace in the moments shared with the woman, reveling in the fleeting sense of intimacy they create together. Their discussion traverses through the realms of past and future, with awkward silences punctuated by shared laughter, hinting at the potential for something deeper between them.

However, just as the protagonist begins to envision a future with the woman, their moment is abruptly interrupted by the sudden appearance of a shadowy figure at the door. The woman’s startled reaction, her eyes bloodshot with fear or distress, shatters the idyllic illusion of their budding romance. Sensing danger, the protagonist instinctively reaches for protection, unsure of what lies ahead. In a moment of tension, the woman reassures him before introducing the unexpected visitor, her cousin Justin, whose arrival casts a shadow of uncertainty over the scene.

The outro of the song revisits the exchange of pleasantries between the protagonist and Justin, but it concludes with a sobering reflection on the nature of truth and deception. The repetition of the phrase “Women lie a lot” underscores a sense of disillusionment and distrust that permeates the protagonist’s worldview. Despite the initial charm and allure of his encounter with the woman, it ultimately leaves him grappling with questions of authenticity and sincerity, highlighting the complexities and uncertainties inherent in human relationships.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Met this pretty woman in the Summer from Qatar”
This line introduces the protagonist’s encounter with a woman from Qatar during the summer. It sets the scene for the narrative, highlighting the exotic nature of the woman’s origin and the seasonal context of their meeting. The mention of Qatar adds an air of intrigue and mystery to the encounter, suggesting that the woman comes from a distant and unfamiliar place.

2. “Deeper conversations under surface level thoughts”
This phrase captures the essence of the interaction between the protagonist and the woman. It suggests that their dialogue transcends superficial topics, delving into more meaningful and profound discussions. Despite the casual setting of a bar, their conversation explores deeper themes, indicating a genuine connection and intellectual engagement between them.

3. “Right before this woman stole my heart, I see a shadow by the door and hear a knock”
Here, the protagonist reflects on the pivotal moment when their burgeoning romance is interrupted by an unexpected visitor. The imagery of a shadowy figure and the sound of knocking at the door evoke a sense of foreboding and uncertainty, signaling a disruption to the idyllic scene. This line marks a turning point in the narrative, where the protagonist’s emotions are abruptly disrupted by the intrusion of reality.

4. “Women lie a lot, put that on the dead homies”
This repeated refrain in the outro of the song reflects a cynical observation about the nature of truth and deception in relationships. By invoking the memory of the “dead homies,” the protagonist underscores the seriousness of his assertion, suggesting that the prevalence of lies among women is a deeply ingrained reality. This line encapsulates the overarching theme of skepticism and mistrust that pervades the protagonist’s worldview, leaving him disillusioned with the authenticity of human connections.


Who has sung “Justin” song?
Vince Staples has sung “Justin” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Justin” song?
Vince Staples has written the lyrics of “Justin” song.

Who has given the music of “Justin” song?
Vince Staples has given the music of “Justin” song.

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