Liars Lyrics – Vince Staples

“Liars” by Vince Staples delves into the complexities of love, trust, and deception. Staples reflects on the inevitability of lying in relationships, highlighting the mutual deception that occurs when love is involved. He questions the significance of truth when lies are prevalent, emphasizing the emotional toll of dishonesty. The song’s dialogue-like structure adds depth, portraying the struggle to maintain authenticity amidst falsehoods. Staples challenges the notion of honesty, suggesting that love can blur the lines between truth and deceit. Through introspective lyrics and raw emotion, “Liars” confronts the paradox of love and lies, prompting listeners to ponder the authenticity of their own relationships.

Liars Lyrics

If I lоve уou, I саn lіe to you
Of courѕe, yоu can liе to me, and you will
If you love me, and уоu going off ladi, someplаcе, you’re lyіng tо me
‘Сause one thing although І carе about the truth, I саre if you’re therе
Вy dоing one of the best јobs on thiѕ planet
Аlrіght, I just havе tо ask
Of course, of course уou’ll lie tо me
And I don’t еven wannа care—
What, what iѕ the truth matter?
And why you gonnа bе truthful with me, when you lie tо evеrybodу else?
You lіed when you smilеd that they craсked you dоwn at your job, right?
You lie to me, smilе; keep me the samе wау yоu ***
You thіnk?
You muѕt, you must
Because F caught the, F caught the frowns and thе аnger
Нe’s happy with yоu, of courѕe he doеsn’t know уоu’re happy
You grin any more than him
You саll my life at chіll becausе I love yоu
І give niece to уou, I givе back at the very minіmum
Кnow whаt I’m sayin? Тhink it with me

Liars Lyrics Explained

In this interlude of “Liars” by Vince Staples, the dialogue captures the intricate dynamics of relationships, particularly regarding truthfulness and emotional connection. The speaker acknowledges the capacity for deceit within love, suggesting that lying is not only possible but perhaps inevitable between partners. This admission reflects a certain level of acceptance or resignation to the reality of deception in romantic relationships.

Furthermore, the interlude highlights a reciprocal nature of lying, implying that if one person in the relationship can lie, the other can as well. This mutual understanding underscores the complexities of trust and honesty in intimate connections. The speaker explores the idea that if one partner is engaging in dishonest behavior, it affects the trust and authenticity of the entire relationship.

The speaker then confronts the listener about their potential deceit, suggesting that if they claim to love but are untruthful about their whereabouts or actions, it constitutes a form of lying. This statement underscores the importance of presence and emotional investment in relationships, implying that lying about one’s activities can undermine the foundation of love and trust.

As the conversation progresses, the speaker questions the significance of truthfulness in the context of their relationship. They ponder why the listener would bother being truthful to them when they are dishonest with others. This line of questioning delves into the complexities of integrity and authenticity, challenging the listener to examine their motives and behavior within the relationship.

The interlude concludes with a reflection on the outward appearances of happiness and contentment. The speaker suggests that despite the listener’s outward display of smiles, there may be underlying feelings of discontent or dissatisfaction. This observation underscores the theme of emotional complexity and the discrepancy between surface appearances and inner feelings within relationships.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “If I love you, I can lie to you”
This phrase encapsulates the complex interplay between love and honesty within relationships. It suggests that love can sometimes justify or even necessitate deception, highlighting the blurred lines between truth and emotional attachment. The speaker acknowledges the potential for deceit within the context of love, challenging traditional notions of transparency and trust. This statement prompts reflection on the compromises and sacrifices individuals may make in the name of love, questioning the extent to which honesty should prevail in intimate connections.

2. “Of course, you can lie to me, and you will”
Here, the speaker acknowledges the inevitability of deceit within relationships, emphasizing the mutual capacity for dishonesty between partners. This acknowledgment underscores the complexities of trust and authenticity in intimate connections, recognizing that lying is not exclusive to one party but rather a shared reality. By accepting the likelihood of deception, the speaker confronts the challenges of maintaining trust and transparency in the face of potential dishonesty, urging a realistic and nuanced understanding of interpersonal dynamics.

3. “What, what is the truth matter?”
This rhetorical question challenges the significance of truthfulness within the context of the relationship. By questioning the importance of truth, the speaker highlights the subjective nature of honesty and its relevance in emotional connections. This phrase prompts reflection on the motivations behind seeking truth and the implications of prioritizing honesty in relationships. It suggests that while truth may hold value in principle, its relevance and impact within the complexities of love and emotional attachment may be subjective or even negligible. This questioning of truth’s significance invites listeners to reconsider their assumptions about honesty and its role in intimate connections.


Who has sung “Liars” song?
Vince Staples has sung “Liars” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Liars” song?
Vince Staples has written the lyrics of “Liars” song.

Who has given the music of “Liars” song?
Vince Staples has given the music of “Liars” song.

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