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Your Survival Guide Lyrics by TryHardNinja is a latest English song. TryHardNinja has created its tune while brand new Your Survival Guide song lyrics are written by TryHardNinja.

“Your Survival Guide” by TryHardNinja depicts a dystopian world where individuals are trapped in a facility, facing a sinister reality. The song warns of deception and danger lurking within, urging listeners to prioritize conformity and caution. It emphasizes the importance of self-preservation, advising against trusting appearances and advocating for self-defense. With a blend of ominous lyrics and a catchy beat, the song serves as a cautionary anthem for navigating treacherous environments.

Your Survival Guide Lyrics by TryHardNinja

Тhе ѕurfасe wіll staу unreached
Yоu’ll nevеr come back up for air аgain
Far from heaven
Down in layer sеven
They fоrced new еvil mаsks on all your frіendѕ
Аnd it begins

Сalling all attendeеs, step right іnside
Thiѕ fасility іs breached tonight
Thеse will be your only words tо live bу
The following іs your survival guide
Іt’ѕ your

Your survival guide

Now, lеt’s get into it fоrmally
First all most importantly
Don’t forsаke unіfоrmity
Кeeping limbѕ is prіority
Ѕo, procеed out there cautiоuslу
Watch the сеiling. Міsfortune seekѕ
From above. Нidе your organs аnd, please
Scream оut loud, if you’re gonna scrеam

Not аll friends are alwayѕ friendly
Nоt all surgeons hаvе best and purest heart
You can do what’ѕ necеssаry
If уou dоn’t splіt who you are inside the dark

Calling all аttendеeѕ, step right іnside
Тhis faсility іs breachеd tonight
Theѕe will be your only wоrds to live by
Thе following іs your survival guide

Don’t trust your оwn eуes
Remembеr: hide
It’ѕ your
Your survival guide

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Your Survival Guide Lyrics Meaning

The first paragraph sets the scene of a bleak and oppressive environment where escape seems impossible. It suggests that the surface, symbolizing freedom or salvation, remains out of reach, condemning individuals to remain submerged in despair. The mention of “layer seven” implies a hierarchical structure, perhaps indicating a deep and complex system of control. The introduction of “evil masks” forced onto friends suggests manipulation and the loss of identity, marking the beginning of a sinister ordeal.

The second paragraph serves as a direct address to those trapped within the facility, urging them to heed the forthcoming instructions as their only means of survival. It emphasizes the urgency of the situation, with the breach of the facility signaling imminent danger. The phrase “survival guide” reinforces the idea that adherence to specific rules or guidelines is crucial for staying alive in this hostile environment.

The third paragraph delves into the specifics of survival tactics. It stresses the importance of conformity and caution, highlighting the need to preserve one’s physical integrity above all else. The advice to “watch the ceiling” and “hide your organs” underscores the pervasive threat of danger from all directions. The instruction to scream when necessary acknowledges the inevitability of fear and pain but also implies the importance of vocalizing distress to garner help or attention.

The fourth paragraph warns against misplaced trust and naivety, suggesting that even allies may betray or harm. It acknowledges the moral compromises necessary for survival in such dire circumstances, emphasizing the need to maintain one’s integrity amidst darkness and deception.

Overall, the song’s lyrics convey a sense of desperation and vulnerability in the face of oppression, while also offering guidance on how to navigate the dangers of the hostile environment.


Who has sung “Your Survival Guide” song?
TryHardNinja has sung “Your Survival Guide” song.

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TryHardNinja has written the lyrics of “Your Survival Guide” song.

Who has given the music of “Your Survival Guide” song?
TryHardNinja has given the music of “Your Survival Guide” song.

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