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Treesh Lyrics by Gunna is a latest English song. Gunna has created its tune while brand new Treesh song lyrics are written by Gunna.

In “Treesh” by Gunna, the lyrics depict a narrative of indulgence and desire, particularly in relationships. The term “treesh” is used to refer to women, possibly those who are promiscuous or liberated. Gunna describes encounters with such women, emphasizing their allure and s*xual appeal. Despite acknowledging their lifestyles, he remains drawn to them, enjoying their company and intimate moments. The song’s tone is confident and unapologetic, reflecting Gunna’s attitude towards casual relationships and pleasure-seeking behavior.

Treesh Lyrics by Gunna

(Dunk Rock)

Treesh, treesh, treesh, treesh
Treesh (Treesh ho), treesh, treesh
(Treesh ho) Treesh, treesh, treesh (Treesh ho), treesh
Treesh, treesh, treesh

[Verse 1]
Look at her stance, tongue out, shaking her ass, ah

Kick a lil’ P out my pad, ah, jump out the pot like yams
Y’all don’t be seen with the treesh
And she off the leash, you see what I’m saying?
And shorty be doing her thing
‘Cause she for the streets and still got a man (And still got a man)
Ain’t gotta speak, and I ain’t pressed
She want the D, I be like, “Ah”
She wanna eat, she on a diet
Only eat me, panties to the side
Slipping and slide, sucking it right in a GT
Act like I’m fine, at least a nine
Pop me a vibe, call up a treesh

Treesh, treesh, treesh (Treesh ho), treesh
Treesh, treesh, treesh (Treesh ho)
Treesh, treesh, treesh (Treesh ho), treesh
Treesh, treesh, treesh (Treesh ho)

[Verse 2]
Lil’ b!tch bad, ah, fu*k I care about her past
Ain’t tryna give her no pass, ah
Pull up to the spot, get smacked, ah
Found out lil’ shawty a freak and she like to sneak, a late night snack
Ain’t fu*king no regular treesh, I’m coming elite, I keep a good batch (I want good batch)

Did what I say, I’m on her mind, I’m what she think
Fu*k her all time ten different ways
Give me some head on the way to the bank
Went and got a line, she on my line, we ain’t on no Live, fu*k, I count cake
Spend a couple dimes, regular day
Couple of the guys, treesh on the way

Treesh, treesh, treesh (Treesh ho), treesh
Treesh, treesh, treesh (Treesh ho)
Treesh, treesh, treesh (Treesh ho), treesh
Treesh, treesh, treesh (Treesh ho)

Treesh ho, treesh ho

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Treesh Lyrics Meaning

The chorus of “Treesh” revolves around the repetition of the word “treesh,” serving as a central motif throughout the song. This term is likely used to refer to women, possibly those who embrace a liberated or promiscuous lifestyle. The addition of “Treesh ho” in parentheses emphasizes and amplifies this notion, suggesting a sense of indulgence or freedom associated with this way of living. The repetition of “treesh” throughout the chorus serves to reinforce this theme, anchoring the song’s narrative around the concept of women who embody this particular persona.

[Verse 1]
In the first verse, Gunna vividly describes his observations of a woman’s provocative demeanor. He highlights her overtly s*xual behavior, such as sticking her tongue out and shaking her posterior. Despite these outward displays, he seems captivated rather than repelled, indicating an attraction to her uninhibited nature. Gunna further explores the dynamic of this woman’s lifestyle, suggesting that she is “for the streets” yet still maintains a relationship (“still got a man”). The verse delves into the complexities of modern relationships, where individuals may engage in casual or non-monogamous arrangements while still being emotionally connected elsewhere. Gunna’s casual tone and nonchalant attitude towards these dynamics suggest a level of acceptance and even enjoyment of the unconventional.

Following the first verse, the chorus reiterates the central theme of the song, with the repetition of “treesh” serving as a refrain. This repetition not only reinforces the concept introduced in the verse but also serves as a catchy hook that embeds the term into the listener’s mind. The inclusion of “Treesh ho” within the chorus amplifies the significance of the term, adding a layer of emphasis and intensity to its meaning. By repeating the chorus, Gunna ensures that the theme of women who embody the “treesh” persona remains at the forefront of the listener’s experience, solidifying its place within the song’s narrative.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, Gunna continues to explore his interactions with women who fit the “treesh” archetype. He uses explicit language to describe his encounters, emphasizing the physical aspects of these relationships. Gunna’s disregard for the pasts of these women suggests a focus on the present moment and the immediate gratification they provide. The verse paints a picture of spontaneity and excitement, with Gunna reveling in the thrill of these encounters. His language exudes confidence and assertiveness, reflecting a sense of power and control in his interactions. Gunna’s description of engaging in various s*xual acts and indulging in material pleasures further underscores the hedonistic nature of the lifestyle he portrays.

Once again, the chorus repeats the familiar refrain of “treesh,” reinforcing the central theme of the song. The repetition serves to embed the term even deeper into the listener’s consciousness, ensuring its prominence within the overall narrative. By echoing the chorus, Gunna maintains continuity and cohesion throughout the track, anchoring the listener’s experience in the concept of women who embody the “treesh” persona.

The outro of “Treesh” is succinct yet impactful, featuring a final repetition of the term “Treesh ho.” This repetition serves as a conclusive statement, reaffirming the central theme of the song and leaving a lasting impression on the listener. By ending the track with this declaration, Gunna solidifies the significance of the “treesh” persona within the context of the song, ensuring that its message resonates long after the music fades.


Who has sung “Treesh” song?
Gunna has sung “Treesh” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Treesh” song?
Gunna has written the lyrics of “Treesh” song.

Who has given the music of “Treesh” song?
Gunna has given the music of “Treesh” song.

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