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On One Tonight Lyrics by Gunna is a latest English song. Gunna has created its tune while brand new On One Tonight song lyrics are written by Gunna.

“On One Tonight” by Gunna embodies confidence and success amid haters. Gunna flaunts his wealth, from buying expensive jewelry to cruising in luxury cars. He asserts his uniqueness in the rap game, unbothered by others’ paths. With slick rhymes, he brags about his lifestyle and romantic conquests. Despite adversity, he remains focused on his goals, unfazed by criticism. Gunna’s flow exudes dominance, warning rivals not to underestimate him as he embraces his position at the top.

On One Tonight Lyrics by Gunna

You n!ggas been hating way too long, yeah, yeah
Too grown, I bought that—, oh
That’s a good one, Pete
Yeah, yeah

I went to AP, spent two hundred K, they sold me the frost, rainbow face
They hope I fall off, ain’t no way
I might be alright, but it ain’t okay
N!ggas got left, n!ggas went right, I went left and stayed left and ain’t nothing the same

They run they lips, I put my pep in the step and my foot on the pedal, the Range
Spend this s*it like I’m ahead of the game
You said they gon’ drop and it better be flame
Lil’ mami gon’ top, she gon’ suck ’til I’m drained
My top five top, in love with her brain
Across the sea, huh, Hatteras in Mykonos, Greece, man, they love me in Spain
I’m kicking P, uh, I land on the jet with a b!tch with a big body frame
Dressed like a biker, rocking black, Margiela loafers the ones with the lace
Pull out the title, yeah, right, hope that these lil’ n!ggas really wanna race
I got the fire, I spit crack, I got the fans gon’ recite what I say
Hand me that lighter, this ain’t no thrax, this some Bluscotti, I smoke to the face
Made it to the light, they still throwing shade, I was locked up taking chips for a trade
I’m the boss, make more than minimum wage, these blue hunnids keeping my mental straight
Talking to God in the middle of the day, ain’t no human being determine my fate
The more I get it in, the more they gon’ hate, that lil’ body Benz, I know what you pay
(Yeah, ayy)
Don’t tempt me, I’m on one tonight (Yeah, ayy)
Don’t play with me, play with a mic (Yeah, ayy)
She suck it when we stop at the light
These rappers ain’t copying right (Yeah, ayy)
Get dressed and pop out in the night
Too trim, I got ’em enticed

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On One Tonight Lyrics Meaning

This opening section sets the tone for the song, emphasizing Gunna’s frustration with persistent haters. He suggests that they’ve been harboring animosity for far too long, indicating a weariness with their negativity. The repetition of “yeah, yeah” and the mention of Pete’s approval add a casual, conversational vibe to the intro, while Gunna’s assertion of being “too grown” suggests that he’s matured past the need to engage with their negativity. Overall, it introduces the theme of resilience in the face of criticism and the confidence Gunna carries in his success.

In this verse, Gunna dives into the details of his opulent lifestyle and the challenges he’s overcome. He boasts about spending two hundred thousand dollars on jewelry from AP (presumably Audemars Piguet), emphasizing the extravagant nature of his purchases. Gunna acknowledges the envy directed towards him, but dismisses any notions of failure, affirming his continued success. He contrasts his path with others’, highlighting his willingness to carve his own way regardless of trends or expectations. Gunna mentions international travel, suggesting his global recognition and appeal. He describes his arrival in luxury destinations like Mykonos, Greece, and his penchant for extravagant experiences. Amidst this luxury, Gunna maintains his street credibility, referencing his past involvement in illicit activities like drug dealing (“I was locked up taking chips for a trade”). However, he juxtaposes this with his current status as a successful artist, making more than the minimum wage and keeping his mental focus sharp with the help of his wealth. Gunna also touches on his spirituality, claiming to communicate with God and asserting his belief in his own destiny. Overall, the verse paints a picture of Gunna’s ascent to success, blending luxury, street credibility, and self-assuredness.

The outro serves as a culmination of Gunna’s confidence and defiance in the face of criticism. He warns against underestimating him, asserting that he’s in his element and ready to assert his dominance (“Don’t tempt me, I’m on one tonight”). Gunna contrasts his prowess with other rappers, suggesting that they pale in comparison to his skill and authenticity. He concludes by affirming his allure and the irresistible nature of his presence (“Too trim, I got ’em enticed”), further solidifying his status as a formidable figure in the rap game.


Who has sung “On One Tonight” song?
Gunna has sung “On One Tonight” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “On One Tonight” song?
Gunna has written the lyrics of “On One Tonight” song.

Who has given the music of “On One Tonight” song?
Gunna has given the music of “On One Tonight” song.

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