The Kids are Alright Lyrics – Ayra Starr

“The Kids are Alright” by Ayra Starr encapsulates a poignant reflection on family, legacy, and personal growth. The song begins with a message of living life to the fullest, urging listeners to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It transitions into a heartfelt plea for parental approval and forgiveness, with the narrator expressing hopes for their late father’s peace in the afterlife. The latter half features a touching monologue from the narrator’s perspective, updating their father on life events and expressing longing for his presence. Through introspective lyrics and emotive storytelling, Ayra Starr crafts a touching tribute to familial bonds and the passage of time.

The Kids are Alright Lyrics

Like I said, Ebu
I want you to be happy
Go out, enjoy, enjoy what you work for
Don’t save, save, save, save, save
Enjoy it, go on vacation, be happy with your friends
Because your dad did not really enjoy what he worked for
He was always pleasing people, pleasing people
Today, I’ve gone to buy food
The food that we’d eat for three or four days, I spent twenty thousand
It’s my money, I worked for it
So please, enjoy yourself

Enjoy to the fullest, yu-ye?
Mm, what again did I want to say?

Hope no clouds are blocking the view
Hope you can see what I turned into, oh
Hope I’m out here making you proud, oh
Hope God doesn’t judge you by your sins
And when you knock on Heaven’s gate, oh
Hope they let you in, oh
Hope you’re forgiven, oh
Hope they let you in, oh
Hope you’re forgiven, oh
When they let you in
Put in a good word for me

Hey, Daddy, it’s your last-born, Tunmise
Hey, Daddy, it’s Tolu
Hey, Daddy, this is ***, oh
Daddy, this is Ade
Hey, Daddy, this is Daniel, I’m about to release my project
I miss you
I miss you so, so much
I miss-miss you

I’m in school now, I’m doing well
I’ll be 24 very soon, this is July
Um, I turned 19, I can’t believe it
And I’m here, you know, doing what I know how to do best
Shoot videos
I miss you, and I want you to know I’ve got a daughter now
Her name is Jemimah, she’s 2 years
I wish you were here with me to just—
To hold my hands, ah God, I’m trying my best
M*mmy’s doing okay, everybody’s doing well
I’m, I’m doing well sha, I’m doing well
Nlẹ o, sun re o
Awọn ọmọ se daada

The Kids are Alright Lyrics Explained

The intro sets a tone of heartfelt advice and reflection. The speaker, possibly an elder or a mentor figure, addresses someone named Ebu, expressing a desire for their happiness. They emphasize the importance of enjoying life’s rewards without over-saving, contrasting it with the speaker’s father who seemingly didn’t fully appreciate his efforts. The speaker encourages Ebu to indulge in life, go on vacations, and cherish moments with friends. They stress the significance of enjoying one’s hard-earned money and living to the fullest, ending with a humorous acknowledgment of forgetting their initial point.

The verse reflects on hope and redemption, addressing a divine figure or deceased loved one. The speaker expresses hope that obstacles won’t obstruct their vision, symbolizing clarity and insight. They wish for their actions to bring pride, hoping they’ll be judged not by their faults but by their efforts. The mention of heaven’s gate and forgiveness suggests a yearning for acceptance in the afterlife, with a request to put in a good word, indicating a desire for favorable judgment.

The outro is a poignant monologue addressed to the speaker’s late father. Each family member, including the speaker, Tunmise, Tolu, [*, Ade, and Daniel, sends heartfelt messages, updating their father on their lives. The speaker expresses profound longing, reminiscing about their father’s absence and sharing personal milestones, such as turning 19, excelling in school, and having a daughter named Jemimah. They express a wish for their father’s presence and support, conveying struggles and successes while reassuring him of their well-being. The outro closes with a mix of Nigerian Yoruba and English, conveying a sense of cultural identity and familial connection.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Enjoy it, go on vacation, be happy with your friends”
This phrase emphasizes the importance of enjoying life and indulging in experiences. The speaker encourages the listener to embrace leisure activities, like going on vacations and spending time with friends, as a way to find happiness and fulfillment. It suggests that life shouldn’t solely revolve around work or saving money, but also about creating memorable moments and cherishing relationships.

2. “Hope no clouds are blocking the view”
This metaphorical phrase conveys a wish for clarity and perspective. It suggests a desire for obstacles or uncertainties (symbolized by clouds) not to hinder one’s ability to see clearly or understand the situation. It reflects a hope for a clear path forward, devoid of hindrances or distractions, allowing for a better understanding of oneself and one’s surroundings.

3. “I miss you so, so much”
This straightforward expression conveys profound longing and emotional attachment. It communicates the speaker’s deep feelings of absence and yearning for the person addressed, in this case, their late father. The repetition of “so, so much” intensifies the sentiment, emphasizing the depth of the speaker’s emotions and the impact of the absence of their loved one.

4. “I’m doing well sha, I’m doing well”
In Nigerian English, “sha” is a particle used to soften or emphasize a statement. In this context, the phrase “I’m doing well sha” suggests a mix of reassurance and acknowledgment. The speaker is reassuring their late father that despite challenges and struggles, they are managing fine. It’s a nuanced expression of resilience and positivity, acknowledging difficulties while maintaining a sense of optimism and perseverance.


Who has sung “The Kids are Alright” song?
Ayra Starr has sung “The Kids are Alright” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “The Kids are Alright” song?
Ayra Starr has written the lyrics of “The Kids are Alright” song.

Who has given the music of “The Kids are Alright” song?
Ayra Starr has given the music of “The Kids are Alright” song.

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