21 Lyrics – Ayra Starr

“21” by Ayra Starr encapsulates the journey of self-discovery and defiance against societal expectations. The song portrays the protagonist’s defiance against being labeled as too young or foolish, asserting her independence and determination to live life on her own terms. With a blend of confidence and vulnerability, she reflects on the passing years, the challenges she’s faced, and her quest to find herself. The chorus marks the milestone of turning twenty-one, a pivotal age symbolizing newfound freedom and responsibility. Through introspective lyrics and a soulful melody, Ayra Starr captures the complexities of youth, growth, and the search for identity.

21 Lyrics

You say, you say

[Verse 1]
You say
You say I’m too young, too foolish
Well, I became myself ‘spite what you said
Still tryna find a way that I can stay the same
Maybe that’s my naďveté
Fu*k that s*it, I’ma run it how I want, that’s it
Money singing off the phone, that s*it works for me

It’s a purse on me (That’s a bag)
No dey put a curse on me (I reflect)
Letting God work on me (I repent)
Do it for myself, never for a man

I’m just twenty-one
What it feels to be more than twenty-one
I’ve never known, I’ve never tried, never loved
What am I supposed to do with what I done?
Where did all the years go?

[Verse 2]
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
I was at the house tryna figure out who the fu*k I am
Eleven, twelve, went too fast
Three to sixteen, too fast
Seven, eight was a big year
Nineteen got a big bag
I’m counting hundreds, playing twenty-something
I’m counting on myself now
Crying by myself now
I’m twenty-one
At my grown-ass age (Damn)

Oh, twenty-one
What it feels to be more than twenty-one
I’ve never known, I’ve never tried, never loved
Forgive if I don’t say it right or say enough, oh
Real s*it, I’m just twenty-one
Ooh, I’m just twenty-one
Oh, I’m just twenty-one

Two, one (Twenty-one)
Two, one (Twenty-one)
Two, one (Twenty-one)
Two, one (Twenty-one)
Two, one (Twenty-one)
Two, one (Twenty-one)
Two, one (Twenty-one)

21 Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]

The verse challenges the notion of being too young or foolish by asserting self-discovery despite criticism. It reflects on the struggle to maintain authenticity while navigating societal pressures. The lyrics express a defiance against conforming to expectations, opting instead to embrace individuality and personal growth, with a nod to spirituality.


The chorus reflects on the significance of turning twenty-one, symbolizing a transition into adulthood. It expresses a sense of uncertainty about the future, pondering the passage of time and the experiences yet to be had. There’s a mix of introspection and questioning about the journey thus far and what lies ahead.

[Verse 2]

This verse delves into the protagonist’s reflection on the passing years, marked by significant moments and personal growth. It highlights the struggle to understand oneself amidst the rapid pace of life. Despite challenges, there’s a sense of empowerment and self-reliance, encapsulating the essence of coming-of-age.


The chorus repeats, emphasizing the protagonist’s contemplation of what it means to be over twenty-one, acknowledging the lack of experience and the weight of responsibility. There’s a raw honesty in the admission of uncertainty and imperfection, yet an underlying resilience and determination to navigate adulthood.


The outro repeats the phrase “Two, one (Twenty-one),” serving as a musical punctuation, perhaps reinforcing the significance of the age or signaling the end of reflection and the beginning of a new chapter. It’s a rhythmic conclusion that leaves the listener lingering on the theme of turning twenty-one.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Maybe that’s my naïveté”
This phrase acknowledges the possibility of the speaker’s innocence or lack of worldly experience. It suggests that their actions or beliefs might stem from a place of innocence rather than ignorance. By recognizing their own naivety, the speaker displays self-awareness and introspection.

2. “Fu*k that s*it, I’ma run it how I want, that’s it”
This bold assertion signifies the speaker’s determination to live life on their own terms, disregarding societal norms or expectations. It reflects a rebellious attitude and a refusal to conform to external pressures. The speaker asserts their autonomy and independence in making decisions about their life and identity.

3. “I’m counting on myself now”
This phrase encapsulates the theme of self-reliance and personal growth. It signifies a shift from dependence on others to taking responsibility for one’s own actions and decisions. The speaker embraces the idea of relying on their own strengths and capabilities to navigate life’s challenges, reflecting maturity and independence.

4. “I’m just twenty-one”
This simple statement carries significant weight, symbolizing a milestone in the speaker’s life. Turning twenty-one represents the transition into adulthood, with newfound freedoms and responsibilities. It marks a period of self-discovery and exploration, where the speaker grapples with questions of identity, purpose, and the passage of time.

5. “Where did all the years go?”
This reflective question captures the sentiment of nostalgia and wonderment at the passage of time. It speaks to the universal experience of feeling as though time has flown by, leaving the speaker to ponder the memories and experiences that have shaped their journey. It prompts introspection and contemplation about the fleeting nature of life and the importance of cherishing each moment.


Who has sung “21” song?
Ayra Starr has sung “21” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “21” song?
Ayra Starr has written the lyrics of “21” song.

Who has given the music of “21” song?
Ayra Starr has given the music of “21” song.

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