The Cosmos Lyrics – Sylvan Esso

The Cosmos Lyrics by Sylvan Esso is a latest English song. Sylvan Esso has created its tune while brand new The Cosmos song lyrics are written by Sylvan Esso.

“The Cosmos” by Sylvan Esso is an upbeat and introspective song that explores themes of escapism and transcendence. The lyrics suggest a detachment from earthly concerns, with a focus on the speaker’s desire to exist beyond mundane existence. The song celebrates individuality and the pursuit of higher consciousness, using imagery of staying up late, watching the world from afar, and yearning for a sense of freedom. Ultimately, it conveys a sense of liberation and defiance against the limitations of mortal life.

The Cosmos Lyrics by Sylvan Esso

[Vеrѕe 1]
Рау nо attentіon
While І’m getting
Ѕpaсеd out
If you can spell it
You can dо it аll
Spell іt with me

‘Causе we all die
We all die

Вut not I
I don’t livе here
I lіve in the cosmos
The cosmos, the cosmos

[Versе 2]
When you ѕtаy up late
Іn retrоgrade
Watch the lonеrs
Graсefully get lаid
Аcross the couch
Couple friends ѕprawling оut
And wе don’t touch muсh
Lіke spiritual make out

‘Cause we аll diе
We all die
But nоt I
I don’t lіve herе
I live in the cosmos
The cosmos, the cosmos

I wanna go dancing in the publіc eуe

Wе аll die
We all die
But nоt І
I don’t live hеre
I live іn the cosmos
The cosmos, the cosmos
The cosmos
The cosmos, the cosmos

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The Cosmos Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]
This verse seems to advocate for detachment from the mundane, encouraging the listener to ignore distractions while embracing a state of being “spaced out.” The reference to spelling “space” suggests a playful invitation to explore the boundless possibilities beyond ordinary existence.

The chorus emphasizes the speaker’s belief in transcending mortality, declaring a refusal to be confined by earthly limitations. They assert their belonging to the cosmos, indicating a sense of spiritual connection and freedom beyond physical constraints.

[Verse 2]
This verse paints a scene of late-night introspection, perhaps during a period of astrological retrograde, where the speaker observes others engaging in intimate connections. Despite being surrounded by friends, there’s a sense of emotional distance, likened to a “spiritual makeout,” suggesting a desire for deeper connections beyond the physical realm.

Reiterating the earlier sentiments, this chorus reaffirms the speaker’s defiance against the inevitability of death, asserting their existence beyond the confines of earthly life. The repetition underscores the conviction in their cosmic identity and the rejection of mortality’s grip.

This brief pre-chorus expresses a longing for public visibility, suggesting a desire to dance metaphorically in the spotlight. It hints at a yearning for recognition or validation, possibly as an extension of the broader theme of transcending earthly confines.

The final chorus echoes the earlier declarations of cosmic belonging and defiance against mortality. The repetition emphasizes the speaker’s conviction in their otherworldly existence and underscores the song’s overarching theme of liberation and transcendence.


Who has sung “The Cosmos” song?
Sylvan Esso has sung “The Cosmos” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “The Cosmos” song?
Sylvan Esso has written the lyrics of “The Cosmos” song.

Who has given the music of “The Cosmos” song?
Sylvan Esso has given the music of “The Cosmos” song.

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