Structure K Lyrics – Kay Glizz

“Structure K” by Kay Glizz and Nunnie Da III is a raw rap track calling out rivals and asserting dominance. The lyrics are aggressive, highlighting beef between groups and boasting about their own crew, the Troops. They diss opponents, alleging cowardice and mocking their actions. The song also references specific individuals and incidents, adding a personal edge to the confrontation. Overall, it’s a bold statement of power and defiance within the rap scene.

Structure K Lyrics

[Intro: Kay Glizz]
Fu*k is n!ggas talking ’bout? Word to my mother
Suck my d!ck
N!ggas always d!ck riding
N!ggas be getting the belt, everybody

[Verse 1: Nunnie Da III]
Fu*k all the rap s*it
Kha Struc on d!ck like he don’t got mad deads
That n!gga a bozo, he be d!ck riding like a homo
And I could bet money that RPT don’t know how they getting the belt

And BK, I’m with some n!ggas who do it for CJ
I got the vid of Rello on replay
Kha got shot and he ain’t let his heat spray
But he wanna talk crazy
Structure n!ggas scared of the— shh
Keep dissing the Troops, n!gga think he wavy
I’ma send ***, we like Kyrie and KD
Why he wanna diss? And most of them Structure n!ggas really d!cks
Kha got shot in his ass, he a b!tch
I never heard of Structure n!ggas doing s*it, they just wanna rap
And I heard that they never get back
“That Structure,” all that stupid s*it is wack
All they close friends keep getting clapped
We the Troops, we got the East on our back
N!ggas talking reckless, but chilling with Bronx n!ggas for protection, it’s okay
Only gonna learn his lessons by Bizzy Banks, we taking off his necklace
Who do we smoke? Duba, Blaze in the blunt, he be getting me high

[Puzzy?], Rilla all in the sky, these n!ggas be getting the belt all the time
Why y’all wanna beef and y’all go see the Troops in the streets? When you do, boy, you better have your heat
Liki got booked for stealing car seats, no cap, Structure n!ggas really sweet, n!gga

[Verse 2: Kay Glizz]
Who that right there?
Structure member could get clapped if he lack right there
Duba got clapped in his face before he crashed the whip, he should’ve just Makked right there

*** flock, they never let it flare, but he sit on RPT d!ck, n!gga scared
I’m in the hot ride toting some new s*it, we need a new vic’ to go in the air, frrah, boom
Structure n!ggas goofy, all I gotta do is yell, “23”
They gon’ get to running, ducking they kufis
That’s the thing about them, n!ggas too sweet

[Puzzy?], Duba, I turn ’em to lucies
Best believe I won’t Makk in this two-seat
Trooping through *** two deep, me and Nunnie
On bro grave, s*it’ll get spooky, grrah
Why you sucking us up?
*** fu*k up
*** got it, dare you to run up
He got hit, I guess he put his gun up
I ain’t for nothing, always got my gun tucked
Walk down from sundown to sunup
DThang, tell Woo Lotti get the fu*k up since you wanna suck buddy up, grrah
I’m on bad s*it, someone come harm me
Liki really got booked for a car seat, d!ckhead
I know that he feeling sorry
I got points, somebody come guard m
23, got the fatty like Ari
We on every block tryna throw parties
Troopers, really moving like the army
Grrah, grrah, grrah

[Outro: Kay Glizz]
Troopers really troop, n!gga, stop dissing us, n!gga

Structure K Lyrics Explained

[Intro: Kay Glizz]
The intro sets a confrontational tone, expressing frustration with others talking negatively and being insincere, and calling out those who ride on others’ success. It’s a brash assertion of authenticity and a challenge to those who don’t meet that standard.

[Verse 1: Nunnie Da III]
Nunnie launches into a scathing critique of other rappers, particularly targeting a figure named Kha Struc. He accuses Kha of being inauthentic, alleging that he rides on others’ success without earning his own stripes. Nunnie asserts the superiority of his crew, the Troops, boasting about their loyalty and influence in the East. It’s a declaration of dominance and a dismissal of those deemed unworthy.

This section amplifies the speaker’s contempt for their rivals, suggesting they are constantly embroiled in trouble and lack integrity. It also highlights incidents involving theft, further tarnishing the reputation of their opponents. The implication is clear: their rivals are weak, untrustworthy, and undeserving of respect or consideration.

[Verse 2: Kay Glizz]
Kay Glizz doubles down on the attack against their rivals, warning that anyone associated with the Structure group could face severe consequences if they show even a hint of weakness. He recounts specific incidents to illustrate their dominance, implying that their opponents are cowardly and easily intimidated. It’s a narrative of power and control, with the Troopers firmly positioned as the dominant force.

In this segment, the speaker revels in their own strength and readiness for confrontation. They mock their rivals, recounting incidents to further belittle them and reinforce their own superiority. With swaggering confidence, they boast about their crew’s power and influence, suggesting they are not just formidable but unstoppable.

[Outro: Kay Glizz]
The outro serves as a final statement of defiance and superiority. It’s a blunt demand for respect, a warning to rivals to stop disrespecting the Troopers. It’s a mic-drop moment, asserting their dominance and daring anyone to challenge it.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Fu*k is n!ggas talking ’bout? Word to my mother”
This phrase expresses frustration and disbelief at the conversation or situation at hand. It’s like saying, “What are these people even talking about? I swear, it’s unbelievable.”

2. “Suck my d!ck”
This is a confrontational and disrespectful statement, essentially telling someone to go away or expressing disdain towards them. It’s a vulgar way of dismissing or insulting someone.

3. “N!ggas always d!ck riding”
This phrase implies that certain individuals are constantly seeking favor or approval from others, often by following them closely or imitating them. It’s a derogatory term suggesting sycophantic behavior.

4. “Getting the belt”
In this context, “getting the belt” likely refers to facing punishment or consequences for one’s actions. It suggests that individuals are constantly getting into trouble or facing retribution for their behavior.

5. “Troopers really troop, n!gga, stop dissing us, n!gga”
This phrase emphasizes the solidarity and resilience of the Troopers, asserting that despite any criticism or insults thrown their way, they remain steadfast and united. It’s a defiant statement, challenging others to stop disrespecting them.


Who has sung “Structure K” song?
Kay Glizz, Nunnie Da III have sung “Structure K” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Structure K” song?
Kay Glizz, Nunnie Da III have written the lyrics of “Structure K” song.

Who has given the music of “Structure K” song?
Kay Glizz, Nunnie Da III have given the music of “Structure K” song.

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