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The song “Stop Running” by BLOODIE and DudeyLo delves into the gritty reality of street violence and the consequences it brings. It reflects on the loss of friends and the retaliation that follows, painting a vivid picture of the dangerous environment where they live. The lyrics portray a sense of urgency, anger, and a desire for retribution, with references to specific events and individuals. The chorus, “Stop running, Woo Lotti,” emphasizes the relentlessness of their pursuit for justice or revenge, encapsulating the tension and raw emotions embedded within the song.

Stop Running Lyrics

[Intro: DudeyLo]
Investigation underway in
Harlem after a man was stabbed to death
It happened just before 1 this morning on
West 154th Street in St. Nicholas Avenue
Authorities say officers found the man with
Multiple stab wounds to his torso and legs
His identity yet to be released
And no arrests have been made
(Nah, R1ss0, this too crazy)
N!gga, what? Come here
Stop running, Woo Lotti

Where the fu*k is he going?
N!gga, ah, ah

[Verse 1: DudeyLo & Dee Play4Keeps]
Notti died and they thought that was funny?
Lotti got packed the start of 2020
When I hear that sound, word to bro
That s*it get me excited
I pray to God that we don’t get indicted
Free the bros that got caught for the— ah
I know my n!ggas used to hearing them sirens
Everything changed on the night that he died
Like, they got caught by surprise
Ambushed by like six of the guys
This real life, I’m not just tryna rhyme
(Come here, now look)
He was screaming for help and he cried

[Verse 2: Dee Play4Keeps & Sugarhill Ddot]
When I’m spinning and spinning
I post on your block all black like Wick
We on 43rd, who wanna get hit?
Who wanna go like that fu*k n!gga Glen?
I throw the switch on the Glock, make him dip
I held my hand, made him ran and he flinched

This s*it that I got, this s*it’ll make you trip
Throw forty-one shots if we run into Jenn
(Ayy, come here)

[Verse 3: Sugarhill Ddot]
I was like twelve when Woo Lotti died
Thirteen, I was smoking on Fries
Fourteen, I was smoking on Nazzy
It’s everything dead when we creep through that side
I’m with Roscoe the G
Yeah, I know he gon’ get ’em
On that block, we could’ve caught a victim
Talking on Dot, yeah, the killers gon’ get him
Like, no remorse, yeah, I bet we gon’ get ’em
Like, oh, they think it’s a game?
Like, this s*it deeper than fame
Like, we bend blocks all black in the rain
Like, you get shot tryna look at my chain

[Verse 4: BLOODIE]
He said, ah
We bend blocks like, “Woo Lotti, come here”
We chased opps down the block, let it flare
Shot in the legs, make him crawl like a bear
You hear O’s on your block, you be scared
That’s what happens on that block, we cause fear
So many opps that we can put in the air
Woo, why you running? Woo Lotti, come here (Ah)

[Verse 5: DD Osama]
I send a hit ’cause the bros told me that I can’t slide
Like, with this thirty on me when I ride
Like, ain’t no telling, I might let off nine
I spin two deep, me and G, you gon’ die
Hold on, bro, b!tch, I’m on they ass
They ain’t going nowhere, threw a shot, n!gga crashed
Can’t go out like—
I seen him trip, n!gga, that was his ass

[Verse 6: Dee Play4Keeps]
Spinning my block wasn’t part of the plan
Gee Gotti, Sha, ran on they mans
Like, like, them n!ggas hurting
G started clapping like this s*it is twerking
Put the G to his face, make him nervous
How you die with the heat on accident?
Matter fact, on purpose
Two O’s on your block, we lurking
If I was there, I would’ve done him like Kurtis

Stop Running Lyrics Explained


This introduction sets the scene for the song’s narrative, describing a violent incident in Harlem where a man was fatally stabbed. It mentions the location, time, and the severity of the injuries. The urgency and frustration are evident through the expletives and the command to stop running, indicating a pursuit or confrontation. “Woo Lotti” seems to be a reference to someone involved, perhaps indicating a call to action or a confrontation with the individual.

[Verse 1]

This verse reflects on the death of someone named Notti and the speaker’s emotional response to it. There’s a sense of disbelief and anger that others found it amusing. The lyrics mention specific names and events, conveying a personal connection to the tragedy. The speaker expresses a mix of fear, hope, and determination, praying not to face legal consequences while acknowledging the dangers of their lifestyle.

[Verse 2]

In this verse, the speaker describes their readiness for violence, boasting about their presence on a particular block and their willingness to engage in conflict. References to weaponry and specific locations suggest a confrontational attitude and a sense of territoriality. The speaker seems to relish the power dynamics and the fear they instill in their adversaries.

[Verse 3]

The lyrics detail the speaker’s upbringing amidst violence and loss, referencing the age at which they were exposed to street life. There’s a camaraderie with fellow associates and a sense of inevitability in their actions. The repetition of “we gon’ get ’em” underscores their determination for retaliation, emphasizing the seriousness of their vendetta beyond mere bravado.

[Verse 4]

This verse continues the theme of pursuit and intimidation, with the speaker addressing someone named “Woo Lotti” and describing their aggressive tactics. There’s a sense of dominance and control as they recount chasing down their enemies and inflicting fear. The repeated command to stop running implies a desire for confrontation and retribution.

[Verse 5]

Here, the speaker discusses their willingness to commit violence at the behest of their peers, highlighting their loyalty and sense of duty within their social circle. The use of slang and colloquial language conveys a sense of urgency and immediacy in their actions. The verse depicts a readiness for conflict and a lack of hesitation in carrying out violent acts.

[Verse 6]

The final verse reflects on the aftermath of violent actions, with the speaker recounting the chaos and asserting their dominance in the situation. There’s a sense of detachment and desensitization as they describe the violence almost casually. The reference to “Gee Gotti” and “Sha” suggests a network of associates involved in similar activities, reinforcing the cycle of violence and retribution.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Stop running, Woo Lotti”
This phrase is a command directed at someone named “Woo Lotti,” urging them to cease fleeing or evading. It’s charged with intensity and perhaps frustration, indicating a desire to confront or engage with the individual. The repetition of the command emphasizes the urgency and determination behind it, suggesting a pursuit or confrontation is imminent.

2. “I pray to God that we don’t get indicted”
Here, the speaker expresses a plea to a higher power, likely out of fear of facing legal consequences for their actions. It reveals a sense of vulnerability and apprehension about potential legal repercussions. Despite their involvement in potentially illegal activities, they hope to evade punishment, underscoring the stakes involved in their lifestyle.

3. “Throw forty-one shots if we run into Jenn”
This line suggests a readiness for extreme violence if encountering a specific individual named Jenn. The mention of “forty-one shots” implies a willingness to unleash a barrage of gunfire in retaliation or self-defense. It portrays a mindset where violence is normalized, and the speaker is prepared to escalate conflicts to lethal levels if necessary.

4. “I send a hit ’cause the bros told me that I can’t slide”
In this phrase, the speaker acknowledges pressure from their peers to retaliate or take action against a target. “Sending a hit” refers to orchestrating an attack or seeking retribution, driven by a sense of loyalty to their social circle. The phrase underscores the influence of peer dynamics and the expectation to uphold a certain reputation within their community.

5. “Spinning my block wasn’t part of the plan”
Here, the speaker reflects on unexpected developments, particularly regarding violence in their neighborhood (“block”). The phrase implies a deviation from their intended course of action or expectations. Despite the unforeseen circumstances, they adapt and respond assertively, as indicated by subsequent lines detailing their involvement in confrontations and acts of aggression.


Who has sung “Stop Running” song?
BLOODIE, DudeyLo have sung “Stop Running” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Stop Running” song?
BLOODIE, DudeyLo have written the lyrics of “Stop Running” song.

Who has given the music of “Stop Running” song?
BLOODIE, DudeyLo have given the music of “Stop Running” song.

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