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“StashBox” by Skrilla is a high-energy rap song that captures the essence of street life and the artist’s lifestyle. Skrilla describes his readiness to handle conflicts with his “crash out boys” and boasts about his fashion preferences, like favoring Rick Owens over Mike Amiri. He mentions his powerful cars and firearms, emphasizing his preparedness and aggression. The lyrics touch on loyalty to his friends and the use of weapons. Skrilla references his connections and the adrenaline rush from living dangerously. The song portrays a gritty, fast-paced lifestyle with themes of violence, loyalty, and status.

StashBox Lyrics

(Thank you, Timmy, boy)

All I need is couple crash out boys, and I can send a blitz
Bro Amiri, Mike Amiri, that s*it old, b!tch, I like Rick
Super trim, ‘Catty V8 hit the gas, b!tch, supercharge, really him
7.62s in that button hit the car, God—
If I did the did, b!tch, I might make the song cry
Free Lil’ Pski, Tali Pski, stand on beeski, that’s my slime guy
I just geeked up off a G6, G22, I got it on me
Turkey butt up on the back, I pepperoni cook your homie

No Diddy, slide in Johnnies, no kizzy
We just bipped the Scat, that b!tch came with the stizzy (Stash box)
I put boxes in my whips and I put switches on my Glocks
Let me hear that
This a vibe
You gon’ shake something or gon’ take something?
Tap that button, go erase something
Bro smoking opps, so he got laced blunts
Having talks with my orishas ’til my day come, I know LA *** gon’ rearrive and resurrect me, ain’t nothing
I got meatball, put a switch, Glock playing b-ball
How you pop out with your switch and not ya gang? ain’t let ya heat off
Thirty shots ring out the two O 23
In the back seat or the pass’, I shoot my shot straight from the three
Hit the gas, this b!tch go fast, this push-to-start, don’t need a key
Walk ’em down, I feel like Bron-Bron with the Heat

StashBox Lyrics Explained

In this verse, Skrilla delves into the importance of having a loyal group of friends who are willing to engage in risky or violent situations together. The phrase “crash out boys” likely refers to close associates who are prepared to confront or handle any dangerous situations that arise, suggesting a camaraderie rooted in street life. Skrilla then contrasts fashion brands, expressing a preference for Rick Owens over Amiri, indicating a sense of personal style and status. The mention of a “Super trim ‘Catty V8” and “supercharge” implies powerful and customized vehicles, which align with the themes of wealth and status often associated with hip-hop culture. Additionally, the reference to “7.62s in that button hit the car” likely alludes to firearm usage or violence, further emphasizing the street lifestyle and potential danger.

The line “If I did the did, b!tch, I might make the song cry” suggests a willingness to engage in criminal activities or violent behavior that could lead to emotional repercussions, hinting at the emotional toll of a life filled with crime and violence. Skrilla then mentions individuals, Lil’ Pski and Tali Pski, indicating his loyalty to his associates and expressing a desire for their freedom or well-being. The slang terms “stand on beeski” and “slime guy” further emphasize the close bonds and trust within Skrilla’s social circle.

References to drug use, such as being “geeked up off a G6, G22,” and violence, like “smoking opps” and “laced blunts,” continue to paint a picture of a lifestyle filled with danger and illegal activities. Skrilla also mentions communicating with his “orishas,” which likely refers to spiritual or ancestral connections, highlighting a belief in higher powers or guidance in navigating his life.

The mention of playing basketball with a Glock and shooting “straight from the three” juxtaposes sports imagery with violence, reflecting the intertwining of street life with everyday activities. Skrilla’s assertion that he feels like “Bron-Bron with the Heat” suggests a sense of power and invincibility, further reinforcing themes of dominance and prowess in his world. Overall, this verse provides a vivid portrayal of Skrilla’s lifestyle, filled with danger, loyalty, and a sense of invincibility.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “All I need is couple crash out boys, and I can send a blitz”
This phrase emphasizes the importance of having a loyal and fearless group of friends (“crash out boys”) who are willing to engage in risky or violent activities. The term “send a blitz” metaphorically means launching a coordinated and aggressive action, often against rivals or in a dangerous situation. It underscores the readiness and unity of his crew to tackle any challenge head-on.

2. “Super trim, ‘Catty V8 hit the gas, b!tch, supercharge, really him”
In this line, Skrilla talks about driving a high-performance Cadillac with a V8 engine that has been supercharged, which means it has been modified for maximum power and speed. “Really him” suggests that he is truly living the life he raps about, driving luxurious, powerful cars that symbolize his status and success. The phrase captures the essence of his fast-paced and extravagant lifestyle.

3. “If I did the did, b!tch, I might make the song cry”
This phrase suggests that if Skrilla engages in criminal activities or violence (“did the did”), it might lead to emotional repercussions or regret, metaphorically making the “song cry.” It indicates the inner conflict and potential emotional toll that comes with his lifestyle, hinting at a deeper, more reflective side to his persona.

4. “Turkey butt up on the back, I pepperoni cook your homie”
Here, Skrilla uses vivid and somewhat humorous imagery to describe violence. “Turkey butt up on the back” likely refers to a type of firearm modification, and “pepperoni cook your homie” is a slang expression meaning to kill or seriously harm someone. This line reflects the harsh and violent realities of street life, using culinary metaphors to describe deadly actions.

5. “Walk ’em down, I feel like Bron-Bron with the Heat”
This phrase draws a parallel between Skrilla’s actions and those of NBA star LeBron James (“Bron-Bron”) during his time with the Miami Heat. “Walk ’em down” means to pursue and confront someone, often violently. By comparing himself to LeBron, Skrilla highlights his own dominance and prowess in his environment, likening his assertiveness and effectiveness in confrontations to LeBron’s performance on the basketball court.


Who has sung “StashBox” song?
Skrilla has sung “StashBox” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “StashBox” song?
Skrilla has written the lyrics of “StashBox” song.

Who has given the music of “StashBox” song?
Skrilla has given the music of “StashBox” song.

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