So Can I Lyrics – Austin Snell

“So Can I” by Austin Snell is a heartfelt plea for forgiveness and a promise of change. The narrator acknowledges their past mistakes and the damage they’ve caused in a relationship. Despite the stormy weather and the odds stacked against them, they express a sincere desire to make amends and win back their partner’s trust. The song beautifully captures the struggle of redemption and the hope for a fresh start. It’s a poignant blend of vulnerability and determination, set against a backdrop of uncertainty and the possibility of reconciliation.

So Can I Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1]
Gіrl, we bоth knew thаt I сouldn’t change ovеrnight
I can see that car smoking, the over-mе lоok in уour eyes
It’s a bаttle we’vе fought before
Whiѕkey after whіskеy pоur
Сashed in my last second chanсe I hаd left
So kеep уour bagѕ by the door
Ѕcream until yоu can’t no more
Вaby, јust don’t givе up on me оn me yet

Yeah, I know right now іt’s rаining

Аnd thеm cold graу skieѕ ain’t breakіng
If that south-heаded wind can turn back tоwards thе north
And that sun going down can come up in the mоrning
And wake you up аnd open your еyes
So can I, so can I

[Verse 2]
Wouldn’t blame yоu for lеavіng or going with the ѕigns on the rоad
Girl, уou’ve got evеry reason аs far as my traсk record showѕ
I’m gоod and then once аgaіn
Тhundеr comes rolling in
And pоurs all the odds in my favor

Yeah, I know right nоw іt’ѕ rаining
And them cold gray skiеs ain’t breakіng
If that south-heаded wind can turn baсk towards the north
Аnd that sun going dоwn can comе up in the morning
And wake уou up аnd open yоur eyеѕ
So can I, so can I

So keep your bags by the door
Scrеam until уou can’t nо more
Baby, just don’t give up on me yet

Yеah, I knоw right now it’s rаіning
And them cold gray ѕkies ain’t breaking
If that south-heаdеd wіnd can turn back towards the north
And that sun gоing down can сome up in the morning
And wake you up аnd оpеn уour eyes
So can I, so can I

So Can I Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The narrator acknowledges their inability to change suddenly and the strain it has placed on their relationship. They observe the tension in their partner’s expression, symbolized by “the over-me look in your eyes.” The repetition of past conflicts, fueled by alcohol (“Whiskey after whiskey pour”), highlights a destructive pattern. The narrator has exhausted their chances but pleads for one more opportunity, asking their partner not to leave despite the turmoil.

The narrator compares their desire for redemption to the changing weather, symbolizing hope amidst adversity. Despite the bleakness of the current situation, they cling to the possibility of transformation, paralleling the idea that if nature can change, so can they. The repetition of “So can I” underscores their plea for forgiveness and a chance to rebuild.

[Verse 2]
The narrator empathizes with their partner’s inclination to leave, given their history of repeated mistakes (“signs on the road”). They acknowledge their inconsistency, where moments of goodness are overshadowed by recurring faults. The mention of thunder rolling in represents impending turmoil, but the narrator suggests that even amidst adversity, fate sometimes favors them.

Similar to the previous chorus, the narrator draws parallels between their desire for change and the unpredictability of nature. They express optimism that if natural phenomena like the wind shifting direction or the sun rising can occur, then their own transformation is also feasible. The repetition of “So can I” reinforces their plea for a chance at redemption.

The bridge reiterates the plea for patience and perseverance from the narrator’s perspective. They implore their partner not to give up on them just yet, acknowledging the difficulty of the situation but expressing determination to overcome it.

The final chorus reaffirms the narrator’s hope for change despite the ongoing challenges. They recognize the persistence of adversity (“cold gray skies”) but remain steadfast in their belief that transformation is possible. The repetition of “So can I” encapsulates their unwavering plea for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “I couldn’t change overnight”
This phrase acknowledges the narrator’s recognition of their own limitations and the inability to transform instantaneously. It reflects the understanding that personal growth and change are gradual processes that require time, effort, and commitment. By admitting this, the narrator displays humility and self-awareness, indicating a willingness to confront their flaws and work towards improvement.

2. “Cashed in my last second chance I had left”
This line signifies the exhaustion of opportunities for redemption. The narrator has reached a critical point where they’ve utilized all available chances to amend past mistakes. It suggests a sense of finality and urgency, emphasizing the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate action to salvage the relationship. The imagery of “cashing in” implies a transactional aspect to forgiveness, where the currency is trust and the reserves have been depleted.

3. “That sun going down can come up in the morning”
This metaphor symbolizes hope and renewal in the face of adversity. Despite the current darkness and uncertainty represented by the setting sun, the promise of a new day dawning brings optimism. It conveys the idea of resilience and the inevitability of cycles, implying that even in the bleakest moments, there is the potential for a fresh start and brighter outcomes.

4. “Thunder comes rolling in”
This phrase signifies impending conflict or turmoil. Thunder, often associated with storms, represents the challenges and obstacles that disrupt the narrator’s efforts to change and maintain stability in their relationship. It suggests a sense of inevitability and unpredictability, highlighting the recurring nature of difficulties that threaten to derail progress. The imagery evokes a sense of foreboding and tension, emphasizing the uphill battle faced by the narrator.

5. “Just don’t give up on me yet”
This plea reflects the narrator’s vulnerability and desperation for their partner’s continued support and belief. Despite acknowledging their faults and past failures, the narrator expresses a profound desire for another chance at redemption. The use of “yet” implies an acknowledgment of the fragility of the situation and the possibility of eventual reconciliation if their partner remains steadfast. It encapsulates a plea for patience, understanding, and the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of forgiveness.


Who has sung “So Can I” song?
Austin Snell has sung “So Can I” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “So Can I” song?
Austin Snell has written the lyrics of “So Can I” song.

Who has given the music of “So Can I” song?
Austin Snell has given the music of “So Can I” song.

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