SIN PATENTE Lyrics – Perro Primo

The song “SIN PATENTE” by Perro Primo narrates the story of betrayal and self-realization. It advises those with a lover seeking another to turn away, return home, as satisfaction won’t be found elsewhere. The protagonist reflects on past roles, branding themselves a traitor for fleeting pleasure. They recount unconventional encounters, symbolizing rebellion against societal norms. Asserting independence, they reject superficiality, embracing authenticity. The chorus emphasizes detachment from materialism and societal pressures. Ultimately, the song implores honesty and warns of consequences for deceitful actions, advocating for self-awareness and genuine connections.


Si voce teu un enamorado y otro quiere conocer
Anda encarando pa otro lado es lo mejor que podes hacer
Volve pa tu casa y déjalo no te puede complacer
Pero hoy no te mandes ninguna porque todo va a volver

Voce’ antes era su señora
Y antes era su mujer
Y te volviste una traidora por un rato de placer
Te ganaste todos los tickets de ser la mujer infiel
Y te volviste una traidora

La traidora (Seguidilla)


Voy para puerto madero saco porro del cajero
Dijeron que no podía y le invite un churro al banquero
El banquero re feliz me dio una cuenta con dinero
Pero tengo dos afuera plata en pesos no la quiero

Me siento como homero hoy revoleo el sombrero
Me dijo que la quiera pero nena ya no quiero
Tienen nieve en el bolsillo y piensan que son sub zero
Cuando se te acabe el suelo
No te vas a caer al cielo

Sino toca no sirve
Si este baile no arranca
Si es por facha no compra

Le saco patente y me voy a pistear
Me compro cigarros lo lleno de nafta y la voy a buscar

Traidora si voce me ama decime ahora
Que la vida se termina
En media hora
Llora le parten el cora se reincorpora a mi no me jodas vivo de joda

Vení a la pista tírale gas a la chispa te caen bien los artistas y mal las chicas de revista
Hoy no te invito, no insistas
Que hoy invite a un par y a vos te gusta ser protagonista

Pa’ lo oscuro palo palo oscuro
Pa’ lo oscuro palo palo oscuro
Pa’ lo oscuro palo palo oscuro

Te gusta ser protagonista
Te gusta ser protagonista

Si voce teu un enamorado y otro quiere conocer
Anda encarando pa otro lado es lo mejor que podés hacer
Volve pa tu casa y déjalo no te puede complacer
Pero hoy no te mandes ninguna porque todo va a volver

SIN PATENTE Lyrics Explained

The opening lines advise someone who has a lover interested in another person to turn away and go in another direction, implying that it’s best to avoid such situations. The suggestion is to return home and leave the situation behind because seeking fulfillment elsewhere will ultimately lead to repercussions.

The second paragraph reflects on the transformation of the protagonist’s role from being someone’s wife or partner to becoming a traitor for the sake of momentary pleasure. It highlights the consequences of infidelity and the label of being unfaithful, suggesting remorse or realization of the protagonist’s actions.

The subsequent lines introduce a scene where the protagonist is engaged in rebellious or unconventional behavior, such as withdrawing money from an ATM and then offering mar!juana to a banker. This illustrates a disregard for conventional rules and societal expectations.

The fourth paragraph portrays a sense of disillusionment or detachment from relationships and societal norms. The protagonist expresses disinterest in romantic advances and criticizes individuals who flaunt materialism or a superficial lifestyle, suggesting a desire for authenticity and genuine connections.

The final lines emphasize the importance of authenticity and assertiveness in relationships. The protagonist rejects insincere gestures and invites others to embrace their true selves instead of seeking validation through external factors.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Anda encarando pa otro lado” (Turn away and go elsewhere): This phrase advises someone facing a situation where their lover is interested in another person to avoid confrontation and instead divert their attention elsewhere. It suggests that avoiding such situations is the best course of action to prevent further emotional distress.

2. “Volve pa tu casa y déjalo” (Return home and leave it): This phrase emphasizes the importance of returning to one’s own space and leaving behind the situation causing distress or discomfort. It suggests that retreating to a familiar and safe environment can provide solace and clarity in challenging situations.

3. “Todo va a volver” (Everything will come back): This phrase warns of the consequences of actions, implying that everything eventually returns or comes full circle. It suggests that decisions made in the present will have repercussions in the future, reinforcing the idea of accountability and responsibility for one’s choices.

4. “Te ganaste todos los tickets de ser la mujer infiel” (You’ve earned all the tickets to be the unfaithful woman): This phrase highlights the consequences of infidelity, metaphorically referring to “tickets” as tokens or evidence of being unfaithful. It suggests that engaging in deceitful behavior leads to a tarnished reputation and emotional consequences.

5. “Te gusta ser protagonista” (You like to be the protagonist): This phrase comments on someone’s desire for attention or prominence in situations. It implies that the individual enjoys being the center of attention and seeks validation or recognition in social interactions.


Who has sung “SIN PATENTE” song?
Perro Primo has sung “SIN PATENTE” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “SIN PATENTE” song?
Perro Primo has written the lyrics of “SIN PATENTE” song.

Who has given the music of “SIN PATENTE” song?
Perro Primo has given the music of “SIN PATENTE” song.

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