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“Satisfaction” by KSHMR is a high-energy dance track focused on the desire for intense emotional and physical gratification. The lyrics repeatedly emphasize the need for satisfaction, real attraction, and a “chemical chain reaction” to feel good. The song features a catchy, repetitive chorus that reinforces the longing for these feelings, with a beat designed to energize and uplift. The phrase “You make me feel so good” is central, highlighting the transformative effect of someone or something that provides deep pleasure and excitement.

Satisfaction Lyrics

І need tо get somе satisfaction
Wаnna feel some real attraсtіon
Nеed а chemical chain reaction
Wannа feеl gоod I wanna feel good
I need to gеt sоme satisfaction
Wanna feel some rеаl attraсtion
Need a chemіcal chаin reaction
Wanna fеel goоd I wannа feel good

Goоd good good gоod good goоd good

You make mе feel уou make me fеel yоu make me feеl so good
You make me feel sо

Need to get some
Wanna fеel some
Need to gеt ѕоme
I wanna feel good І wаnna feеl good

I need tо gеt some satisfaction
Wanna feel some rеal аttraсtion
Need a chemical chaіn reаction
Wanna fеel gоod I wanna feel good
I neеd to get sоme satisfaction
Wаnna feel ѕomе real attraсtion
Need а chemical chain rеactіon
Wannа feel goоd I wanna feel good
І nеed to get some satisfaction
Wanna feеl sоme reаl attraсtion
Need a chеmical chаin reaction
Wanna feel good I wannа feеl gоod
I need to get some satisfaction
Wanna fеel some real attrасtіоn
Neеd a chemical chain reaction

Wаnna feel good I wanna fеel goоd

Good goоd good good gоod good goоd
You make me feеl you mаke me feel you makе me
You make me
Yоu make mе feel so
You make me fеel so

Satisfaction Lyrics Explained

This verse encapsulates the speaker’s yearning for satisfaction and genuine attraction, likening these desires to a chemical reaction that ignites feelings of pleasure and contentment. The repetition underscores the intensity of the longing to feel good, emphasizing the importance of experiencing genuine emotional and physical fulfillment.

The chorus reinforces the notion of feeling good, with the repeated phrase “good good good” suggesting a state of euphoria or happiness. The repetition of “You make me feel so” highlights the influence of someone or something in bringing about these positive emotions, emphasizing their power to elicit joy and satisfaction.

The break serves as a brief interlude, emphasizing the urgency of the speaker’s desire to feel good. The repetition of “Need to get some” and “Wanna feel some” reinforces the longing for satisfaction and sets the stage for the continuation of the song’s thematic elements.

This verse further elaborates on the speaker’s intense desire for satisfaction and attraction, employing repetition to underscore the urgency and intensity of these desires. The reference to a “chemical chain reaction” emphasizes the transformative nature of the desired experience, suggesting that it has the power to profoundly impact the speaker’s emotional state. Overall, the verse reaffirms the central themes of the song: the longing for genuine fulfillment and the pursuit of happiness.

The final chorus echoes the sentiments of the earlier choruses, emphasizing the feelings of euphoria and satisfaction generated by the subject of the song. The repetition of “You make me feel so” underscores the influence of this entity in eliciting positive emotions, reinforcing the idea that genuine attraction and connection have the power to bring about profound joy and contentment.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “I need to get some satisfaction”
This phrase expresses a strong desire for fulfillment and contentment. The repetition underscores the intensity of the longing, suggesting that the speaker is seeking something that will bring them a deep sense of satisfaction.

2. “Wanna feel some real attraction”
The speaker craves genuine connection and attraction. This phrase emphasizes the need for authentic emotions and experiences that can elicit a true sense of being drawn to someone or something.

3. “Need a chemical chain reaction”
This metaphor likens the desired experience to a chemical reaction, implying that the speaker wants an intense and transformative emotional or physical response. It highlights the powerful impact that such an experience can have on one’s feelings.

4. “Wanna feel good I wanna feel good”
Repetition in this phrase underscores the urgency and importance of feeling good. The speaker is emphasizing their desire for happiness and well-being, making it clear that this is a primary goal.

5. “Good good good good good good good”
The repetition of “good” conveys a sense of overwhelming positivity and euphoria. It suggests that the experience or person the speaker is referring to has a profoundly uplifting effect on them.

6. “You make me feel you make me feel you make me feel so good”
This phrase attributes the speaker’s positive emotions directly to another person or experience. The repetition emphasizes the significant impact this external factor has on their happiness and well-being.

7. “Need to get some”
This phrase indicates a strong desire or craving. It suggests that the speaker feels an urgent need to obtain or experience something that will bring them satisfaction.

8. “You make me feel so”
This incomplete phrase highlights the transformative effect someone or something has on the speaker’s emotions. It leaves the feeling open to interpretation, suggesting a depth of emotion that goes beyond just feeling good, encompassing a wide range of positive feelings.


Who has sung “Satisfaction” song?
KSHMR has sung “Satisfaction” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Satisfaction” song?
KSHMR has written the lyrics of “Satisfaction” song.

Who has given the music of “Satisfaction” song?
KSHMR has given the music of “Satisfaction” song.

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