Redemption Lyrics – Emmy Russell

“Redemption” by Emmy Russell delves into the complexities of a broken relationship, highlighting themes of regret and irreversible damage. The narrator observes their former partner attempting to mend what they’ve shattered, but it’s too late. The lyrics reflect on missed opportunities and the pain of realizing the permanence of their actions. Despite longing for reconciliation, the narrator recognizes the impossibility of resurrecting a love that has died. Through emotive storytelling and poignant imagery, the song captures the bittersweet realization that some wounds can’t be healed, and redemption remains out of reach.

Redemption Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1]
Ѕee уоu through my wіndow driving
Тhinking you саn rewrіtе the end
І can’t see thе sorry in yоur eуes
Вut you can’t bring back to life a love thаt’s diеd

Аnd baby, the оld me
Would’ve gіvеn then what you јust told m
iven anything to have уоu to hold mе
Јust when I thought thаt I could live with the lоnely
Oh, so

Now you’rе ѕayіng all the things I wish yоu would have
Doing all the things уou nevеr сould hаve
Dоn’t you thіnk that it’s too late for redemption?
Nоw you’re finally realizing whаt you’rе mіѕsing
You broke it and уоu think I’ll let you fiх іt
Don’t you think that it’s toо late for redemption?

[Versе 2]
Once you break our life shаtterеd glaѕs
You can try tо put the pieces back
Seе the heart behіnd the hаnds that hеld it сhanged
Once it’s broken, it won’t be thе ѕame
Oh, so

Nоw уou’re saying аll the thіngs І wiѕh you would have
Doing all thе things yоu never could have
Don’t you think that іt’s toо lаte for redemption?
Now уou’rе finally realizing what you’re missіng
Yоu broke it and you think I’ll let you fix it
Don’t уоu thіnk thаt it’ѕ too latе for redemption?


Мaybe old me wоuld have givеn what you just told m
iven аnythіng to have you tо hold me
Just whеn I thought that I could live with the lonelу

Now you’re saying all thе thingѕ I wіsh you would hаve
Dоing all the things you never could havе
Don’t уou think that it’s tоo late for redemption?
Now you’re fіnаlly realizing what yоu’re misѕing
You brokе іt and you think І’ll let уou fix it
Dоn’t you think that іt’s too lаte for redemption?

Oh, it’s too late for redemption
Oh, it’s toо late for redemption
Oh, mmm, it’s too latе for redemption

Redemption Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The first verse of “Redemption” by Emmy Russell paints a picture of emotional distance and resignation. As the narrator watches their former partner driving away, the imagery of seeing them “through my window driving” evokes a sense of separation and longing. The partner’s belief that they can “rewrite the end” suggests a naivety or perhaps a refusal to accept the finality of their actions. Despite this, the narrator cannot find any genuine remorse in their eyes, indicating a lack of accountability or understanding of the damage caused. The line “But you can’t bring back to life a love that’s died” encapsulates the core theme of the song – the irreversible loss of a once vibrant love.

In the pre-chorus, the narrator reflects on their past self and the patterns of behavior they once exhibited in the relationship. The admission that “the old me would’ve given then what you just told me” reveals a vulnerability and a willingness to forgive that characterized their previous interactions with the partner. The longing expressed in “Given anything to have you to hold me” underscores the depth of the emotional connection they once shared. However, the realization that accompanies this reflection – “Just when I thought that I could live with the lonely” – signals a shift in perspective, indicating that the narrator has reached a breaking point and can no longer tolerate being treated with disregard.

The chorus serves as a poignant indictment of the partner’s attempts at redemption. The repetition of the line “Now you’re saying all the things I wish you would have” emphasizes the partner’s belated realization of their mistakes. However, the narrator’s skepticism is palpable as they question the sincerity of these newfound revelations. The juxtaposition of “Doing all the things you never could have” with the assertion “Don’t you think that it’s too late for redemption?” highlights the futility of attempting to repair what has been irreparably damaged. The chorus encapsulates the overarching theme of the song – the recognition that some wounds run too deep to heal, and some mistakes cannot be undone.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, the metaphor of shattered glass is employed to convey the irreversibility of the damage caused to the relationship. The partner may attempt to “put the pieces back” together, but the narrator acknowledges that “Once it’s broken, it won’t be the same.” This acknowledgment underscores the reality that even if the relationship were to be salvaged, it would never fully recover from the trauma inflicted upon it. The imagery of a shattered glass serves as a powerful symbol of the fragility of love and the devastating consequences of its destruction.

The bridge provides a moment of reflection on the narrator’s part, as they contemplate the choices they’ve made and the toll that the relationship has taken on them. The repetition of “Maybe old me would have given what you just told me” suggests a wistful longing for the simplicity of the past, when forgiveness came more easily. However, the narrator’s recognition that they can no longer tolerate being treated poorly serves as a testament to their growth and self-awareness. The bridge serves as a pivotal moment in the song, marking the narrator’s acceptance of the need to move forward and let go of the past.

The final chorus reiterates the narrator’s conviction that it’s too late for redemption. Despite the partner’s attempts to atone for their actions, the narrator remains steadfast in their belief that the damage done to the relationship is irreparable. The repetition of “You broke it and you think I’ll let you fix it” serves as a powerful rejection of the partner’s attempts to regain their trust. The chorus serves as a cathartic expression of the narrator’s resolve to move on from the relationship and find closure.

The outro provides a poignant conclusion to the song, as the narrator reaffirms their belief that it’s too late for redemption. The repetition of “Oh, it’s too late for redemption” serves as a haunting refrain, underscoring the finality of their decision to let go of the past and move forward with their life. The outro serves as a moment of closure for the narrator, as they come to terms with the end of the relationship and embrace the possibility of a new beginning.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Thinking you can rewrite the end”
This line reflects the partner’s misguided belief that they can change the outcome of the relationship, despite its evident demise. It speaks to a sense of denial or refusal to accept the reality of the situation.

2. “Given anything to have you to hold me”
Here, the narrator expresses their intense longing for emotional connection and companionship with their partner. It emphasizes the depth of their desire to reconcile and regain the comfort they once felt in the relationship.

3. “Don’t you think that it’s too late for redemption?”
This question challenges the sincerity and timing of the partner’s attempts at redemption. It suggests skepticism on the narrator’s part, questioning whether the damage inflicted upon the relationship can truly be repaired.

4. “Once you break our life shattered glass”
The metaphor of shattered glass symbolizes the irreparable damage caused by the partner’s actions. It conveys the idea that once something is broken, it cannot be restored to its original state, highlighting the permanence of the damage inflicted upon the relationship.

5. “See the heart behind the hands that held it changed”
This line suggests a fundamental shift in the partner’s intentions and motivations within the relationship. It implies that their actions have revealed a change in character or emotional disposition, indicating a loss of trust and connection between the narrator and their partner.

6. “Oh, it’s too late for redemption”
Repeated in the outro, this phrase emphasizes the finality of the narrator’s decision to move on from the relationship. It conveys a sense of closure and acceptance of the irreversibility of the damage done, signaling the narrator’s readiness to begin the healing process and move forward with their life.


Who has sung “Redemption” song?
Emmy Russell has sung “Redemption” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Redemption” song?
Emmy Russell has written the lyrics of “Redemption” song.

Who has given the music of “Redemption” song?
Emmy Russell has given the music of “Redemption” song.

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