Reaper’s Pull Lyrics – Graves (Hardcore)

Reaper’s Pull Lyrics by Graves (Hardcore) is a latest English song. Graves (hardcore) has created its tune while brand new Reaper’s Pull song lyrics are written by Graves (hardcore).

“Reaper’s Pull” by Graves delves into the anguish of inner turmoil and the struggle to find redemption amid personal demons. The lyrics reflect a profound sense of isolation and self-reliance, rejecting external assistance in confronting one’s own darkness. Themes of self-destructiveness, longing for change, and defiance against inner turmoil are prevalent. The metaphor of the reaper symbolizes the constant pull of destructive tendencies, despite the desire for peace and change. The song ultimately expresses a raw, unapologetic plea for self-acceptance and autonomy in the face of inner conflict.

Reaper’s Pull Lyrics by Graves (hardcore)

The illusion is useless
The pain in my heart it is ruthless
The longing for despair feels so right
I don’t need your help I can ruin it
By myself, I don’t need no body
By myself, I made this prison cell
By myself, I can ruin it
By myself, I’ll keep my hounds in hell

Disillusion my sense of purpose
It will all be fine
I’m clinging to the thoughts that one day I won’t waste my time

I need to find hope inside my fragile mind

Sins, the ones I carry deep inside of my skin
Like the reaper trying to pull me back in
But I know that I will feel it all again
I let the reaper pull me back in

I never wanted to feel like this
I’ve been lost I’ve been broken
Down by my own fist
I don’t want to feel this violent
Because there’s no peace in me
So just let me be

I keep myself in chains
Because I’m, I’m too afraid of the parts of me I’ll never change
Don’t give in to the pain
Terror erodes my mental state
Another state of mind left to decay Another state of mind that I know I’ll never change

I never wanted to feel like this
I’ve been lost I’ve been broken
Down by my own fist
I don’t want to feel this violent

Because there’s no peace in me

I’m broken, I’m losing
I’m failing, I’m falling
I feel so obtuse
It’s the only thing I have left
You can’t take it thief
I’m not asking for nobody to save me
From me

I don’t fu*king need you to save me
Save me

I don’t need your fu*king help
Keep those hounds in fu*king hell

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Reaper’s Pull Lyrics Meaning

The first stanza captures a sense of despair and self-reliance. The speaker acknowledges the uselessness of illusions and the ruthless pain in their heart. They express a longing for despair, indicating a familiarity or comfort in their own suffering. Rejecting external help, they claim agency in their self-destructive tendencies, declaring that they alone have constructed their own prison of despair and will manage it without assistance, even if it means keeping their demons (represented by “hounds”) at bay.

The second stanza speaks to a loss of purpose and a clinging to hope. The speaker grapples with disillusionment and a sense of wasted time, yet desperately seeks hope within their fragile psyche, hinting at a desire for redemption or change amidst the despair.

The third stanza delves into the burden of carrying inner sins and the struggle against relapse. The metaphor of the reaper represents the constant threat of succumbing to destructive tendencies, despite efforts to resist. The speaker acknowledges the inevitability of revisiting their pain and allowing themselves to be pulled back into its grasp.

Subsequent stanzas continue to explore themes of self-loathing, violence, and a yearning for peace within oneself. The speaker expresses a desire to break free from self-imposed chains and the fear of confronting their own flaws. They grapple with feelings of brokenness and failure, yet fiercely assert their autonomy, refusing external intervention and demanding the right to face their own demons alone.


Who has sung “Reaper’s Pull” song?
Graves (hardcore) has sung “Reaper’s Pull” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Reaper’s Pull” song?
Graves (hardcore) has written the lyrics of “Reaper’s Pull” song.

Who has given the music of “Reaper’s Pull” song?
Graves (hardcore) has given the music of “Reaper’s Pull” song.

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