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Plant Lyrics by Efterklang is a latest English song. Efterklang has created its tune while brand new Plant song lyrics are written by Efterklang.

“Plant” by Efterklang encapsulates a journey of introspection and longing. The repetition of “What began? What began?” hints at a search for meaning amid collapse. Metaphors like “cotton in the wind” and “tender water” evoke fragility and transience. The narrator’s vulnerability is palpable as they tremble and crumble, yet reach out for connection. The repeated plea for love underscores a deep desire for belonging, amidst a backdrop of uncertainty and dissolution.

Plant Lyrics by Efterklang

Que fue lo que empezó ? Que fue lo que empezó ?
Todo se derrumbó

Pick me up give us wings
You look like cotton in the wind
Tender water for a while
A tremble
On my heels
I crumble
On my knees
Arms reach out
We’re not belonging

Este amor el que quieres, este amor el que quieres

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Plant Lyrics Meaning

The opening lines, “Que fue lo que empezó? Que fue lo que empezó? Todo se derrumbó,” reflect on the confusion and despair of a situation that has unraveled, leaving the speaker questioning what went wrong.

The subsequent paragraph employs vivid imagery and metaphors to convey a sense of vulnerability and longing. “Pick me up give us wings” suggests a desire for upliftment and escape, while “You look like cotton in the wind” evokes a delicate and fleeting presence. “Tender water for a while” implies a brief respite amidst turbulence, before the speaker’s world starts to tremble and crumble, leaving them figuratively on their heels and knees.

The phrase “Arms reach out, We’re not belonging” captures the yearning for connection and belonging, despite feeling adrift or disconnected. It reflects a universal human desire for intimacy and understanding, even in moments of disarray or estrangement.

Finally, “Este amor el que quieres, este amor el que quieres” repeats the plea for a particular kind of love, suggesting a longing for a specific type of affection or connection that may be elusive or unattainable. This repetition underscores the depth of the speaker’s yearning and the intensity of their emotional state.


Who has sung “Plant” song?
Efterklang has sung “Plant” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Plant” song?
Efterklang has written the lyrics of “Plant” song.

Who has given the music of “Plant” song?
Efterklang has given the music of “Plant” song.

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