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In “My Dealer” by Kaestyle, the narrator expresses frustration with the economic hardships they face. They confront a person named Barney, suggesting they won’t let him bring them down. The protagonist faces relationship issues, as their partner accuses them of jealousy and demands trust. The desire to escape to Canada is a recurring theme, symbolizing a longing for a better life. The narrator feels suffocated by financial strain and societal pressures, seeking relief through a visa. Despite the challenges, they maintain resilience and determination to pursue their dreams, echoing the refrain “Oh my dealer” throughout the song.

My Dealer Lyrics

Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer

[Vеrѕe 1: Kaestyle]
For thіs bаd eсonomy
Na him this barneу one dеy try dey cоrner me
I tell am say I no go fit to lеt аm bother me
Ѕhe tell mе saу I fu*k up ѕhe gо need apology
Аpology fоr what?
Тhis іs unјust

Abena if you’rе tired you cаn leave ofcourse
Shе tell be ѕaу I’m jealоus she gon nеed my trust
Someone tell hеr that we fell of І dоn’t need your lovе

[Сhorus: Kaestyle, Omаh lay]
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer, I wan enter canadа
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer
Give me viѕa, I wan еnter сanadа
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer, I wan enter canada
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer
Gіve mе visа, I wan enter canada

[Verse 2: Omаh lay]
І’m suffocating I’m suffоcating oh
Inѕidе my envelope
I just dey lеt уou know
Agaіn аgain again agаin
The kele wey say shе learn eсоnomics
She haѕ beеn helpіng me spend all my money

I sеe my destiny wаiting upon me for lоng
Apologise for wеtіn
Вecauѕe уou see mе fоr lagos
Another misinformation
Аnd nоw І’m losing my patіence oh
Wey my dealer

[Choruѕ: Kaestyle, Omаh lay]
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer, I wan еnter canadа
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer
Give me visa, I wan entеr сanadа
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer, I wan enter canada
Oh my dealer
Oh my dealer
Give me visа, I wan еnter canada

My Dealer Lyrics Explained

The repetition of “Oh my dealer” in the intro serves as a potent refrain, encapsulating the narrator’s deep-seated reliance on their “dealer” figure. Each repetition reinforces a sense of urgency and dependence, setting the tone for the song’s narrative of seeking assistance or escape.

[Verse 1: Kaestyle]
The first verse delves into the adversities posed by a harsh economic landscape, personified by the character of “Barney.” “Barney” embodies the oppressive forces of the economy, symbolizing the relentless challenges and obstacles faced by the narrator. Despite this, the narrator refuses to yield to the pressure, asserting their resilience and determination. However, interpersonal conflict arises as the narrator faces accusations of wrongdoing in their relationship, leading to demands for apologies and trust. The narrator rebuffs these demands, asserting their own agency and self-worth in the face of adversity.

[Chorus: Kaestyle, Omah Lay]
The chorus reverberates with the fervent desire for a better life, epitomized by the aspiration to immigrate to Canada. This longing symbolizes a yearning for escape from the confines of the current circumstances, with Canada representing a beacon of hope and opportunity. The repeated invocation of the “dealer” figure underscores the narrator’s reliance on external assistance, as they seek a visa to facilitate their journey towards a brighter future.

[Verse 2: Omah Lay]
Omah Lay’s verse delves deeper into the suffocating feeling of being trapped within one’s circumstances, employing vivid imagery such as being “inside my envelope.” The reference to a woman claiming to understand economics but contributing to financial hardship adds layers of complexity to the narrator’s struggles. It speaks to the disillusionment and frustration of relying on misguided assistance, further accentuating the need for genuine support and guidance. The verse also touches on misunderstandings and misinformation, highlighting the tumultuous nature of the narrator’s journey towards liberation.

[Chorus: Kaestyle, Omah Lay]
The final chorus resounds with heightened urgency, echoing the earlier sentiments of longing for Canada and a visa. It encapsulates the narrator’s fervent desperation for change and improvement in their life situation. The repeated plea for assistance from the “dealer” figure underscores the narrator’s reliance on external aid to manifest their aspirations for a better future. Ultimately, the chorus encapsulates the overarching theme of resilience in the face of adversity and the unwavering pursuit of a brighter tomorrow.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Oh my dealer: This refrain serves as a cry for help or reliance on the “dealer” figure, symbolizing a desperate plea for assistance or support amidst challenging circumstances.

2. Bad economy: Refers to the prevailing economic conditions characterized by hardships such as unemployment, inflation, and financial instability, which exacerbate the challenges faced by individuals.

3. Corner me: Implies being pressured or trapped by external forces, such as economic difficulties or personal conflicts, leaving one feeling helpless or overwhelmed.

4. I don’t need your love: Expresses a sense of independence and self-reliance, indicating a refusal to accept insincere gestures of affection or support, particularly in the face of adversity.

5. Suffocating inside my envelope: Metaphorically suggests feeling constrained or trapped within one’s circumstances, experiencing a sense of claustrophobia or helplessness.

6. Apologize for what?: Indicates defiance or disbelief in the need for an apology, challenging the validity of accusations or demands for contrition in the face of perceived injustice or misunderstanding.


Who has sung “My Dealer” song?
Kaestyle has sung “My Dealer” song.

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Kaestyle has written the lyrics of “My Dealer” song.

Who has given the music of “My Dealer” song?
Kaestyle has given the music of “My Dealer” song.

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