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Moving Day Lyrics by Samara Cyn is a latest English song. Samara Cyn has created its tune while brand new Moving Day song lyrics are written by Samara Cyn.

“Moving Day” by Samara Cyn captures the journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With a mix of raw honesty and assertive attitude, the song delves into themes of resilience and determination. Samara reflects on past struggles and challenges, asserting her independence and refusing to be held back by negativity or setbacks. The lyrics touch on personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and embracing one’s individuality. With its catchy beats and confident delivery, “Moving Day” serves as an anthem for anyone striving to break free and make their mark on the world.

Moving Day Lyrics by Samara Cyn

Jump out, hop out
They put the whip up
Smooth bucket between Porsche, Rovers, Corvetted killlas
Walk in, “Damn, she fye”
Yeah, this a stick up
Daddy once told me the cool can’t be bought it’s with you
It’s on you
Like black on ice, like white on rice, or ice on blacks
Like cool on cats
You got it?
Watched the movie Ray, now I don’t see no complications
Instead I keep an ear out, still don’t mind them conversations

Right, wrong
They gon’ fawn for you
Keep closed, when doors open they flock to you
Back bone, you ain’t got it they gon’ do you
Keep the onion on you, these b!tches made to screw you
Stay running till hallelujah or milli quadruple mula
Controller of my medulla till I can go buy Abuja
Make n!ggas sick to they stomach
Give ’em blookah blookah blookahs
That’s gon’ move em out my way
Tell the DJ let them speakers blow and move em out my face, n!gga
It’s your motherfu*king moving day
Now, you ain’t got to go home
But you gon’ have to get the hell on tho
Move b!tch, get out the way
Tell these punk b!tches get the fu*k out my face
Move b!tch, get out the way
Tell these punk b!tches get the fu*k out my face
Yeah, woah
Just catch a glimpse of lil baby in her 20’s
She ain’t really supposed to be here
Should’ve got shot down in that closet by hooded n!ggas
Should’ve got shot down with Sheeky outside my apartment
Should’ve faded up that b!tch Jacey when she fu*ked Dre cause I fu*ked Dre

But didn’t want to let on I was hurt by what some n!gga say
But really it was principle still think about that s*it today
To think bout all the b!tches earned my fade but I just walked away
My parents should’ve really been vlogging since I was little
Been leading since I was little
Ambitious since I was special
And wasn’t just on my momma
My teachers said I was special
I pulled from things as a child I see now were moments scheduled
Exceed past expectations the pastor said he saw something

My journey wasn’t just for nothing
Them squabbles wasn’t just for nothing
That talk back ain’t go for nothing
Was always gon’ win at something
Was up to me what I wanted
Been moving since just a younging
Refuse to be someone stuck in time and never doing nothing
Jump in the circle get to sweating while I do my dougie
The heavy breathing if I do it I’m gon’ do it, honey
Whichever bets that form against me you gon’ lose yo money
Moving, moving, moving, moving, moving
B!tch, get out the way
Moving, moving, moving, moving, moving
B!tch, get out my face
It’s a moving day

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Moving Day Lyrics Meaning

The first paragraph sets the scene with imagery of luxury cars and a confident demeanor. “Jump out, hop out” implies a bold arrival, while “put the whip up” suggests parking a high-end vehicle. The speaker describes themselves as being amidst expensive cars (“Porsche, Rovers, Corvetted killlas”), exuding a sense of status and power. The phrase “this a stick up” could be interpreted as the speaker commanding attention and respect. The mention of parental advice about coolness being innate rather than bought emphasizes authenticity. References to “black on ice” and “white on rice” underscore the idea of natural compatibility and confidence.

The second paragraph reflects on the speaker’s experiences and lessons learned. Watching the movie “Ray” alludes to gaining insights from life experiences. Despite acknowledging the complexity of situations (“complications”), the speaker chooses to remain vigilant and cautious (“keep an ear out”) while not being overly concerned with the opinions of others. The lines about “fawning” and being sought after suggest a recognition of personal worth and the importance of self-respect. The metaphor of keeping “the onion on you” implies being prepared for deception or manipulation.

In the third paragraph, the speaker asserts their independence and readiness for change. “Moving day” symbolizes a transition or transformation, both physically and metaphorically. The directive to “get the hell on tho” conveys a sense of urgency and determination to leave behind anything or anyone hindering progress. The repetition of “Move b!tch, get out the way” reinforces the theme of asserting oneself and clearing obstacles. References to past encounters and missed opportunities highlight the speaker’s growth and resilience, as well as their refusal to dwell on past mistakes.

Overall, “Moving Day” by Samara Cyn is a reflection on personal growth, empowerment, and resilience. It encourages listeners to embrace change, assert their worth, and move forward with confidence, leaving behind anything that holds them back. Through vivid imagery, assertive language, and introspective reflections, the song captures the essence of self-discovery and the determination to carve out one’s path in life.


Who has sung “Moving Day” song?
Samara Cyn has sung “Moving Day” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Moving Day” song?
Samara Cyn has written the lyrics of “Moving Day” song.

Who has given the music of “Moving Day” song?
Samara Cyn has given the music of “Moving Day” song.

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