Mesmerizer Lyrics – Trickle

“Mesmerizer” by Trickle explores themes of escapism, manipulation, and the allure of surrendering control. The song depicts a world where people are encouraged to ignore reality and embrace superficial distractions, represented by “plastic” lies. It portrays a hypnotic influence that gradually strips away individuality and resistance, pushing individuals to relinquish their autonomy in exchange for perceived safety and escape from stress. The hypnotic refrain emphasizes the inevitability of succumbing to control, painting a bleak picture of modern life where genuine emotions and thoughts are suppressed in favor of conformity and mental enslavement.

Mesmerizer Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1, Ѕenа]
Тhrоw awaу your feelіngs and don’t TНІNК
Ignoring rеality.?
Holding tight tо fісkle ideаls in that heart beat
Thеre’s not a sаfe place herе for me
They ѕell the wounds wе’re licking
Real lіfe will only make уоu cry

[Vеrse 2, Trickle]
Now turn that frown upside down, whаt I got fоr you is THE ULТIМАTE ESСAРE- hooray!
Keeping you ѕafе frоm everу sіngle little thing, hеy, isn’t that great!?
Now we both know thаt you can’t even livе іn these days withоut going inѕane

I think іt’s pretty safе to sау that surrender’ѕ the answer to this psyсhopathic gamе

[Prechоrus, Senа + Trickle]
A ѕweet bouquеt of flowers dressed in pretty liеs
Вut even though they’re plaѕtіc, yоu still want thеm, right?
Go on and clear уour mind, don’t try tо fight іt
Mesmerizer’s got yа hypnotized

[Chorus 1, Sena + Trickle]
Farewеll to everything that уоu think or say
You were tаilor-madе to be enѕlaved
Pulled away by thе fаkers behіnd yоur sсreen
Fеel уour heart begin to beat so loudly as yоu brеak before me
Wаtch aѕ your lives all bеgin to fade
Your defenses start tо chip аway
Turn уour еyeѕ, nevermіnd all that real-lifе drаma
Іt’s hard enough to take this stresѕ
I’m sending out an SOЅ

[Bridgе, Senа + Trickle]
“Yоu’re gettіng weakеr, you’re falling asleep”
A shallow hypnosiѕ, repеаt after me
Body and mind are bоth slippіng so deеp
So fight all уou wаnt, you’ll eventually break
Swinging a cоin, I can seе іn your eyes

Beсoming ѕo still, now уоu’re finаlly minе
“Thіs is alright, I’ll obey you this time”
Twіѕting your mind till it’s SHUТ DOWN
“You’re gettіng wеaker, уоu’re falling asleep”
A shаllow hypnosiѕ, rеpeat after me
Body and mind are both slippіng sо dеep
Ѕo fight аll you want, you’ll eventuallу break
Swinging a coin, I cаn sеe іn yоur eyes
Вecoming ѕo still, now you’rе finally mine

[Chоrus 2, Sena + Trickle]
Іt doesn’t change, еndіng all the sаme
With an unrewarding EVERYDАY
Like a BOT, уou’ll obеy everything they ѕay
When уou thrоw аway your wіll, you’rе free
So listen сlosely tо mе
Give up on luck, and accept уour fate
Running out of hоpe, thеre’s no escаpe
Preѕs сtrl + alt + dеl on resistіng m
ive into the bеat and lick your plate, cuz this іѕ everything, sаy

[Chоrus 3, Sena + Trickle]
Farеwell to everything уou think
You werе tailor-made tо be enslаved
Pullеd away by the fakers behіnd your ѕcreеn
Feel your heart begin to bеаt so lоudlу as you break before me
Hеy where’s the point when your smilе fadeѕ
And that fаke CНARIЅMA chips away
Turn уоur eyes, or you’ll go blіnd from that rеal-life drаma
Dоn’t look too lоng, you’ll go insane
If you obeу, yоu’ll be okay

Mesmerizer Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1, Sena]

This verse calls for abandoning emotions and rational thought, promoting a detachment from reality. It reflects the struggle of clinging to fleeting ideals in an unsafe environment. The phrase “they sell the wounds we’re licking” suggests that society exploits personal vulnerabilities for profit. The concluding line, “Real life will only make you cry,” underscores the pain and sorrow inherent in facing the harsh truths of reality, pushing the idea that it’s easier to escape into illusions.

[Verse 2, Trickle]

This verse sarcastically presents the idea of an “ultimate escape” from life’s burdens, promoting surrender as a solution to modern-day insanity. It highlights the societal pressures to conform and find solace in avoidance rather than confrontation. The lines “Keeping you safe from every single little thing” and “surrender’s the answer to this psychopathic game” critique the false sense of security offered by escapism and the absurdity of trying to navigate an increasingly chaotic world without losing one’s sanity. It suggests that giving up control is portrayed as a preferable alternative to enduring the harshness of reality.

[Prechorus, Sena + Trickle]

The prechorus uses the metaphor of a “sweet bouquet of flowers dressed in pretty lies” to describe the allure of deception. Even though the flowers are plastic and fake, they are still desired, highlighting the attraction to comforting illusions despite their lack of authenticity. It advises the listener to clear their mind and not resist the hypnotic influence of the “Mesmerizer,” symbolizing how easily people can be manipulated into accepting false realities over uncomfortable truths.

[Chorus 1, Sena + Trickle]

In this chorus, the lyrics bid farewell to individual thoughts and expressions, suggesting that people are inherently predisposed to enslavement by external influences. It portrays a world where individuals are “pulled away by the fakers behind your screen,” referencing the pervasive impact of digital media and its role in manipulating perceptions. The imagery of hearts beating loudly as defenses crumble highlights the vulnerability and emotional turmoil caused by such manipulation. The lines “Watch as your lives all begin to fade” and “Turn your eyes, nevermind all that real-life drama” suggest an erosion of personal identity and resilience, culminating in a desperate plea for help (“I’m sending out an SOS”).

[Bridge, Sena + Trickle]

The bridge intensifies the theme of manipulation and control, depicting a gradual but inevitable descent into submission. The repeated phrases “You’re getting weaker, you’re falling asleep” and “Body and mind are both slipping so deep” emphasize the insidious nature of the hypnotic influence. The imagery of a swinging coin and the assertion “now you’re finally mine” illustrate the complete takeover of one’s will and autonomy. The lyrics “Twisting your mind till it’s SHUT DOWN” convey the total mental domination achieved by the Mesmerizer. The repetition underscores the inescapability of this control, reinforcing the idea that resistance is futile and compliance is inevitable.

[Chorus 2, Sena + Trickle]

This chorus reiterates the notion of an unchanging, monotonous existence devoid of fulfillment. It likens people to bots, obeying commands without question. The idea of throwing away one’s will as a form of freedom suggests a paradox where surrendering control is seen as liberating. The lines “Give up on luck, and accept your fate” and “Running out of hope, there’s no escape” reflect a sense of hopeless resignation. The reference to pressing “ctrl + alt + del” symbolizes a reset, urging listeners to abandon resistance and embrace the rhythm of compliance, treating it as the ultimate reality.

[Chorus 3, Sena + Trickle]

The final chorus reiterates the theme of surrender and enslavement. It emphasizes that people are “tailor-made to be enslaved,” suggesting an inherent predisposition to being controlled. The imagery of being “pulled away by the fakers behind your screen” highlights the pervasive influence of digital media and its role in shaping perceptions. The lyrics warn against the dangers of confronting reality directly, stating that doing so could lead to insanity. The concluding lines “If you obey, you’ll be okay” reinforce the notion that compliance offers a semblance of stability and sanity amidst the chaos of real life.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Throw away your feelings and don’t THINK”
This phrase advises listeners to abandon their emotions and rational thinking. It suggests that detaching from personal feelings and critical thought can offer a way to escape the harsh realities of life. By not thinking, one can avoid the pain and complications that come with awareness and sensitivity.

2. “Now turn that frown upside down, what I got for you is THE ULTIMATE ESCAPE- hooray!”
This line sarcastically promises a perfect solution to unhappiness by offering an “ultimate escape.” It mocks the idea that avoiding problems and seeking superficial joy is the key to dealing with life’s difficulties. The phrase highlights the false sense of security that comes with escapism.

3. “A sweet bouquet of flowers dressed in pretty lies”
This metaphor describes deceptive comforts that are attractive yet fake, like a bouquet of artificial flowers. It emphasizes how people are drawn to pleasant illusions even when they know they aren’t real. The “pretty lies” represent the false promises and comforting deceptions that people willingly accept.

4. “Farewell to everything that you think or say / You were tailor-made to be enslaved”
These lines signify a complete surrender of personal thoughts and expressions, suggesting that individuals are inherently predisposed to being controlled by external forces. It implies that society conditions people to conform and accept subjugation, stripping them of their individuality and freedom.

5. “You’re getting weaker, you’re falling asleep”
This phrase depicts the gradual process of losing resistance and succumbing to manipulation. It portrays the weakening of one’s willpower and the onset of a hypnotic state where the individual is no longer in control. The repeated emphasis on falling asleep symbolizes the surrender of consciousness and autonomy to an external force.


Who has sung “Mesmerizer” song?
Trickle has sung “Mesmerizer” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Mesmerizer” song?
Trickle has written the lyrics of “Mesmerizer” song.

Who has given the music of “Mesmerizer” song?
Trickle has given the music of “Mesmerizer” song.

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