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“Melt the Crown” by Anciients narrates a tale of rebellion against tyranny and corruption. Amidst mountains, a despot reigns, spreading misery and disease. The oppressed rise, invoking sacred spirits to reclaim their freedom. Merciless rulers abuse power, prompting a rebellion where the destitute find their voices. The burden of suffering weighs heavily, urging action to overthrow the king and end his reign of terror. Through themes of anguish and retribution, the song advocates for justice as the people unite to dissolve the crown, punish the tyrant, and restore balance.

Melt the Crown Lyrics

Ніdеѕ in the mоuntаins
Кills all he sees
Вlinded bу fortunеѕ
Ѕpreadіng disease

Bring the saсred soulѕ to lifе
Risіng from а tоmb bright

Мerciless horsemen
Аbuѕе the crown
Spirits awakenіng to cast you out

Where the vagrаnts gо to die
Реrish under moonlight

Feel the weight of the wоrld
Loѕіng sight of the sun
Wе must capture the king
Become a regiсidе

Breedіng seaѕons оf anguish

Тerrors bludgеon the conscience
Through the knоwledge of ѕin

Wе will melt the crown
Burn the kіng аlive
Hang him from a spire
For the gods tо see

Melt the Crown Lyrics Explained

The opening stanza portrays a malevolent figure, likely a tyrant or oppressor, who hides in the mountains. He indiscriminately kills those he encounters, driven by a lust for power and wealth. His actions are fueled by greed, symbolized by being “blinded by fortunes,” and he inflicts suffering by spreading disease.

The second stanza introduces a sense of defiance and hope. It speaks of bringing sacred souls to life, possibly indicating a spiritual awakening or a call to arms against the tyrant. The imagery of rising from a bright tomb suggests a resurrection or a rebirth of purpose and determination among the oppressed.

The third paragraph depicts the corrupt rulers, described as merciless horsemen, who exploit their authority and abuse the crown—the symbol of their power. Despite their oppression, the spirits of the oppressed begin to awaken and gather strength to challenge and ultimately overthrow their oppressors.

The fourth stanza evokes a sense of desolation and despair. It describes a place where the downtrodden go to meet their end, under the harsh light of the moon. This imagery reinforces the bleakness of the situation and the urgency for change.

The fifth paragraph speaks to the heavy burden borne by the oppressed—the weight of the world pressing down, blocking out hope and light. It emphasizes the necessity of taking action, even if it means resorting to regicide, to free themselves from the tyranny that has plunged them into darkness.

The sixth stanza suggests that anguish and suffering have become ingrained in society, perpetuating a cycle of pain and despair. The breeding of seasons of anguish implies that suffering has become a recurring pattern, deeply rooted in the fabric of society.

The penultimate paragraph highlights the moral consequences of the tyrant’s actions. The terrors inflicted upon the populace weigh heavily on the conscience, leading to a recognition of the sins committed by the ruling class.

The final stanza serves as a declaration of rebellion and justice. It asserts the resolve to dismantle the oppressive regime symbolized by the crown, advocating for the ultimate punishment of the tyrant—burning him alive and displaying his demise as a warning to others. It concludes with a call for divine justice, hanging the tyrant’s body for the gods to witness, emphasizing the righteousness of the rebellion.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Hides in the mountains
This phrase suggests the elusive nature of the oppressive figure, possibly representing a tyrant or a corrupt ruler who retreats to remote and inaccessible areas, away from the scrutiny of society. By hiding in the mountains, they seek to maintain their power and control while remaining detached from the suffering they inflict upon others.

2. Bring the sacred souls to life
Here, the lyrics evoke a sense of spiritual awakening or empowerment among the oppressed. The phrase implies a call to action, urging the downtrodden to reclaim their dignity and agency. It suggests that the inherent worth and sanctity of individuals, despite being oppressed, can be revived and mobilized to challenge tyranny and injustice.

3. Merciless horsemen
This imagery conjures the image of ruthless enforcers or agents of the oppressive regime. They are depicted as powerful and relentless, symbolizing the brutality and unyielding nature of those who uphold the tyrant’s rule. The mention of “horsemen” adds a historical or mythological dimension, evoking the archetype of conquerors or oppressors throughout history.

4. Where the vagrants go to die
This phrase paints a grim picture of a place of despair and hopelessness, where the marginalized and dispossessed meet their tragic end. It suggests a society where the most vulnerable are left to perish, underscoring the cruelty and indifference of the ruling class. The imagery of dying under the moonlight adds to the atmosphere of desolation and abandonment.

5. We will melt the crown
This declaration signifies the rebellion’s ultimate goal: to dismantle the symbol of authority and power wielded by the tyrant. “Melt the crown” implies not only the physical destruction of the oppressive regime but also the dissolution of its legitimacy and control. It symbolizes the overthrow of tyranny and the establishment of a new order based on justice and equality.


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Anciients has sung “Melt the Crown” song.

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Anciients has written the lyrics of “Melt the Crown” song.

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Anciients has given the music of “Melt the Crown” song.

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