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“Melt the Crown” by Anciients is a powerful anthem against tyranny and corruption. The lyrics depict a world where power corrupts absolutely, with rulers hiding in mountains, blinded by greed, and spreading suffering. The song calls for rebellion, urging the oppressed to rise against their oppressors. It speaks of awakening spirits and the necessity of overthrowing the merciless rulers. The imagery of burning the king alive and hanging him for the gods to see symbolizes the desire for justice and the end of tyranny. Overall, “Melt the Crown” is a rallying cry for liberation and the downfall of oppressive regimes.

Melt the Crown Lyrics

Ніdеѕ in the mоuntаins
Кills all he sees
Вlinded bу fortunеѕ
Ѕpreadіng disease

Bring the saсred soulѕ to lifе
Risіng from а tоmb bright

Мerciless horsemen
Аbuѕе the crown
Spirits awakenіng to cast you out

Where the vagrаnts gо to die
Реrish under moonlight

Feel the weight of the wоrld
Loѕіng sight of the sun
Wе must capture the king
Become a regiсidе

Breedіng seaѕons оf anguish

Тerrors bludgеon the conscience
Through the knоwledge of ѕin

Wе will melt the crown
Burn the kіng аlive
Hang him from a spire
For the gods tо see

Melt the Crown Lyrics Explained

“Melt the Crown” by Anciients presents a vivid narrative of oppression and rebellion. The opening lines depict a tyrant, secluded in the mountains, whose lust for power leads to widespread destruction, likened to a disease. The subsequent stanza expresses a yearning for the revival of noble values and virtues, symbolized by the emergence of souls from darkness.

The song portrays enforcers of tyranny, depicted as “merciless horsemen” abusing their authority. However, resistance grows as spirits awaken to challenge oppression. The desolate setting where the oppressed perish under moonlight underscores the grim reality of life under tyranny.

The lyrics capture the burden of resistance, urging action against the oppressive ruler even if it means resorting to regicide. The cycle of anguish perpetuated by tyranny is metaphorically described as “breeding seasons.”

The song delves into the inner conflict experienced by those living under tyranny, where terrors assail the conscience, leading to a heightened awareness of sin and injustice. Ultimately, there’s a defiant call to overthrow the tyrant, symbolized by melting the crown, burning the king alive, and displaying their demise as a message to the gods.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Hides in the mountains”
This phrase paints a vivid image of a tyrant or oppressive force seeking refuge in remote, inaccessible places, away from the reach of justice or scrutiny. It symbolizes the isolation and impunity enjoyed by those in power, who perpetrate atrocities while hiding from accountability.

2. “Bring the sacred souls to life”
Here, the lyrics evoke a sense of resurrection or revival, suggesting a call to awaken the inherent goodness or noble qualities that lie dormant within individuals. It speaks to the need for reclaiming virtues and values that have been suppressed or forgotten amidst the darkness of oppression.

3. “Merciless horsemen”
This phrase conjures images of brutal enforcers or soldiers who serve the tyrant’s regime without compassion or restraint. They symbolize the instruments of oppression, enforcing the ruler’s will through violence and intimidation, disregarding the suffering they inflict upon the populace.

4. “Where the vagrants go to die”
This line describes a desolate, forsaken place where the marginalized and oppressed meet their end, often abandoned by society and left to perish in obscurity. It reflects the grim reality faced by those who resist or are deemed expendable by the oppressive regime.

5. “We will melt the crown”
This powerful declaration signifies the intent to dismantle the tyrant’s power and authority symbolized by the crown. It represents a rebellion against the established order, with the aim of rendering the ruler powerless and holding them accountable for their tyranny. The imagery of melting the crown implies a definitive end to the oppressive regime, paving the way for justice and liberation.


Who has sung “Melt the Crown” song?
Anciients has sung “Melt the Crown” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Melt the Crown” song?
Anciients has written the lyrics of “Melt the Crown” song.

Who has given the music of “Melt the Crown” song?
Anciients has given the music of “Melt the Crown” song.

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