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Medo de Quem? Lyrics by WIU is a latest Portuguese song in the voice of WIU. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Medo De Quem? song lyrics are also written by WIU. It is a blend of romance and recklessness, capturing a carefree spirit through its lyrics. The song depicts a life of indulgence and pleasure-seeking escapades. WIU sings about his car as a sanctuary where chaotic moments unfold, with a partner who’s both wild and captivating. Despite attempts to resist temptation, he finds himself drawn in by her devilish charm. WIU embraces his lavish lifestyle with pride, finding meaning in material wealth and the rush it brings. Yet amidst the extravagance, he aims to preserve his essence, seeking to balance hedonism with authenticity. The track pulses with confidence and swagger, celebrating life’s luxuries while acknowledging its darker edges. WIU’s verses are a testament to self-mastery and resilience, showing no fear in the face of challenges. Ultimately, “Medo de Quem?” paints a picture of a life lived boldly, unapologetically, and on his own terms.

Medo de Quem? Lyrics

[Verso 1]
Eu não me importo em sujar o banco da frente
Enquanto tô bolando esse bé
Só não quero sujar o de trás no banco de trás onde tudo acontece
Dentro do meu carro, ela xinga e me arranha
Ela seca meu pote, acaba minha ganja
Ela joga o cabelo e se perde na onda
Eu tento dizer não, mas nada adianta
Hoje é fácil gostar de mim mas tudo bem (Tudo bem)
Esse olhar de demônio quer me ver refém
Balança a bunda, joga b!tch, me entretém
Essas notas de cem me fazem não amar ninguém

Esse drip é a única razão da minha existência
Vários bagulhos doido da vida, eu tive paciência
Hoje a meta é viver do melhor sem perder a essência
Liguei só p’ra te convidar

Vem chapar, que eu já tô chegando e não vou demorar
Tem balão, tem vela, fogo, sol e mar
Coisas muito fáceis de se acostumar e te impressionar

[Verso 2]
Meio romântico, meio insano, inconsequente, fazendo a mente
Achei a paz guardei os pente
Ouro no dente, Deus ‘tá na frente
Eu dominei isso aqui, vou ter medo de quem?
Fechei o vip mas foi tudo p’ra gente
Eu vou morrer de frio, congelei meu pingente
O mundo tá sombrio, vejo a luz lá na frente (Hey, hey)
Elas amam meu pescoço, tem o baguete servidos no almoço
Aquela bad era osso, tranquei ela dentro do calabouço
Tudo que eu tinha era o esboço, hoje eu sinto que eu tenho o quadro todo É
Eu tenho molho, a grana multiplica mais que piolho
Mas já deu de falar quando eu abro meu Zip essa mina se cala
Pede o segundo round pela décima vez no sofá da sala
Fumando esse back na varanda no meu RG tu vê o nome de quem manda

No meu ouvido ela prova que nunca foi santa (Ahn)
Você ‘,tá doce na calcinha Dolce & Gabana

Vem chapar, que eu já tô chegando e não vou demorar
Tem balão, tem vela, fogo, sol e mar
Coisas muito fáceis de se acostumar e te impressionar


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Medo de Quem? Lyrics Meaning

[Verso 1]
In the first verse of “Medo de Quem?” WIU paints a vivid picture of his car as a sanctuary for indulgence and chaos. He’s unconcerned about messing up the front seat while he rolls a joint (“bé”), but he draws the line at dirtying the backseat, where he knows all the action happens. Inside the car, his companion curses and scratches him, drains his stash of ganja, and loses herself in the moment. WIU attempts to resist her charms but finds himself drawn to her devilish gaze and provocative moves. Reflecting on his current popularity, he muses about how everyone seems to like him now, even though he knows the risks involved. Money (“notas de cem”) has become a central pillar of his existence, and after enduring life’s wild twists and turns, his current goal is to live the high life without losing touch with his core identity. His call at the end of the verse is casual, simply inviting someone over, highlighting his nonchalant approach to pleasure-seeking.

The chorus echoes this carefree attitude, inviting someone to come over quickly (“vem chapar”), promising a gathering filled with balloons, candles, fire, sun, and sea—simple yet effective elements that promise to impress and entertain effortlessly.

[Verso 2]
In the second verse, WIU contrasts his romantic inclinations with his wild, sometimes reckless behavior. He describes finding peace amidst the chaos of his life (“achei a paz”), proudly showcasing his gold tooth and expressing his faith in a higher power (“Deus ‘tá na frente”). WIU exudes confidence, questioning who he should fear now that he’s mastered his environment. Despite reserving a VIP section, he shares it generously with others, demonstrating a mix of extravagance and generosity. Amidst a seemingly bleak world, WIU sees a bright future ahead. He reflects on the allure he holds over women (“elas amam meu pescoço”), flaunting his wealth symbolized by baguettes served at lunch. WIU recounts overcoming past hardships (“aquela bad era osso”) and feeling like he’s finally completed life’s puzzle. He asserts his confidence (“eu tenho molho”) and his ability to effortlessly multiply his wealth. When he opens his “zip,” metaphorically revealing his true self or possessions, it silences any doubters. He recalls intimate moments and asserts his dominance in his relationships, teasingly mentioning designer lingerie (“calcinha Dolce & Gabana”).

The chorus repeats its invitation for a spontaneous gathering, reinforcing WIU’s carefree and hedonistic lifestyle, where simple pleasures are effortlessly enjoyed and leave a lasting impression.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Esse drip é a única razão da minha existência
This line emphasizes the importance of stylish and expensive clothing (“drip”) in defining the speaker’s identity and purpose in life, suggesting a strong focus on materialistic values and outward appearances.

2. “Balança a bunda, joga b!tch, me entretém
Here, the speaker expresses enjoyment in provocative dancing and attention-seeking behavior from a woman who entertains him, highlighting a hedonistic and pleasure-seeking lifestyle.

3. “Essas notas de cem me fazem não amar ninguém
This phrase reflects how money has affected the speaker’s relationships, implying that wealth has made them emotionally detached and cynical towards love, prioritizing material gain over emotional connections.

4. “Eu vou morrer de frio, congelei meu pingente
In a metaphorical sense, this line suggests that despite being surrounded by luxury (“pingente” likely refers to a valuable pendant), the speaker still feels a sense of coldness or emptiness, possibly due to deeper emotional or existential issues.

5. “Você ‘,tá doce na calcinha Dolce & Gabana
This provocative line suggests the speaker’s intimate familiarity with luxury and designer items like Dolce & Gabbana lingerie, highlighting a lifestyle characterized by opulence and indulgence in high-end goods.


Q. Who has sung Medo de Quem? song?
A. Medo de Quem? song is sung by WIU.

Q. Who wrote Medo de Quem? lyrics?
A. Medo de Quem? lyrics are penned by WIU.

Q. Who has given the music of Medo de Quem? song?
A. Medo de Quem? music is composed and produced by WIU.

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