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MDMX Lyrics by A Ferg is a latest English song. A Ferg has created its tune while brand new Mdmx song lyrics are written by A Ferg.

“MDMX” by A Ferg is a boastful track celebrating opulence and success. Ferg flaunts his wealth with references to luxury items like Rolex watches and expensive jewelry. He exudes confidence in his abilities, claiming to be the best and effortlessly moving on from past relationships. The song’s energetic beat complements Ferg’s aggressive delivery as he raps about his Harlem roots and maintaining authenticity despite his superstar status. It’s a bold anthem of self-assurance and unapologetic indulgence.

MDMX Lyrics by A Ferg

[Intro: A Ferg]
Uh, ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha
Ha-ha (Yeah, b!tch)
Woo (Ha-ha)
Ow (Uh), woo-woo

[Chorus: A Ferg]
Flex, jets, yeah
Hummers, Lex’ (B!tch)
Rolex, more s*x, yeah
Five-hundred (B!tch) on baguettes, yeah

I feel myself like I’m on X

[Verse 1: A Ferg]
I know I’m the best (Yes, best)
Come and fu*k with the best (Yeah, b!tch)
When I’m done with that b!tch (B!tch, b!tch)
I done fu*k with my ex (Woo-woo)
I am holding my nuts (What?)
I just go to the next (What?)
Let her run up a check (What? Yeah)
Come and hop on a jet (Yeah, yeah)
I really finesse, yeah
The house with the dead (Yeah, yeah)
They getting vexed (Yeah, yeah)
Won’t pick up my b!tch in the nest (Yeah, woo)
I put on my set (Woo, woo)
Yeah, they making ’em checks
See what cap on my pets
And them diamond baguettes, yeah

[Chorus: A Ferg]
Flex, jets, yeah
Hummers, Lex’ (B!tch)
Rolex, more s*x, yeah
Five-hundred (B!tch) on baguettes (Ow)

I feel myself like I’m on X (Okay)

[Verse 2: A Ferg]
Most of my n!ggas be keeping it trill
Some of them n!ggas, they keeping it real
Never stop ’til I go run up a bill’
I’m feeling myself like I just popped a seal
All of this water, I feel like a seal
All of these b!tches, I feel like I’m Seal
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (S*it)
I’m ready to kill (B!tch)
Been in this s*it, n!gga, I’m a vet’ (What?)
Can’t fu*k with the boy because nothing upset
Cartier diamonds that look through ***
New crib in Jamaica, I’m looking at stats
Jets, jets (Jets), jets (Jets), jets (I’m a villain)
Jets, jets, jets, jets (I’m a villain)

[Chorus: A Ferg]
Flex, jets (B!tch)
Hummers, Lex’, yeah
Rolex, more s*x (Rolex, n!gga, run the world)
Five-hundred on baguettes (Run the world)
I feel myself like I’m on X, yeah

[Verse 3: Sheck Wes]
I’m from Harlem world, my b!tch gotta have that fatty
Free my dogs, aye, high, threw ’em in a patty
I’m a superstar, I still keep my ratty
I’m a superstar, I still keep my skevvy

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MDMX Lyrics Meaning

[Intro: A Ferg]
The introductory ad-libs and exclamations in “MDMX” by A Ferg serve to establish the high-energy and confident atmosphere of the song. With playful vocalizations and assertive interjections, Ferg sets the stage for a track that exudes swagger and extravagance.

[Chorus: A Ferg]
In the chorus, Ferg boasts about his extravagant lifestyle, flaunting his wealth and indulgence in luxury. He name-drops items like “Flex,” “jets,” “Hummers,” “Lex’,” and “Rolex,” symbolizing opulence and success. References to “more s*x” and spending “Five-hundred on baguettes” further underscore his lavish lifestyle. Additionally, Ferg mentions feeling like he’s on “X,” likely a nod to the drug ecstasy, suggesting a heightened state of euphoria and invincibility.

[Verse 1: A Ferg]
Ferg’s first verse oozes confidence and assertiveness as he proclaims his superiority and indifference towards past relationships. He confidently asserts his status as “the best,” inviting others to engage with him on his terms. Ferg displays a nonchalant attitude towards his ex-partners, indicating a willingness to move on without hesitation. Lines like “I am holding my nuts” and “Let her run up a check” portray a sense of dominance and control. Ferg also showcases his penchant for luxury and extravagance, mentioning his finesse and penchant for expensive items like diamond baguettes and private jets.

[Chorus: A Ferg]
The chorus repeats, reinforcing the themes of opulence, excess, and euphoria present in Ferg’s lifestyle. Each mention of luxury items and indulgences further solidifies his image as a larger-than-life figure reveling in his success and wealth.

[Verse 2: A Ferg]
Ferg’s second verse delves deeper into his mindset and experiences, highlighting themes of authenticity and resilience. He praises his friends for remaining true to themselves and emphasizes his own confidence and resilience in the face of adversity. Ferg likens himself to a seal swimming in water, surrounded by abundance, and exudes confidence in his status as a seasoned veteran in the music industry. References to Cartier diamonds and a new crib in Jamaica underscore his continued success and affluence.

[Chorus: A Ferg]
Once again, the chorus emphasizes Ferg’s extravagant lifestyle and his sense of invincibility and euphoria. The repetition of luxury items and indulgences serves to reinforce his image as a flamboyant and larger-than-life figure reveling in his success.

[Verse 3: Sheck Wes]
In the final verse, Sheck Wes adds his perspective, representing Harlem and emphasizing the importance of physical attraction and loyalty in his relationships. Despite achieving superstardom, Sheck Wes remains grounded, mentioning his humble beginnings and his commitment to maintaining authenticity. References to his “ratty” and “skevvy” roots suggest that despite his success, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from, staying true to his roots amidst the trappings of fame and fortune.


Who has sung “MDMX” song?
A Ferg has sung “MDMX” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “MDMX” song?
A Ferg has written the lyrics of “MDMX” song.

Who has given the music of “MDMX” song?
A Ferg has given the music of “MDMX” song.

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