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Maria do Olho Verde Lyrics by WIU is a latest Portuguese song in the voice of WIU. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Maria Do Olho Verde song lyrics are also written by WIU. It is a vibrant tribute to a deep, soulful connection. The song envelops a soothing vibe, starting with tender lyrics that describe how only one person can truly relax and comfort the singer with a kiss. The lyrics paint a picture of warmth and intimacy, where this special person not only perfumes their soul but also brings solace in moments of cold. Amidst the distractions of life, the singer finds it hard to resist this irresistible allure, acknowledging the difficulty of balancing love with daily demands. Yet, the promise of an endless connection lingers, expressed through a desire for shared moments and relaxed times together. The chorus emphasizes the unique bond, celebrating the green-eyed girl who brings color to their world and defiance to those who underestimate their union. Ultimately, “Maria do Olho Verde” is a heartfelt ode to love’s transformative power, illuminating even the deepest corners of the mind with its warmth and depth.

Maria do Olho Verde Lyrics


[Refrão 1]
Só você me relaxa quando beija minha boca
Me põe p’ra dormir, não me deixa só
Perfuma minha alma, deusa da voz rouca
Me aquece no frio, deixa o dia melhor

[Verso 1]

Desculpa, eu sei que eu tô meio ocupado
Essa garota é cheirosa p’a caralho
Impossível resistir ao teu chamado
É que ela ama interromper o meu trabalho
E eu deixo, porque que é que eu deixo?
Eu acho que essa não vai dar p’ra responder
Promete que não vai desaparecer
Preciso de uma fonte infinita de você (Ooh)
Só preciso de uma rede, um reggaezing e nós dois (Uh-huh)
Se tiver trampo hoje, nós deixa p’ra depois (Ae, ooh)
Acalma minha mente, a vibe não mente, mas eu penso demais

[Refrão 1]
Só você me relaxa quando beija minha boca
Me põe p’ra dormir, não me deixa só
Perfuma minha alma, deusa da voz rouca
Me aquece no frio, deixa o dia melhor

[Verso 2]
Menina do olho verde vem dançar p’ra mim
Me faz enxergar cores que eu nunca vi
Dedo do meio p’ra quem nos oprime (Yeah, yeah)
Como se a gente junto fosse um crime
Não nos atinge quem no subestima
A gente joga o nível mais em cima

Pouco tempo mas já é íntima de mim
Sei que você quer fogo
E eu te quero mesmo que o tempo seja pouco
Ay, eu nem sei como te agradecer
Por ter abraçado os devaneios de um louco (Louco)
Ah, olha o que a gente se tornou
Teu cheiro na minha camisa em todo lugar que eu vou
Ay, tua onda me iluminou mas eu penso demais

[Refrão 2]
Só você me acalma quando beija minha boca
Me põe p’ra dormir, não me deixa só
Perfuma minha alma, deusa da voz rouca
Me aquece no frio, deixa o dia melhor


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Maria do Olho Verde Lyrics Meaning

[Refrão 1]
This chorus expresses the singer’s profound dependence on their partner for emotional solace and warmth. It describes how only their partner’s kiss can soothe them, easing them into sleep and dispelling loneliness. The reference to “perfuming my soul” suggests that their partner’s presence brings a deep sense of comfort and renewal, akin to a gentle fragrance that uplifts their spirits even in challenging times.

[Verso 1]
The verse portrays a moment of apology and longing amidst life’s busyness. The singer admits to being preoccupied, yet acknowledges the irresistible allure of their partner, likening their scent to something incredibly enticing. Despite the interruptions caused by their partner’s presence, they find themselves unable to resist, hoping for a lasting connection. The plea for their partner not to disappear reflects a desire for continuity and stability in their relationship. The mention of needing an “infinite source” of their partner suggests a deep emotional dependency, where their presence is crucial for maintaining balance and peace in the singer’s life. The desire for simple pleasures together, like relaxing with music (referred to as “reggaezing”), underscores a yearning for moments of calm amidst the chaos of daily life.

[Refrão 1]
Returning to the chorus, this repetition underscores the centrality of their partner’s affectionate gestures in providing comfort and reassurance. The act of being lulled to sleep and warmed by their partner’s presence signifies a deep emotional connection that sustains and enriches the singer’s life.

[Verso 2]
This verse celebrates the uniqueness and empowering presence of their green-eyed partner. The imagery of seeing colors they’ve never seen before through their partner’s eyes suggests a transformative influence, broadening their perspective on life. The defiance against societal norms and the declaration of intimacy despite external judgment highlight the strength of their bond. The acknowledgment of their partner’s fiery nature and the singer’s own gratefulness for embracing their unconventional thoughts and dreams underscores a mutual acceptance and understanding between them. Despite their tendency to overthink, the singer reflects on the profound impact their partner has had on their life, leaving an indelible mark wherever they go.

[Refrão 2]
This final chorus reaffirms the singer’s deep reliance on their partner’s affectionate gestures to calm their mind, comfort their soul, and brighten their days. The repetition of themes from the first chorus underscores the enduring nature of their emotional connection and the ongoing impact of their partner’s presence on their life.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Só você me relaxa quando beija minha boca
This phrase expresses how only the partner’s kiss can bring relaxation and comfort to the singer, highlighting the intimate connection they share.

2. “Essa garota é cheirosa p’a caralho
Here, the singer affectionately describes their partner as having a captivating scent, emphasizing their irresistible allure.

3. “Se tiver trampo hoje, nós deixa p’ra depois
This line suggests a desire to prioritize spending time together over work if necessary, emphasizing the importance of their relationship.

4. “Menina do olho verde vem dançar p’ra mim
The singer beckons their green-eyed partner to dance, symbolizing a joyful and carefree moment shared between them.

5. “Teu cheiro na minha camisa em todo lugar que eu vou
This phrase reflects the lingering presence of their partner in the singer’s life, illustrating how their scent lingers everywhere the singer goes, symbolizing a deep connection and impact on their daily life.


Q. Who has sung Maria do Olho Verde song?
A. Maria do Olho Verde song is sung by WIU.

Q. Who wrote Maria do Olho Verde lyrics?
A. Maria do Olho Verde lyrics are penned by WIU.

Q. Who has given the music of Maria do Olho Verde song?
A. Maria do Olho Verde music is composed and produced by WIU.

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