Línea del Tiempo Lyrics (English Translation) – Alemán

“Línea del Tiempo” by Alemán narrates the journey of the artist through the years, highlighting personal struggles, aspirations, and achievements. The song reflects on themes of perseverance, family, and growth within the context of Alemán’s rap career. From humble beginnings in 2007 to facing challenges such as illness and loss, Alemán’s determination to succeed remains unwavering. The lyrics also touch upon societal issues, such as the impact of COVID-19 and the loss of cultural icons like Kobe Bryant. Despite setbacks, Alemán celebrates milestones like collaborations with renowned artists and the release of successful albums, signifying his enduring legacy in hip-hop.

Línea del Tiempo (English Translation) Lyrics

What’s in this ball of cock?

It’s not a race, this is a marathon
Let’s see who has better condition
Some here feel like King Kong
Then they end up like King Von

Your boss speaks directly
Get fu*ked or we’ll send the drone
Your entire clan is worth it to me
All of them are pure clones for me

Now everyone wants to rap
Well, come here, I’ll show you
Year 2007 sleeping on a cot
Going out to the neighborhood with filero and bat

I know that for many people my vibe doesn’t beat
And they just arrive in a ball, mayates
In those days I dreamed of yachts
Gold chains with many diamonds

2008, remained constant
At that time the Cartel only sounded
There was no money, pure love of art
And in 2009 I didn’t want to lower it

Every day I went to the studio to record him
But in 2010 I had to enter
2011 I was the one who distributes
Mom, I’m going to take you out of poverty

You’re going to see that you’re going to remember me
I always want to give you the best in the world
Rap still doesn’t make me money
But the neighborhood says I’m still moving forward

2012 and my boss with cancer
That’s when the gangster thing goes away
Please God give me a chance
Before I throw myself into hell

2013 and my career grows
I left Los Cabos, I went to Mexico City
To search for my dream and my mother suffers
I want the light and it just gets dark

2014, mom strengthens
Several record labels have interests
Why do I sign them, but it is not done
To board I already have my pass

I play with class, Francesco Totti
They know that I always break any base
I went to Homegrown and left the Goot

2015 a star is born
I roll one because it satisfies
Roll two because I’m a pilot
I smoked them with Junior Arce

And in the 16th we rolled another
Fame comes, they ask me for photos
Burning flowers and they are not lotus

In my cloud like Kakarot
I left several scenarios broken
My sound goes wherever it goes
Now there is something to eat steak

I promised myself I was going to make the coolest album in hip-hop in 2017.
On the 18th, the Eclipse arrives
And I don’t know why my brother had to go
It’s been hard, but you don’t have to give up.

And in the 19th I had to follow him
They say if you want something, ask for it.
And I always dreamed of a full house in the Zócalo
2020 and a plague spread

Kobe left us and they died of COVID
For some friends the corrido is over
Everyone said: New album, release it
Nobody expected a collaboration with Snoop Dogg
Cypress Hill and some songs with Scott Storch

That’s why now the Hurricane is a myth
Of many it is the favorite album
And the story does not end, the writing continues
With this elixir and towards infinity

Línea del Tiempo (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The lyrics begin with a provocative question, “What’s in this ball of cock?”, setting a confrontational tone and possibly referring to the chaotic and unpredictable nature of life.

The next lines emphasize that success isn’t about a sprint but rather a marathon, challenging individuals to showcase their endurance and resilience. The reference to feeling like “King Kong” but ending up like “King Von” alludes to the fleeting nature of power and fame, cautioning against hubris and reminding listeners of the dangers of arrogance.

The following stanza introduces a confrontational scenario where authority figures issue threats and assert dominance. The mention of a “drone” suggests a modern, technologically advanced means of enforcement, while the assertion that everyone in the clan is considered a clone implies a lack of individuality or autonomy.

As the narrative progresses, the artist reflects on his early struggles and aspirations in the rap game, reminiscing about the year 2007 when he was living modestly and navigating the streets armed with determination and perhaps a weapon (“filero and bat”).

Despite facing skepticism and adversity, the artist remains steadfast in his pursuit of success, envisioning a lifestyle of luxury and opulence symbolized by dreams of yachts and diamond-studded gold chains.

The subsequent years mark a period of perseverance and dedication to the craft, characterized by constant effort in the studio and a refusal to compromise artistic integrity for financial gain.

The narrative takes a poignant turn with the revelation of the artist’s boss battling cancer in 2012, prompting a shift away from the gangster lifestyle and a plea for divine intervention.

The subsequent years see the artist’s career gaining momentum as he relocates to pursue his dreams, despite personal sacrifices and the anguish of witnessing his mother’s suffering.

The reference to “mom strengthens” in 2014 suggests a source of emotional support and resilience amidst professional challenges and industry interest.

The ensuing years witness the artist’s rise to fame, marked by collaborations, recognition, and the release of acclaimed albums like “Hurricane” in 2020.

The final lines reflect on the enduring legacy of the artist’s work and the continuation of his creative journey, symbolized by the metaphorical elixir that propels him towards infinity, implying an ongoing evolution and exploration of his craft.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “What’s in this ball of cock?”
This phrase sets a confrontational tone, possibly expressing frustration or confusion about the chaotic nature of life or a particular situation. It suggests questioning the circumstances or events unfolding, seeking clarity or understanding amidst chaos or unpredictability.

2. “It’s not a race, this is a marathon”
This metaphorical phrase emphasizes the importance of endurance and perseverance over speed or immediate success. It implies that success takes time and consistent effort, likening life’s journey to a long-distance race rather than a sprint.

3. “Some here feel like King Kong, then they end up like King Von”
Drawing a parallel between feeling powerful and invincible like King Kong, and facing a tragic demise like the rapper King Von, this phrase warns against overconfidence and hubris. It suggests that those who feel untouchable may ultimately meet a downfall.

4. “Your boss speaks directly, get fu*ked or we’ll send the drone”
This line portrays a scenario of authority asserting dominance and issuing threats, possibly in a confrontational or aggressive manner. The mention of sending a drone adds a modern twist, implying surveillance or enforcement through advanced technology.

5. “Everyone said: New album, release it”
This phrase reflects the pressure and expectations placed on the artist to produce new work, likely from fans, peers, or industry figures. It suggests that there’s a demand for fresh content, urging the artist to deliver despite challenges or obstacles they may face.


Who has sung “Línea del Tiempo (English Translation)” song?
Alemán has sung “Línea del Tiempo (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Línea del Tiempo (English Translation)” song?
Alemán has written the lyrics of “Línea del Tiempo (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Línea del Tiempo (English Translation)” song?
Alemán has given the music of “Línea del Tiempo (English Translation)” song.

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