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“Jon Jones” by MadMan is an Italian rap song that portrays the artist’s brash and confident persona. MadMan dismisses superficial talk shows and embraces a rebellious lifestyle, drawing parallels to the dominant MMA fighter Jon Jones. The lyrics emphasize his indifference to societal norms, his prowess in rap and personal relationships, and his luxurious tastes. He boasts about his mental resilience, skill in martial arts, and superiority in the rap game, often using vivid imagery and aggressive metaphors to highlight his dominance and relentless drive for success.

Jon Jones Lyrics

2nd Roof music
Ahah, Pherro production

[Strofa 1]
Me ne sbatto il cazzo del tuo talk show
Mi presento fatto come Osho (Uh, uh)
Cappi alla Kung Lao, io, bro, ti rompo
Metti Nok su Kao contro Tong Po (Ehi)
Torno, faccio il vuoto come Jon Jones (Ehi)
Scopo la sua throat e non è un blowjob (Nah)

Lo facciamo hardcore e senza lotion
Finché ce l’ho moscio e non mi scoccio (Ah, ah, ah)
Frate’, la mia trappola è la mente (Uh)
Io non vendo niente, compro sempre (Uh)
Sommelier delle erbe e non è Fernet (Ah)
Verde come Denver, competente
Tipo Frank in American Gangster (Seh)
Scopo sempre, mai che mi cadesse (Seh)
Solo fregne, fra’, delicatessen (Eh no)
Recco un’altra traccia, un altro mixtape (Ehi)
Mi riempio la pancia tipo pilsner (Ehi)
Ci metto la faccia tipo deepfake (Ehi)
Cuore freddo tipo Fimbulvinter (Ehi)
Sto scegliendo tipe fit su Tinder (Ehi)
Il mio stile è killer, Frank Miller (Ehi)
Il tuo è per famiglie, Ben Stiller (Ehi)
Mi mandano ai pazzi, stai sicuro
Che se avessi un euro per ognuno
Di ‘sti rapper falsi scarsi in culo
Non starei su un taxi ma su un Urus (Vroom)
Spingo forte, sì, non c’è problema (Ah)
M3 di notte tutta nera (Wow)
Entro per scopare questa scena (Ehi)
Esco per scopare questa scema (And still)
Quattro americani, quattro old fashioned (Uh)

Spacco sui divani, blunt rotation (Uh)
Salgo sulla macchina a rovescio (Uh)
Boxo sopra al dojo con me stesso (Uh)
Jab diretto, dodgio gancio destro (Uh)
Blocco ogni tuo colpo col riflesso (Uh)
Toro loco, proprio non vi penso (Ah)
Clinch e calcio, il cardio costa tanto (Ehi)
Switcho guardia da Ortodossa a Southpaw (Ehi)
Spacco dall’inizio e ancora sbanco (Ehi)
Se tu fai Ju Jitsu, io faccio Sambo (Ehi)
Il mio flow è una d’arce choke (Ehi)
Non mi fermi, ti serve una task force (Eh)
Io sono il campione, tu la mascotte
Vai al cassone pure con il casco (Ahahahah)

Vinco un altro round
Primo in pound for pound
Riconosci il sound
Riconosci il sound, ehi
Vinco un altro round
Primo in pound for pound
Riconosci il sound
Riconosci il sound, ehi

[Strofa 2]
Ehi, in ‘sta merda io sono il boss (Uh)
Non mi fotte di queste thots (No)
Vedo nero come le Air Force (Ah)
Who’s gonna carry the boats? (Ehi)
Ogni barra come sentenza (Ah)
Uso il mio dolore come fosse la benza (Ah)
Vado avanti ore, faccio rap per inerzia (Ah)
Mi copiano il flow tipo ingegneria inversa
Scopo questa tipa solamente se è fresca
Solo se è fit tipo b!tch, va in palestra (Ahah)
Niente storie serie, voglio una tresca (Seh)
Voglio due pere e una pesca
Ho talento e non mi impegno tipo Hancock (Eh)
Mi farò fuori in albergo tipo Tenco (Eh)
L’ansia che mi stringe il petto tipo leglock
Mangio finché mi riempio, triplo mento (Uh)
Faccio solamente rap top, let’s go
Grindo con il laptop a letto
Stringo la sua quinta di petto
Finché non mi squirta sul dad bod

Jon Jones Lyrics Explained

MadMan acknowledges the producers, 2nd Roof and Pherro Production, establishing the high-quality production and setting the stage for the song.

Strofa 1
MadMan dismisses talk shows, emphasizing his indifference to superficial media. He compares himself to the spiritual leader Osho, indicating a higher state of mind. By referencing Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat, he asserts his strength and readiness to defeat opponents. He likens his dominance to the MMA fighter Jon Jones, leaving competitors in the dust. Using explicit imagery, he underscores his raw, unfiltered lifestyle. His mind is his greatest asset, focusing on consumption rather than sales, likening himself to a cannabis sommelier with expert knowledge.

MadMan references cultural icons like Frank from “American Gangster,” suggesting his actions and mindset are influenced by powerful figures. He boasts about his relentless s*xual encounters and his ability to produce music prolifically. He likens his approach to rap to the intensity of a cold, harsh winter, highlighting his relentless nature. His killer style contrasts with family-friendly content, reinforcing his edgy persona.

He criticizes fake rappers, asserting he would be wealthy if he profited from each one of their failures. He flaunts his lavish lifestyle and relentless work ethic, describing his blacked-out BMW and impact on the rap scene. Using a series of fight metaphors, he highlights his physical and mental prowess, switching stances and outmaneuvering opponents. He ends by asserting his supremacy in rap and life, comparing his unstoppable flow to a submission choke and dismissing rivals as mere mascots.

MadMan emphasizes his dominance by declaring victory in another round and asserting his position as the best. He repeats that his unique sound is unmistakable, reinforcing his authority in the music scene.

Strofa 2
MadMan proclaims himself the boss in rap, dismissing shallow relationships. He sees things clearly and intensely, referencing the black color of Air Force sneakers. He rhetorically asks “Who’s gonna carry the boats?”, hinting at the heavy lifting required to succeed. Every line he delivers is like a verdict, and he uses his pain as fuel for his art. He raps tirelessly, driven by inertia, while others mimic his style through reverse engineering.

MadMan engages with women only if they meet his standards, preferring those who are fit and active. He avoids serious relationships, seeking casual flings instead. He boasts about his natural talent, mentioning he doesn’t need to put in much effort. He references the Italian singer Tenco’s tragic end to convey the weight of his anxiety. The pressure feels like a physical hold, but he indulges in food and rap to cope. MadMan creates top-tier rap while grinding on his laptop from bed, emphasizing his dedication. He concludes with explicit imagery, boasting about his s*xual prowess and control over his partner.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Torno, faccio il vuoto come Jon Jones”
This phrase compares the rapper’s return to the dominance of Jon Jones, a famous MMA fighter known for his overwhelming presence in the ring. MadMan suggests that his impact on the rap scene is similarly unbeatable, creating a void where no competitors can match him.

2. “Frate’, la mia trappola è la mente”
MadMan emphasizes that his mind is his greatest weapon. In the context of the song, it means he relies on his intelligence and strategic thinking to stay ahead in the rap game, rather than just physical or superficial aspects.

3. “Il mio stile è killer, Frank Miller”
Comparing his style to Frank Miller, a renowned comic book writer known for his dark and gritty work, MadMan asserts that his rap style is lethal and intense. This highlights his creative prowess and the hard-hitting nature of his lyrics.

4. “Cuore freddo tipo Fimbulvinter”
Fimbulvinter is the harsh winter preceding Ragnarok in Norse mythology. MadMan uses this metaphor to describe his cold-heartedness and unyielding nature, indicating that he is relentless and unfeeling in his pursuit of success.

5. “Io sono il campione, tu la mascotte”
This line declares MadMan as the champion while reducing his opponents to mere mascots. It underscores his superiority in the rap game, portraying rivals as insignificant and non-threatening compared to his prowess.


Who has sung “Jon Jones” song?
MadMan has sung “Jon Jones” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Jon Jones” song?
MadMan has written the lyrics of “Jon Jones” song.

Who has given the music of “Jon Jones” song?
MadMan has given the music of “Jon Jones” song.

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