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“Jon Jones” by MadMan is a gritty, boastful rap song where the artist flexes his prowess and resilience in the rap game. He dismisses superficial talk shows and claims dominance in his field, likening himself to martial artists and champions. The lyrics depict a raw, unfiltered lifestyle, mixing references to fighting, substance use, and casual relationships. MadMan highlights his unique style, skill, and defiance against fake rappers. He asserts his position as a top contender, unfazed by challenges, and emphasizes his relentless drive and unyielding confidence.

Jon Jones (English Translation) Lyrics

2nd Roof music
Haha, Pherro production

[Verse 1]
I don’t give a damn about your talk show
I show up like Osho (Uh, uh)
Kung Lao nooses, bro, I’ll break you
Put Nok on Kao against Tong Po (Hey)
I’ll be back, I’ll be empty like Jon Jones (Hey)
I fu*k his throat and it’s not a blowjob (Nah)

We do it hardcore and without lotion
As long as I have it limp and I don’t get annoyed (Ah, ah, ah)
Brother, my trap is the mind (Uh)
I don’t sell anything, I always buy (Uh)
Herb sommelier and it’s not Fernet (Ah)
Green like Denver, competent
Like Frank in American Gangster (Seh)
I always fu*k, never let it fall (Seh)
Only girls, bro, delicatessen (Oh no)
Here’s another track, another mixtape (Hey)
I fill my belly like pilsner (Hey)
I put a deepfake face on it (Hey)
Cold heart like Fimbulvinter (Hey)
I’m choosing fit guys on Tinder (Hey)
My style is killer, Frank Miller (Hey)
Yours is family friendly, Ben Stiller (Hey)
They send me crazy, rest assured
What if I had a euro for each
Say these fake rappers are bad ass
I wouldn’t stay in a taxi but in a Urus (Vroom)
I push hard, yeah, no problem (Ah)
M3 at night all black (Wow)
I come in to fu*k this scene (Hey)
I go out to fu*k this idiot (And still)
Four Americans, four old fashioneds (Uh)

Splitting on couches, blunt rotation (Uh)
I get in the car backwards (Uh)
Boxing on top of the dojo with myself (Uh)
Straight jab, dodge right hook (Uh)
I block your every shot with the reflex (Uh)
Toro loco, I really don’t think about it (Ah)
Clinch and football, cardio costs a lot (Hey)
Switcho guard from Orthodox to Southpaw (Hey)
I break from the start and I still break (Hey)
If you do Ju Jitsu, I do Sambo (Hey)
My flow is a d’arce choke (Hey)
Don’t stop me, you need a task force (Eh)
I’m the champion, you’re the mascot
Go to the dumpster even with the helmet (Ahahahah)

I win another round
First in pound for pound
Recognize the sound
You recognize the sound, hey
I win another round
First in pound for pound
Recognize the sound
You recognize the sound, hey

[Verse 2]
Hey, in this s*it I’m the boss (Uh)
I don’t give a fu*k about these thots (No)
I see black like the Air Force (Ah)
Who’s gonna carry the boats? (Hey)
Every bar as a sentence (Ah)
I use my pain like it’s benza (Ah)
I go on for hours, I rap by inertia (Ah)
They copy my reverse engineering flow
I only fu*k this girl if she’s fresh
Only if he’s fit like a b!tch, he goes to the gym (Haha)
No serious stories, I want an affair (Seh)
I want two pears and a peach
I’m talented and I don’t try like Hancock (Eh)
I’ll do myself out in the hotel like Tenco (Eh)
The anxiety that tightens my chest like leglock
I eat ’til I’m full, triple chin (Uh)
I only rap top, let’s go
Grinding with the laptop in bed
I hug his chest
Until she squirts on my dad bod

Jon Jones (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The introduction of the song provides some essential credits. “2nd Roof music” is likely the label or production company associated with the track. “Haha, Pherro production” indicates the producer responsible for the beat or instrumental. “(M)” could signify the artist’s moniker or signature, implying their involvement in the creation of the song.

[Verse 1]
MadMan’s first verse is a whirlwind of bold assertions, cultural references, and unabashed bravado. He begins by boldly stating his indifference towards the opinions of others, asserting his confidence and independence. The reference to Osho, a controversial spiritual leader, symbolizes MadMan’s unapologetic individuality and refusal to conform to societal norms. The mention of Kung Lao, a character from “Mortal Kombat,” adds a martial arts flair to his imagery, portraying himself as a formidable force. Comparing himself to Jon Jones, a mixed martial artist known for his resilience, suggests that MadMan is prepared to bounce back from any setbacks. The explicit language and s*xual imagery throughout the verse reinforce his rebellious and hedonistic persona, while references to pop culture figures like Frank from “American Gangster” showcase his wide range of influences and interests.

The refrain serves as a repetitive, catchy motif reinforcing MadMan’s dominance and superiority. By claiming victory in “another round” and being “first in pound for pound,” he asserts his position as a champion in the music industry. The repetition of the phrase “Recognize the sound” emphasizes the distinctiveness of his style and talent, urging listeners to acknowledge his prowess.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, MadMan continues his assertive and self-assured demeanor, proclaiming himself as the boss and dismissing trivial concerns. He showcases his ability to turn his pain into power, using his experiences as fuel for his creativity. References to physical appearance, like having a “dad bod,” juxtapose with his confidence, adding depth to his character. The verse also touches on themes of authenticity and talent, as MadMan expresses his disdain for those who try too hard to impress. Overall, the verse maintains the song’s themes of resilience, nonconformity, and self-assurance, while adding layers of complexity to MadMan’s persona.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “I’ll be back, I’ll be empty like Jon Jones (Hey)”
This phrase refers to Jon Jones, a renowned mixed martial artist known for his skill in the ring but also for his tumultuous personal life and controversies. By likening himself to Jon Jones, MadMan suggests that despite facing challenges or setbacks, he will return to the scene, unfazed and unyielding. The phrase “empty like Jon Jones” could allude to a sense of emotional detachment or resilience in the face of adversity.

2. “I fu*k his throat and it’s not a blowjob (Nah)”
This line employs graphic and explicit language to assert dominance and prowess. By using s*xual imagery, MadMan metaphorically describes overpowering his opponents, emphasizing his aggressive and uncompromising attitude. The phrase subverts expectations by stating that the action is not what it initially seems, adding a layer of provocative wordplay to the verse.

3. “Here’s another track, another mixtape (Hey)”
MadMan here references his prolific output as a musician. By mentioning “another track, another mixtape,” he highlights his consistent work ethic and frequent releases. This phrase showcases his dedication to his craft and suggests that he is always ready to deliver new content to his audience.

4. “Only girls, bro, delicatessen (Oh no)”
In this line, MadMan uses the term “delicatessen” metaphorically to refer to women. By doing so, he objectifies women and reduces them to mere objects of desire, reflecting a misogynistic attitude. The phrase “only girls” implies a narrow focus on s*xual conquests, reinforcing his hedonistic and promiscuous persona portrayed throughout the song.

5. “I’m the champion, you’re the mascot”
This powerful statement asserts MadMan’s dominance and superiority over his competition. By positioning himself as “the champion,” he claims victory and authority in the rap game. In contrast, labeling others as “the mascot” diminishes their significance, portraying them as secondary or inferior figures. This phrase underscores MadMan’s confidence and swagger, solidifying his status as a top contender in the music industry.


Who has sung “Jon Jones (English Translation)” song?
MadMan has sung “Jon Jones (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Jon Jones (English Translation)” song?
MadMan has written the lyrics of “Jon Jones (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Jon Jones (English Translation)” song?
MadMan has given the music of “Jon Jones (English Translation)” song.

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