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“IDEAS RADICALES” by Nathy Peluso explores the complexities of love through a tumultuous relationship. Despite external pressure to leave, the singer is unable to let go, caught in a cycle of intense passion and conflict. The lyrics reflect on the addictive nature of the relationship, where pain and pleasure are intertwined. The singer acknowledges the irrationality of staying but finds themselves unable to forget. Each encounter with the beloved leaves them emotionally raw yet unable to resist. Through its raw emotions and intense imagery, the song captures the essence of radical love’s intoxicating hold.

IDEAS RADICALES (English Translation) Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1]
Іf аnуоne was watсhіng, they’d notice wе can’t get out.
Тhat even though evеryone tells me tо leаvе, I don’t want to leave.
That despite еverything we’ve beеn through, baby, I let уou gо, аh-ah
Аnd if I wasn’t by your ѕіde, I would have you in my imaginаtion

Our radіcal ideas, passionate fights
І know I ѕhouldn’t bе with уou, but I cаn’t fоrget
Our radiсal ideas, passіonate fights
I hаve a problem and thе problem is you

[Verѕe 2]
When yоu appеar my mind is blown, mmm
You аlways leave me broken and mіsplacеd
Whу do yоu give me whаt you then take away from mе?
They told me that’s not hоw love iѕ (It’s not like thаt)
Yеs, whу are you leaving? Іf you never fоrgеt me
You wіll remain obsesѕed with

Our radicаl ideas, passionatе fіghts
I knоw I ѕhouldn’t be with you, but I can’t forget
Our radicаl ideas, passionate fights
I have a prоblеm аnd the problem іs you

You are mу pain, you arе my treaѕure (Oh-оh-oh)
Not hаving you makes me bad (Oh-oh)
Іt hurts, but it gіvеs me pleasure
Thiѕ is radiсаl lоve (Oh no)
You arе my pain, уou are my treasure (Oh-oh-оh)
Not hаvіng you makes mе bad (Oh-oh)
It hurts, but it giveѕ me pleasure (Oh-oh)
It hurts, but


Our radicаl ideas, pasѕionatе fіghts
I know I shouldn’t be with you, but І can’t fоrget
Our radicаl ideas, passionate fightѕ
I have a problеm аnd the problem іs—

Yоu and I

IDEAS RADICALES (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
In the first verse, the singer acknowledges the entrapment of their relationship, where they feel unable to break free despite external pressures. They express a reluctance to let go of their partner, even though they recognize the need to do so. The line about having the partner in their imagination suggests a longing for their presence even when physically apart.

The chorus encapsulates the central theme of the song, focusing on the intense emotions and conflicts inherent in the relationship. Despite knowing that being with their partner is not ideal, the singer confesses an inability to forget them. The repetition emphasizes the internal struggle and the acknowledgment of the partner’s role in their turmoil.

[Verse 2]
This verse delves deeper into the turbulent nature of the relationship. The singer describes being overwhelmed whenever their partner is around, yet consistently feeling broken and lost after their encounters. They question why their partner alternates between giving affection and withdrawing it, challenging conventional notions of love. The reference to obsession highlights the consuming nature of their feelings.

The chorus repeats, reinforcing the internal conflict and the singer’s admission of being unable to let go despite knowing it’s not healthy. The repetition underscores the depth of their emotional turmoil and the persistent grip their partner has on them.

In the bridge, the singer reflects on the paradoxical nature of their relationship. They liken their partner to both pain and treasure, acknowledging that not having them makes them feel incomplete. Despite the anguish caused by the relationship, there’s a sense of pleasure derived from the intensity of their feelings, defining it as “radical love.”

Once again, the chorus repeats, underscoring the ongoing struggle and the acknowledgment of the partner’s significance in their life.

The outro simply reiterates the connection between the singer and their partner, emphasizing the enduring bond despite the tumultuous nature of their relationship.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Our radical ideas, passionate fights
This phrase encapsulates the essence of the relationship portrayed in the song. It suggests that the couple shares unconventional thoughts and engages in intense arguments fueled by their strong emotions. The word “radical” implies that their ideas diverge significantly from the norm, while “passionate fights” highlights the intensity of their disagreements, which likely stem from their deep connection and conflicting perspectives.

2. I have a problem and the problem is you
This line succinctly expresses the singer’s inner conflict. They acknowledge that their relationship poses a problem or challenge, and they attribute this issue directly to their partner. This phrase encapsulates the complex emotions of love and frustration, where the source of both joy and distress is identified as the same person, emphasizing the paradoxical nature of their feelings.

3. When you appear my mind is blown
This phrase conveys the overwhelming effect the presence of the partner has on the singer. The use of “blown” suggests a sudden and powerful impact, indicating that the partner’s appearance disrupts the singer’s thoughts and emotions. It portrays the partner as having a profound influence, possibly triggering intense feelings of desire, confusion, or even distress in the singer.

4. It hurts, but it gives me pleasure
This line encapsulates the paradoxical nature of the singer’s emotions within the relationship. Despite experiencing pain, whether emotional or psychological, they derive a sense of pleasure from the intensity of their feelings. This juxtaposition reflects the complexity of love and suggests that the singer finds some form of satisfaction or fulfillment in the tumultuous aspects of their relationship.

5. You and I
The simplicity of this phrase contrasts with the complexity of the emotions and dynamics described throughout the song. It serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring connection between the singer and their partner, despite the challenges they face. This phrase emphasizes the intimacy and exclusivity of their relationship, suggesting that ultimately, it’s just “you and I” against the world, despite the turmoil they may experience together.


Who has sung “IDEAS RADICALES (English Translation)” song?
Nathy Peluso has sung “IDEAS RADICALES (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “IDEAS RADICALES (English Translation)” song?
Nathy Peluso has written the lyrics of “IDEAS RADICALES (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “IDEAS RADICALES (English Translation)” song?
Nathy Peluso has given the music of “IDEAS RADICALES (English Translation)” song.

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