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“Hunnids” by tana is a braggadocious rap song centered around themes of wealth, excess, and hedonism. The repeated refrain “hunnids on hunnids” emphasizes an abundance of hundred-dollar bills, symbolizing affluence. The lyrics depict a lavish lifestyle, mentioning stacks of money, tattoos, and s*xual exploits. tana describes his interactions with women and his high status, drawing comparisons to basketball player Andre Drummond. The song also touches on themes of danger and power, with references to guns and drug use. Overall, it showcases tana’s confidence and luxurious way of living.

Hunnids Lyrics

Наha, what thе f—?
Hunnids on hunnids on hunnids on hunnids
Haha, whаt the f—? Huh
І’m talkіng ’bout hunnids оn hunnids on hunnids on hunnids

Yeah, talking ’bout hunnids
Your b!tсh, shе keep me cumming (Кeеp me cumming)
Тhese racks, I keеp оn thumbing (Keep on thumbіng)
The rаckѕ, theу kеep on сoming (Keep on cоming)
Yeah, shе keep putting that pu*sy on me becausе I love it (Вecause I love іt)

Yеаh, I got tattоoѕ on my sleeve like Аndrе Drummond, yeah (Yeah, yeah, Andre Drummond)
Іn Atlаnta, I’m likе *** (Huh, huh)
Рut that d!ck in her spine, make her јump (Huh, huh-ah)
Yоu саn’t comе to the spot, уou get pumped (Нuh, huh)
Fu*k them pusѕіеs, they cannоt keep up (Huh-ah, huh-ah)
Riding around with thаt fire, you gеt plucked (Huh, huh)
And I always just look at my plug (Huh, huh-ah)
And she ѕnоrіng white like thе moon (Yeаh, уeah)
I be getting highеr than the sun (Yeah, yeah-аh)

Huh, yeah
I’m talkіng ’bout hunnids оn hunnids on hunnids on hunnids (On hunnids on hunnids)
Hunnids on hunnids оn hunnids on hunnids (On hunnids on hunnids)
Hunnids on hunnids on hunnids оn hunnids (On hunnids on hunnids)

Kеep that
(On hunnids on hunnids)
(Yeah, on hunnids оn hunnids, huh-аh)
(Yeah-yeah, huh-ah)
(Yеah-yeаh, уeah-yeah, huh-ah)

Hunnids Lyrics Explained

In “Hunnids” by tana, the chorus serves as a bold proclamation of opulence and abundance, punctuated with a touch of incredulity. The exclamation of “Haha, what the f—?” at the beginning sets a tone of amusement and disbelief, immediately drawing attention to the extravagant lifestyle being depicted. The repetition of “hunnids on hunnids” amplifies the message, emphasizing the seemingly endless stacks of hundred-dollar bills. It’s as if the speaker is marveling at their own wealth, perhaps even surprised by the magnitude of their financial success. The chorus acts as a hook, drawing listeners into the world of excess and luxury that the song explores.

As the verse unfolds, it delves deeper into themes of indulgence and hedonism. The speaker boasts about their s*xual conquests and financial prowess, intertwining the two in a narrative of power and pleasure. References to s*xual activity are juxtaposed with descriptions of counting money, creating a vivid image of a life lived without restraint. The mention of tattoos and comparisons to basketball player Andre Drummond add layers to the speaker’s persona, reinforcing their status and swagger.

Returning to the chorus, the repetition of “hunnids on hunnids” reinforces the song’s central theme while also serving as a catchy refrain that lingers in the listener’s mind. It’s a mantra of abundance, a declaration of wealth that reverberates throughout the track. Each repetition adds to the song’s momentum, driving home the message with increasing intensity.

The outro provides a final flourish, repeating the chorus in various forms and adding a sense of closure to the song. It’s a parting shot of extravagance, a reminder of the lavish lifestyle that the speaker inhabits. The repetition of “hunnids on hunnids” in the outro reinforces the song’s central theme one last time, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of wealth and excess. Overall, “Hunnids” by tana is a bold declaration of opulence, delivered with swagger and style.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Hunnids on hunnids on hunnids on hunnids”
This phrase is repeated throughout the song and serves as a mantra of wealth and abundance. It refers to having stacks of one hundred-dollar bills, symbolizing financial prosperity and excess. The repetition emphasizes the overwhelming wealth possessed by the speaker, creating a sense of opulence.

2. “Your b!tch, she keep me cumming”
In this line, the speaker boasts about their s*xual prowess and the ability to satisfy someone else’s partner. It’s a bold and explicit assertion of dominance and desirability, portraying the speaker as irresistible and confident in their ability to please others s*xually.

3. “Put that d!ck in her spine, make her jump”
This graphic line describes a s*xual act, suggesting aggressive and physically intense behavior. It conveys a sense of power and control, with the speaker asserting dominance over their s*xual partner. The imagery is explicit and vivid, adding to the song’s provocative and edgy tone.

4. “Riding around with that fire, you get plucked”
This line likely refers to carrying firearms (“that fire”) and the potential consequences of being caught with illegal weapons. “Getting plucked” could mean getting caught or arrested by law enforcement. It conveys a sense of danger and risk associated with the speaker’s lifestyle.

5. “I be getting higher than the sun”
This line suggests the speaker’s indulgence in drügs or substances, likely referring to getting intoxicated or high. The comparison to the sun emphasizes the intensity of the speaker’s intoxication, portraying it as a powerful and all-encompassing experience. It adds to the theme of hedonism and excess present throughout the song.


Who has sung “Hunnids” song?
tana has sung “Hunnids” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Hunnids” song?
tana has written the lyrics of “Hunnids” song.

Who has given the music of “Hunnids” song?
tana has given the music of “Hunnids” song.

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