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Had Enough Lyrics by SoFaygo is a latest English song. SoFaygo has created its tune while brand new Had Enough song lyrics are written by SoFaygo.

“SoFaygo’s ‘Had Enough’ delves into the artist’s reflections on deserving success, prioritizing family, and staying focused amidst distractions. With a confident flow, he navigates personal growth and resilience, asserting his ambitions while addressing past betrayals. The track blends themes of determination, loyalty, and material success, underscored by a catchy beat. SoFaygo’s delivery exudes assurance and determination, setting the tone for a relentless pursuit of wealth and self-improvement.”

Had Enough Lyrics by SoFaygo

Sometimes I question do I deserve this?
The times I forget it that I do it for the purpose
When your thoughts are in the way
Sometimes it get that way
Its the family over everything with me
The water hold the shark so lil’ b!tch don’t play with me
I stay busy so a young n!gga flying from A to Z
And you know you gotta cut the crap whenever you talking to me
‘Cause I put this s*it on and I make it look good
New exotic bag and I put it in the wood
Trynna come back wasn’t working like it should
So I took a new approach like n!gga what’s good

Like n!gga whats up

And now they looking at my cup
And I ain’t even had enough, I ain’t even have enough
I ain’t even have (Enough), and now a n!gga showing up

Run it back like one more time
When you told me that you was down for the ride
True colours always coming to the light
Do me bad when I ain’t do nothing but right
Constantly working I ain’t do nothing but right
I don’t do nothing but shine
And I told you that the whole world was mine
I don’t even wanna waste my time
Two thousand on this NUMBER (N)INE
Racks got me talking hella sideways
In the back of that big body, let’s just drive away
And my squad got my back, I mean like any day
I’ve been working on myself and you don’t get it bae
Sometimes I lash out, but I never change I stay the same
My gang gon’ crash out if theres a problem with lil’ go
Sometimes I hate it when I always gotta tell ’em no
Just be patient and I always gotta let ’em know
‘Cause if I had it like that I’d give in fosho

And now they looking at my cup
And I ain’t even had enough, I ain’t even have enough
I ain’t even have (Enough), and now a n!gga showing up
And I plan on being rich forever
And I gotta get that bag I can’t wait forever

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Had Enough Lyrics Meaning

The first paragraph reflects on moments of self-doubt and questioning whether the speaker deserves their current situation. Despite occasional doubts, they remind themselves that their actions are driven by a sense of purpose. The mention of family emphasizes their priority, symbolized by the analogy of water holding a shark, warning others not to underestimate them. The speaker asserts their busy schedule and determination to succeed, implying a journey of constant progress and resilience. They demand honesty in interactions and take pride in their ability to make even challenging situations appear effortless.

In the second paragraph, the speaker addresses the attention they receive, despite feeling unfulfilled or lacking in some way. They express a desire for more, suggesting a hunger for success that hasn’t been satisfied. The repetition of “had enough” highlights their frustration with their current state and a longing for greater achievements or possessions.

The third paragraph delves into interpersonal relationships and the speaker’s experiences of betrayal despite their efforts to do right by others. They assert their commitment to self-improvement and success, emphasizing their refusal to waste time on negativity. The reference to material wealth, such as spending “two thousand on this NUMBER (N)INE,” and the mention of their supportive squad, underscores their ambition and loyalty to those close to them. Despite occasional outbursts or challenges, the speaker remains steadfast in their goals and loyalty to their gang.

Overall, “Had Enough” explores themes of self-worth, ambition, loyalty, and resilience, framed within the context of pursuing success in both personal and material realms. The lyrics convey a sense of determination and perseverance despite setbacks or doubts, with the speaker ultimately driven by a relentless pursuit of their goals and aspirations.


Who has sung “Had Enough” song?
SoFaygo has sung “Had Enough” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Had Enough” song?
SoFaygo has written the lyrics of “Had Enough” song.

Who has given the music of “Had Enough” song?
SoFaygo has given the music of “Had Enough” song.

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