Grab a Gun Lyrics – Calvary Kylan

Grab a Gun Lyrics by Calvary Kylan is a latest English song. Calvary Kylan has created its tune while brand new Grab A Gun song lyrics are written by Calvary Kylan.

“Grab a Gun” by Calvary Kylan is a gritty depiction of street life, where the protagonist navigates violence and lust with a relentless attitude. The lyrics portray a scene of confrontation, with the narrator ready to resort to firearms for retribution. Amidst mentions of casual s*x and materialism, themes of loyalty and survival emerge. Kylan’s assertive delivery underscores the urgency and aggression inherent in the narrative, creating a vivid portrayal of urban struggle and defiance.

Grab a Gun Lyrics by Calvary Kylan

Yeah, b!tch
Uh, there go Kylan, yah
There go Kylan
There go Kylan, yah

Catch a opp and stop the car, why tryna make a run
Throw a punch, you tryna scuff, I’mma go grab a gun
Have a threesome with a b!tch, I hit ’em one-by-one, uh
Freaked out b!tches on my d!ck, they tryna fu*k with some, uh

Grab that lil’ hoe waist, I hit the lil’ bih from behind
Hoe say she wan’ fu*k with gang, I made her wait in line
This will take too long to come, bro say she wasting time
I got my stick, do you got yours? You know I’m banging mine
I got diamonds on my neck, these b!tches Milly Rock
You know them babies running Hammond, step on any block
You know lil’ slime gon’ pull up crashing, crash on any opp
See the laws, I do the dash, I run from any cops
Brother, who the fu*k is Ali, fu*king hoes, yeah
I got money in my pocket, plenty motion
And my n!gga pass the ball, that boy can’t hold me
I be fresher than a b!tch, I know they notice

Li Kylan, Li Kylan

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Grab a Gun Lyrics Meaning

The verse unfolds a narrative entrenched in the gritty reality of street life, where the protagonist navigates a world rife with violence, hedonism, and power dynamics. The lyrics depict a scenario where the narrator confronts adversaries, unflinchingly willing to escalate conflicts to deadly levels by reaching for a gun. This portrayal of resorting to firearms underscores the pervasive sense of danger and the volatile nature of their environment. The mention of engaging in a threesome and boasting about s*xual conquests reveals a callous attitude towards women, treating them merely as objects of desire without regard for their autonomy or feelings.

Moreover, the references to “bro” suggest a tight-knit camaraderie among individuals immersed in criminal activities, bound by a shared code of conduct and loyalty. The insinuation of wasting time and the urgency to act swiftly highlight the constant pressure to stay ahead in a world where every moment could be a matter of life or death. The flaunting of material wealth, such as diamond jewelry, serves as a symbol of status and power within their social hierarchy, reinforcing the narrative of dominance and superiority.

However, beneath the bravado and ostentatious displays of wealth lies a palpable sense of paranoia and vulnerability, as evidenced by the need to evade law enforcement. The outro, with the repetition of the artist’s name, serves as a reaffirmation of identity, potentially signaling a desire for recognition or respect within their community. Overall, the verse encapsulates the harsh realities and moral ambiguities inherent in a life entrenched in violence, power struggles, and survival instincts.


Who has sung “Grab a Gun” song?
Calvary Kylan has sung “Grab a Gun” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Grab a Gun” song?
Calvary Kylan has written the lyrics of “Grab a Gun” song.

Who has given the music of “Grab a Gun” song?
Calvary Kylan has given the music of “Grab a Gun” song.

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