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“Gave” by ZAYN is a reflective piece delving into the complexities of relationships and self-awareness. The song acknowledges the struggle of maintaining connections amidst personal turmoil. ZAYN expresses a sense of disillusionment with both himself and the other party, acknowledging past mistakes but striving for change. The repetitive refrain emphasizes a feeling of detachment and unresolved tension. Despite the desire to avoid dwelling on painful details, there’s an underlying recognition of the necessity for emotional growth. Ultimately, “Gave” encapsulates the cycle of love, mistakes, and the journey towards understanding and acceptance.

Gave Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1]
Dоn’t wаnna bore уou wіth the details
Watсh this show from оthеr way
Unlesѕ they show the minor feаturеs
Тeach us all to learn care

І аin’t evеn lіke yоu
Аnd I never liked you
And I nеver liked me
‘Cauѕe I nеver had уou

Oоh, ooh-ooh
Ooh, oоh, ooh

[Verse 2]
Always the ѕamе
Don’t think we gаin a thіng from this
I’m changing my ways
І’ll meet yоu halfwау
It’s all јust a game, no onе iѕ to blame
Fаlling agaіn and ignite all this plаce
Мaking eхсusе, get me out оf thіs place
I know the mistakеѕ, I won’t make ’em аgain

I ain’t even likе you
And І never lіked yоu
And I nevеr liked me
‘Cause I nevеr had you

Ooh, оoh-ooh

Ooh, ooh

Don’t wаnna bore you with the detailѕ (Ooh)
Dоn’t wanna bore уou with thе pаіn
In truth, we both need it
More than what wе gave

Gave Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The first verse suggests a reluctance to delve into the intricacies of a situation, perhaps to avoid discomfort. It hints at observing things differently, focusing on superficial aspects while neglecting deeper meanings. The reference to “minor features” implies a need to pay attention to subtle cues for understanding and empathy.

The chorus expresses a lack of affinity towards the subject and oneself, rooted in the absence of a genuine connection. The repetition emphasizes a sense of detachment and disillusionment, suggesting that any semblance of liking is absent due to a fundamental lack of intimacy.

The post-chorus consists of vocalizations that serve to reinforce the emotional tone of the song. The repetition of “ooh” conveys a sense of longing, frustration, or resignation, adding depth to the lyrical content.

[Verse 2]
This verse delves into the repetitive nature of a dysfunctional relationship, acknowledging the futility of maintaining the status quo. The desire for change is expressed, with a willingness to compromise (“meet you halfway”). It recognizes the cyclical nature of mistakes and the determination to break free from them.

Similar to the earlier chorus, this repetition reinforces the lack of affinity and connection between the singer, the subject, and oneself, highlighting the absence of genuine affection or attachment.

The post-chorus repeats the vocalizations from earlier, serving as a musical bridge between sections and maintaining the emotional resonance established throughout the song.

The outro reiterates the reluctance to delve into painful details, suggesting a desire to shield both parties from further emotional strain. Despite this reluctance, there’s an acknowledgment of the necessity for facing and confronting these painful truths for growth and healing.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Don’t wanna bore you with the details
This phrase conveys a reluctance to delve into the specifics of a situation, possibly to avoid causing boredom or discomfort to the listener. It suggests a desire to keep things superficial or to spare the listener from unnecessary intricacies.

2. Teach us all to learn care
Here, the lyrics imply a need for collective education in empathy and compassion. It speaks to the idea of understanding and caring for others, suggesting that such qualities can and should be cultivated through learning and shared experience.

3. It’s all just a game, no one is to blame
This line suggests a resigned acceptance of the cyclical nature of relationships and life itself. By likening existence to a game and absolving blame from any specific individual, it hints at the inevitability of certain outcomes and the futility of assigning fault.

4. I’m changing my ways, I’ll meet you halfway
This phrase reflects a commitment to personal growth and compromise within a relationship. It signifies a willingness to adapt and make concessions, emphasizing the importance of meeting the other person halfway in order to foster understanding and harmony.

5. In truth, we both need it more than what we gave
This line suggests a realization of the inadequacy of past efforts or contributions in a relationship. It acknowledges a mutual need for something greater, whether it be love, understanding, or emotional support, highlighting the importance of reciprocation and mutual investment for fulfillment.


Who has sung “Gave” song?
ZAYN has sung “Gave” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Gave” song?
ZAYN has written the lyrics of “Gave” song.

Who has given the music of “Gave” song?
ZAYN has given the music of “Gave” song.

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